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Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night.
[Heart & mind and life & soul was my only possession. It was tough & terrible task to protect that property. When I handed over to my dear, I started feeling myself free and happy. Now me and my property are in safe hands]
پنھنجو روح وجود ڪیوسین پرین حوالي،
ڀلي تن کي پنھنجي پیار سان پالي نہ پالي،
پر سندن سونھن-اجالي، ڪیو روشن راھن کي

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Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Night.
[ Love is life, but requires sacrifice of life. In the culture of love one has to think with heart, refrain from taking and accepting orders of mind, and has to ignore outdated tradition and values. It asks for setting new tradition of accommodating sorrows & longings and surrendering before beloved unconditionally.]
پيار رکائي پهريون پاسيرا عقل مت شرم,
پوء ئي ڪري قرب سونهن سچائي ڪرم,
بره رکي ڀرم,  اڳ ۾ وٺي قرباني سر جي

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Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night. [ Neither I know, nor I remember that when, why and where I lost my self. But, I know, feel and realize since centuries that my Dear have found me and is living in the palace of my heart. Dear did it in spite of my faults & flaws. As I am lost, hence, I am not with my dear, but, am happy that my Dear is with me]
مون کي ساجن سپرین، آهي خود ڳولھي لڌو پاڻ،
عیب نہ ڏسي منھنجا، ڪري مون سان روح رھاڻ،
ڳٹتي ڪبي ڇاڪاڻ؟ روئندي نہ ڪا رات گذاربي.

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Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night
[Night is a best time for rest. But, Night is restless itself because of your absence & silence and ever flowing tears from my eyes. Night cannot understand your attitude But, knows that me, my heart and soul are waiting for you since centuries]
رات روئاریو مون، هئ ساري ڪاري رات،
تنھنجي روین تي، جي ناهن نفي نہ اثبات،
تو لاء طلب ۽ تات، ھر پل سندم روح کي

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Pathan wishes you Good Night.
[Love builds Taj Mahal and hatred kills brother Dara Shikoh. Ego creates discrimination and humbleness maintains human respect. Blind faith in traditions makes souls slaves and hatred chains peace and beauty.
Dear!  You are love & beauty, vision & wisdom and peace. Protect yourself by virtue of sharing and promoting love, beauty & peace.] 
محبت جوڙي تاج محل، نفرت دارا شڪوہ مارائي،
انا عشق امن نابود ڪري، انسانيت تاج نوڙت پارائي،
ظالم قھر ڪري ڪرائي, پيو ڏینھن راتين ۾ بدلائي

Good Wishes