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Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Day. 
[ Dear!  I am born human. Don't accept and treat me an angel -like human-being. I have firm faith in your beauty & love and vision & wisdom. Don't doubt my faith in you. Dear!  Don't distort faith of my heart & soul and instincts & nature with your hatred, discrimination and disassociation. I have experienced terible distance and differences, don't ask me to afford it more and more. But, help me to get rid of my that only collection and possession, please.]
ڈاکٹر در محمد پٹھان
میں انسان تو ازل سے ہوں، مجھے تم پھر سے تو انسان نہ بنا،
تیرے حسن و ادا پر ہے ایمان محکم، مسلمان کو یوں مسلمان نہ بنا.
جبلت-دار وفادار ہوں یقین کر، عدم تعاون سے مجھے حیوان نہ بنا.‏
کس طرح عمر گذری ہے؟میرے باغ غم

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Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Day.
[My Heart is very much clear that winning is clear defeat in love affair.  Hence, it has accepted an open defeat . Now s it can able and capable to respect and accept love  without any condition & discrimination]
کٽندین تہ تون کوٽو ٿیندین،
تون ھار تہ پونئي توکي ھار،
ڪري قرب ۽ قرباني سینگار،
وڃج در پنھنجي دوست جي

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Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Day.
[ Never invite  anybody to stay in your heart and mind, who is high-risk for your integrity and is illiterate in human-love & respect. Those, who follow their ego, doubts and fear, can't be fair in social, romantic and ideological  dealings. Don't please such type of confused hatred -oriented hearts. You are Golden Heart. Don't waste you time, attention and love. Because, you need it with top priority. Keep in mind that love, respect and service are reciprocal and not one-sided.]
جي رهن تان رهاء تو وٽ ناهي ويندن لاء ڪا جاء،
نفرت جن جي نس نس اندر نينهن نہ تن سان لڳاء،
ٻين کي پرچائڻ بدران پاڻ کي پهريون تون پرچاء،
سرت سونهن سلام دعا سان تون پنهنجو  بره بچاء.،
وقت محبت ڪين وڃاء، انا پرستن جي اڱڻ وڃي

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Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Day.
[ Love without Subjectivity and respect without Objectivity is nothing at all. One has to be dear and near to dear in love and fair to everybody as requirement of the Human-respect. There  is much difference between love and respect.
Common Bee will rush to every wound,  Mellifluous Bee will find only flowers. Whereas, Blister Beetle will find Lotus only.
Mellifluous are Social workers, Blister Bedtles are lovers and Lotus is beauty for them.  Whereas,  Common Bees are people having their personal interests and motives. Who are you?]

ڀونئر ڀري آڪاس ۾ پر ڪري ڪنول بنان ٻي ڳولها ڪو نہ،
ماکئ-مک گل ڳولهي ڀل وڻ ٽڻ ڏسي هوء کڻي ڇو نہ،
خوشفهمين يا غلطفهمين سان ٿئي نبيرو نينهن جو نہ،
عشق طلبي اون، سدا سونهن سرت سلام سپرين جي

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Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Day.
[ Dry leaves have to go before Spring. Don't try to catch dry leaves , get rid of undue relations. Don't love shadows, love Golden Hearts and Pure Minds. Isolation is much better than to be encircled with fraudsters and selfish circles. You are Beauty, Love and Peace. Behave, what you are. Preach and promote it with sincerity and dedication.]
نفرتون ڪمائي ڏس دوستيون وڃائي ڏس،
پن-ڇڻ ئي بهار آڻي سو منطق آزمائي ڏس، 
نت نوان گل ۽ ٻوٽا من-چمن ۾ لڳائي ڏس، 
تنهائين جي وادين ۾ پاڻ کي لڪائي ڏس،
دربدر رلڻ جي بدران ناد ات وڄائي ڏس،
سرت سونهن پنهنجي ات ئي چتائي ڏس،
ويندن لاء ويهڻ بدران وک ڪا وڌائي ڏس.
تون پيار سان پڄائي ڏس، دعا سلام سهڻا

Good Wishes