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WISH YOU GOOD NIGHT/DAY with love, respect and regards.
Dr. Dur Muhammad Pathan.
Founder, Gul Hayat Institute
[ CENTRAL IDEA OF MY POETRY: I know and understand all colors of the rainbow of your attitude & behavior. But, have no so manh eyes to see each color at same time. If I am looking at one color, another color emerges at once and you stand changed. It  confuses me and others when you are not, what you are really.really. Be colourful, but not combination of contarasting colours. Don't be ever changing, be everlasting love & beauty, vision & wisdom.]
ست رنگ تنهنجئ سرت ۽ سونهن سندا آئون تان سي سڀئي سڃاڻيان,
اکيون پوء مان ايتريون ڪٿان آڻيان جن سان سڀ رنگ ماڻيان؟
ماريئي منجهائي مفت ۾ ھو جو هئا هت سڀ سپورنج سياڻا,
ڪي راڻيون ڪي راڻا,  اڃان ناهن سماڻا جي سمجهن مام کي

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GOOD DAY/GOOD NIGHT with love, respect and regards.
Dr. Dur Muhammad Pathan
Founder, Gul Hayat Institute.
[ CENTRAL IDEA OF MY POETRY: Man of vision & wisdom lives in Future and thinks for Common Bright Future. Therefore, is always all alone and people  those live only for Present can't understand and catch him accordingly.
It is a Ground Reality that if it is Night here, there will be Day or Dawn anywhere at this time.
I am speaking in conditions like Dark Night, therefore, can't be listened and understood by people, those believe are living in Day Time like conditions, though it is clear darkness.]
جي  هن وقت هتي هوندي رات سا ڪٿي ڏينهن تہ ڪٿي پرڀات,
جو منهنجي وقت ۾ ناهي ڪوئي پوء سو ڪيئن سمجهي بات؟
پوء ڀل مور جيان نچان ڪير ڏسي ڪير ٻڌي دل جي لات؟
ايئن منهنجي محبت کائي مات, نہ ڪو سڻي نہ سوچي سلام کي.

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WISH YOU GOOD DAY with love, respect and regards.
Dr. Dur Muhammad Pathan.
Founder, Gul Hayat Institute.

لفظ وڏا چالاڪ  ۽ چغل ٿين ٿا
نيتن ۽ روين تي گواهي ڏين ٿا.
    ڊاڪٽر درمحمد پٺاڻ

[ Dear!  Nothing is secret. When you are silent, your silence narrates your un-told stories. When you speak, it provides true evidences of your heart, mind and behavior. Don't hide yourself, be a open book. Be fair, as to experience fair play.]

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GOOD DAY with love, respect and regards.  
Dr. Dur Muhammad Pathan. 
Founder, Gul Hayat Institute.            
[What is in my mind & heart and what I aspire & desire, You understand all properly. You only can solve & resolve my problems. I have to repeat and reiterate my requests every day and night, because, you are my only option. You are source of inspiration & aspiration, vision & wisdom and beauty & love]
جو سوچیان سو سمجھین، تو کان ڪا ڳالھ ڳجھي ناھي،
تو وس آھیون اسان سپرین، تو بن دک درد نہ ڪو لاھي،
تو کي سڏي تنھنجو سڏائي، سڻ ان کي سرت سلام سان.

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WISH YOU GOOD DAY with love, respect & regards.
Dr. Dur Muhammad Pathan.
Founder, Gul Hayat Institute.

دير ڪجي مگر پرين ڪو انڌير نہ ڪجي,
جڳ جهان سان وڙهجي مگر خير ڪجي,
مگر انا نفرت متڀيد کي ماري ڍير ڪجي,
شڪ وهم خوف سان دل ۾ نہ مير ڪجي,
سرت ۽  سندرتا جو سدائين سير ڪجي,
هنيانء کاڌل مگر بهادرن جو ڀير ڪجي,        چونڊ گهٽ گهير ڪجي، وڃجي سلام تي

TRANSLATION: [ Take time, but be fair in taking decision and be best in dealing with contects, relations and connections. You have to fight for noble cause. But, always accept defeat to win in love affairs. However, never spare ego, hatred and discrimination at any cost, defeat them as a brave and bold Soul. Let doubts and hypothesis may not misguide you. Get guidance from your heart always. Let time, place and circumstances may not block your way. Catch beauty & love with courage and confidence.]

Good Wishes