The outstanding political event of the fortnight was the observation of Pakistan Day which was celebrated at Karachi and Hyderabad on 19th April and at Sukkur on 20th April. At Karachi the Sind Provincial Muslim League convened a public meeting presided over by Haji Sir Abdullah Haroon. M. L. A. (Central), where the Pakistan resolution, adopted by the All-India Muslim League Conference at Lahore, was reaffirmed. Speeches strongly anti-Congress in tone favoring the Pakistan scheme and condemning its critics was made. At Hyderabad two small meetings were held at the Juma Mosque where in addition to the resolutions adopted at Karachi, resolutions were passed condemning the system of joint electorate (which are expected to hamper Muslim development in general and the Pakistan scheme in particular) and criticizing the present Ministry for accepting the demands of the Hindus in this and other matter. At Sukkur a procession was taken out and ended in a meeting at which besides the Pakistan resolution, resolution were adopted sympathizing with Dr. Muhammad Yamin on his conviction under Section 153-A, Indian Penal Code, and appealing to the Ministry to withdrawal all cases against the members and workers of the Sukkur Manzilgah Restoration Committee. The Sirat Committee of the Anjuman-i-Manzilgah Restoration Committee. The Sirat Committee of the Anjuman-i-Manzilgah Punjab on 21st April organized a public meeting in Karachi preceded by a Mamoth procession, which was attended by ten to twelve thousand Muslims, including a number of Khaskars. Haji Sir Abdullah Haroon presided, and speeches were made on the life of the Prophet and favoring the Pakistan scheme.

It is understood the Sind Provincial Muslim League have organized an effective program to create political awakening among the Muslim masses, in order to secure the return of Muslim League candidates at the next Assembly Local Board and Municipal elections. The working Committee of the Provincial Muslim League considered the fundamental demands of the League. Vis-à-vis the Ministry (vide paragraph 6 below). It was urged that in respect of all important matters of policy the Muslim League Ministers should abide by the decision of the Provincial Muslim League Parliamentary Committee, and that they should deposit their resignations in writing with the Provincial League, Which may utilize them whenever it finds that their continuance in office is detrimental to the Muslim community. Other demands considered were that the operation of the Sind Frontier Regulations in the Frontier districts of Larkana, Karachi and Jacobabad be stopped immediately, and that a Muslim Parliamentary Secretary should be allotted to the Revenue Minsiter ( who is a Hindu) and afforded opportunity to acquaint himself with the proceedings of that department. All these demands were however, rejected by the Ministers and are not binding on them, the Minister holding that the Ministry is neither a League cabinet nor a coalition League cabinet.

[No. P.25 H(S)/40, HOME DEPARTMENT (SPECIAL), SIND Secretariat, Karachi, 6th May 1940.]


The principal event of political interest during the period under review was the visit to Sind of Mr. A. Jinnah President of All-India Muslim League. Mr. Jinnah arrived at Karachi on the 14th December 1940  and was met by a number of prominent persons and accorded a reception by a large crowd. During his stay he attended a number of private and public meetings at which the audiences varied from a hundred to five thousand persons. His speeches mainly centered on the necessity for discipline under the banner of the Muslim League, the “Pakistan Scheme” and criticism of the Congress and the Hindu Sabha. The “Pakistan Scheme”, he averred was the only method of attaining Hindu Muslim unity. On the 19thDecember 1940, he was presented with a civic address by the Karachi Municipal Corporation before a gathering of about two thousand people and on the 22nd idem the Halai Memon Jamait and the Halai Memon Merchants from Kathia war gave him an address before an audience of about a hundred persons.
[No. P.25 H(S)/40, HOME DEPARTMENT (SPECIAL), SIND Secretariat, Karachi, Report for the Second half of December 1940, 4th January 1941.]


The Muslim League is rejoicing over the decision of the Honorable Mr. Justice Weston regarding the Manzilgah buildings. It takes the credits of leading a successful agitation for the return of the Manzilgah to the Muslims.

[No. P.25 H(S)/41, HOME DEPARTMENT (SPECIAL), SIND Secretariat, Karachi, Report for the first half of February 1941, 18th February 1941.]

Concerning the Congress there is nothing of interest to report. The Sind Muslim League intends to hold a conference at Hyderabad in September 1941, and it is proposed to ask the Honorable Sir Sikandar Hyat Khan to preside. The League received the Government decision to ban the conference at Sakrand in the Nawabshah district with some resentment and Mr. M. A. Jinnah sent a wire to His Excellency the Governor asking for his intervention. In view of the large number of cholera cases in the neighboring districts of Larkana, Dadu, and Sukkur and of the fact that cases were occurring in the Nawabshah district itself, it would have been most inadvisable to allow the conference to be held. [No. P.25 H(S)/41, HOME DEPARTMENT (SPECIAL), SIND Secretariat, Karachi, 19th July, 1941.]

The Muslim League held a few meetings. In one a resolution was passed asking the Muslim members of the Sind legislative Assembly to pass a vote of no-confidence against the Government for banning the Sakrand Conference. The League intends to call a conference at Sann in the Dadu District on the 27th instant. The City Muslim League, Karachi, has decided to concentrate on ventilating the grievances of the Muslim employees in Government services and exploring methods of employment for Muslims. [No. P.25 H(S)/41, HOME DEPARTMENT (SPECIAL), SIND Secretariat, Karachi, Report for the second half of July 1941, 5th August, 1941.]  

The City Muslim League, Karachi, held a meeting in which full confidence in the leadership of Mr. Jinnah and dissatisfaction at the exclusion of the Muslim League representatives in the Viceroy’s Executive Council were expressed. Mr. Shaikh Abdul Majid, M.L.A., ex-Minister, and General Secretary of the Sind Provincial Muslim League, In a statement to the press observed that the policy of the Muslim League is neither anti-war nor anti-non-violence. The League’s Policy is pro-war and it is prepared to co-operate with the British Government on certain conditions. Although these conditions had not been fulfilled, the Muslim League had not resorted to non-co-operation.
[No. P.25 H(S)/41, HOME DEPARTMENT (SPECIAL), SIND Secretariat, Karachi, Report for the First half of August 1941, 20th August, 1941.]      

The Muslim League is inactive There are however, signs of movement among the Khaksars. Moulvi Khair Muhammad Suleman Nizami, Manager, Aftab Press, Hyderabad, has printed a number of applications addressed to the Honorable Premiere stating that Allama Mashriqi is the accredited leader of the Muslims and the best friend of the British Government and requesting the Honorable Premiere to intercede for the release of the Allama. These applications are to be signed by all Khaksars. Moulvi Khair Muhammad Suleman Nizami has also initiated a new movement ostensibly for Muslim unity based on a pledge to recognize the Allama as the leader of the Muslims and to strive for his release. Persons signing the pledge are instructed to wear a black badge on the right arm as mark of resentment at the detention of the Allama. This is done with a view to keeping the organization alive in some form or other. On the “Id day” 35  persons gathered in Hyderabad at the residence of Mir Ali Ahmed Nabi Bakhsh, who was the head of the Khaksars in Sind, and gave him and the Khaksars flag a salute by firing crackers. The followers of the new cult call themselves “Fidain Islam” (Devotees of Islam) and Allama mashriqi “Amir Shariat” (Lord of the Holy Community) The District Magistrate is being instructed to keep a close watch on the new movement and the matter is under the careful consideration of Government. [No. P.25 H(S)/41, HOME DEPARTMENT (SPECIAL), SIND Secretariat, Karachi, Report for the second half of October 1941, 7th November, 1941.]  

The City Muslim League, Karachi, convened a Conference on the 15th, 16th and 17th December, under the president ship of the Raja of Mahumdabad. The Raja in his presidential address stated that there could be no unity with the Hindus but merely a pact. He made an appeal to Muslims to unite so that Pakistan could be established. Resolution were passed condemning Congress for creating disunity among the Muslims of the Provinces where they are in a majority, characterizing the conduct of the Bengal Premiere as treacherous, expressing great anxiety at the health of Allama Mashriqi, appealing to Government to release him at once and also appealing to His Excellency the Governor to stop the tendency of the present Ministry to use its officials for opposing the Pakistan Scheme by carrying on Hindu-Muslim unity which is not in the best interest of the Muslims. The Conference was well attended. 
[No. P.25 H(S)/41, HOME DEPARTMENT (SPECIAL), SIND Secretariat, Karachi, Report for the second half of December 1941, 6th January , 1942.]

The Working Committee of the Sind Provincial Muslim League has passed a resolution requesting the members of the Muslim League Assembly Party not to take part in any function or party given to the present Ministers. At a private meeting of the City Muslim League, presided over by Mr. M.H. Gazdar, M.L.A., a resolution was passed protesting against the Arya Samaj publication on “Satyarath Prakash”. Khan Bahadur M.A. Khuhro, who was a Minister in the Muslim League Ministry, in a statement to the press has strongly criticized the Honorable Premier for not resigning from the National Defense Council and has complained bitterly against the attitude of the Congress Party in supporting the present Ministry which was co-operating fully with the Government of India in its war efforts. The sentences of six prisoners convicted under the Defense of India Act of making objectionable speeches have been reviewed and the prisoners released partly because it was thought the sentence were severe and partly in pursuance of the Honorable Premiere’s policy of conciliation. [No. P.25 H(S)/41, HOME DEPARTMENT (SPECIAL), SIND Secretariat, Karachi, Report for the Second half of September 1941, 6th October, 1941.]

The Sind Provincial Muslim League has decided to celebrate a League week every  three months in order to spread its propaganda. The proposed conference of the Muslim League at Sann in Dadu District was abandoned on account of cholera. The Punjab Muslim Jamait, Keamari (Karachi), has recently formed a Volunteer Corps on the lines of the Sind Muslim National Guard. It is called the Jamiat-i-Mujahidin. The Jamait is intended to work for the cause of the Muslim League. There are so far about 25 volunteers on the roll of the Jamait.
The Radical Democratic Party of Karachi organized a couple of meetings in which speeches were made condemning the Nazi invasion of Russia, criticizing the Congress for its attitude towards war and exhorting people to give aid to Russia and Britain to destroy Nazism. It is understood that the Party hopes to organize a Soviet Fund and that laborers will be approached to contribute one piece each to the Fund.
 [No. P.25 H(S)/41, HOME DEPARTMENT (SPECIAL), SIND Secretariat, Karachi, Report for the Second half of August 1941, 6th September, 1941.]

Muslim League propaganda is on the increase. Largely attended Muslim League meetings were held in Hyderabad and Sukkur and the Provincial Muslim League held in conference at Sultanakot, in Sukkur district, on the 24th and 25th May 1941, under the President ship on Nawab Makhdum Murid Hussain of Multan. The attendance varied between 2 and 3 thousand. The Pakistan creed was explained in these meetings, the present Ministry was condemned and Muslims were urged to unite. At Sukkur and Larkana, local Khaskars provided a Salute to the Muslim League leaders. On the whole there is not much khaksar activity, but some efforts are being made to popularize the movement. [No. P.25 H(S)/41, HOME DEPARTMENT (SPECIAL), SIND Secretariat, Karachi, Report for the Second half of May 1941, 14th June, 1941.]

The Muslim League celebrated “Pakistan” Day on the 23rd March holding meetings and the one held in Khalikdina Hall, Karachi, under the president ship of Khan Bahadur M.A. Khuhro, an ex-Minister, was largely attended. Speeches were made by Haji Sir Abdullah Haroon, Mr. G.M. Sayed and Mr. Sheikh Abdul Majid, both ex-Ministers, explaining the Muslim League creed and emphasizing the necessity for the achievement of Pakistan. The speeches of the two ex-Ministers were objectionable, in as much as they were very anti-Hindu. They were consequently examined, but Mr. Sayed’s speech has been found not to be actionable while Mr. Gazdar whose speech certainly was has given an undertaking not to make any speech likely to create communal ill-feeling in future. . [No. P.25 H(S)/41, HOME DEPARTMENT (SPECIAL), SIND Secretariat, Karachi, Report for the Second half of April 1941, 4thApril, 1941.]

The Sind Provincial Muslim League has been busy doing propaganda in Hyderabad and Nawabshah districts. Sir Abdullah Haroon, accompanied by the ex-Premiere, Mir Bundeh Ali Khan, and 2 ex-ministers , Messrs. Shaikh Abdul Majid and G.M. Sayed addressed meetings explaining the Pakistan Scheme and exhorting the Muslims to rally round the banner of the Muslim League. Mr. G.M. Sayed appealed to Muslims to take to business and trade. “Mashriqi Day” was observed by the Khaksars on the 2nd instant at Jacobabad, Hyderabad and Kotri in Dadu district where public meetings were held in which the Khaksars creed was explained. [No. P.25 H(S)/41, HOME DEPARTMENT (SPECIAL), SIND Secretariat, Karachi, Report for the First half of May 1941, 19th May, 1941.]

Three of the four Muslim ministers are now members of the Muslim League, and the other (Pir Illahi Bakhsh) is alleged to be fence-sitting. He will almost certainly follow their example if Jinnah can be induced to give his blessing, or even to withdraw his open disapproval . Khuhro and Gazdar have just gone to Dehli to argue with Jinnah, and are openly sanguine of success. Sir Ghulam’s adhesion to the League has certainly given Jinnah a line of honorable retreat, but I do not count on it too much, for Jinnah has strong personal antipathies which he sometimes deliberately indulges against his interests. The ministers at any rate are not likely to budge and if Jinnah does not give way, he will hardly be able to pretend in future that his Pakistan policy has even the most tenuous hold over the Muslim of Sind. [D.O.No. 414/F.R., 5th November 1942]

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