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Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night.
[Death snatches lives. Not death, but, YOU are snatching my life . I have been looking forward for your beauty & love since centuries. But, you are not ready to response and redesign your vision & wisdom, in which I am also included]
موتن ماري سڀ ڪا، ھوتن ماري مان،
پرین سان پریتٹو، تان جو صدین کان،
پڄران ۽ کامان، ساجن لاء سلام سان

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Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Night.
[Because of Love and respect with sincerity and dedication,  I have seen so many lovers, not on the door, but in the heart of their dear ideals. It is miracle of love that always  amalgamates love and beauty in a such a way that it becomes difficult to differentiate between lover and bolved. It is not narration, but experience. Peep into golden heart of my dear, you will find me very much there.]
در پهچايو دوست جي مون کي بره بڻايو بختور,
جڏھن ٻولي ٻوليم پيار جي بڻجي ويس سخنور,
ڪندي سندن سونهن امر, اٿم پڪ گهڻي پرين ۾

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Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Night. 
[ I have been passing my nights as Suhni passed properly. Fear and doubts or raditions and out-dated values can't block my way towards my destination. Cool and dark nights are source of inspiration for me to warm my soul in the light of the beauty and kindness of my ideal beloved.]
گذري هر ڪا رات اسان جي جيئن ً سهڻئ“ هئي تہ گذاري, 
ريتن رسمن ڪوڙن قدرن وڌي نہ محبت منجھ گهاري, 
سردي ۽ رات بہ ڪاري, پر ڪن روشن روح وجود کي
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Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Night. 
[ You have been created from soil of my Sindh and my heart. Therefore, you are second to none in Beauty & Love and Vision & Wisdom.  Your kjnd attention can convert stone into gold and your love can make lives beautiful and meaningful. That is reason, I have been inviting attention of people towards your greatness and kindness. You are ideal and role-model for all.]
منهنجئ دل ۽  سنڌ ڌرتئ جي مٽئ مان جڙيو آھين سائين, 
ان لاء ئي تہ سو في صد تون سرت سچ سونهن آھين, 
سو پٿر بہ سون ٿي پئي جنهن کي تون پرين هٿ لڳائين, 
ان لاء تہ آئون سدائين, گيت توتي لکي ڳايان ۽ ٻڌايان
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Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Night.
[ The late Sagar Ghanshyam Dudia, eminem Artist, Writer, Poet and Film maker of India, very kindly designed my Good Night Wish, beautifully.
In this poetry I have said that terrible situations like dark nights can't be compromised in the interest of Better Change. Such situations can be faced and changed with light of beauty & love and vision & wisdom. My Beloved possesses such quality and under dear's dynamic leadership and kindness, I have been striving with sincerity & devotion to fight dark nights and darkest conditions and hope, will bring Better change in hearts, minds and society]

Good Wishes