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Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Day. 
[ When you are asked, not to ask, it means you are required to be follower with blind faith. Don't be target of great ideological, social and emotional exploitation. Don't allow anybody to misuse your sincerity and silence. You are born with a great task. Study I and understand  your Self, be aware of your beauty & love, vision & wisdom and imagine about your talents and potentialities. Play your part as an ideal and role model. Let people follow you as I am following you. Neither you are slave, nor subject. But, an essential and integrated part of this Universe, even Universe yourself.] 
پڇندين نہ منجهندين پڇ هي دل دنيا دين آھن ڇو ۽ ڇا لاء؟
ڪير تون آهين ڇو آيو آھين هن مانڊاڻ ۾ ٿي ڪهڙي جاء؟
حق آ تنهنجو ڄاڻ سموري خاموش نہ رھ پاڻ نہ منجهاء, 
پاڻ ٿي پنهنجو هادي رهبر  منجهيل سٽ پاڻ ئئي سلجهاء, 
پوء پنهنجي سپنن سوچن لوچن کي پاڻ کڻي سمجهاء, 
پوء ڪو مچ مچاء, پنهنجئ سرت سونهن جو سلام سان.
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Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Day. 
[ Dear!  I am witness to your greatness. You are source of beauty & love and vision & wisdom. You have wonderful way how to accept and respect people like me without any kind of discrimination. Whoever is near to you my dear is superior to me in all respects. Shower of your beauty, beautiful vision and shadow of wisdom give life to dead. 
Kowing and understanding all this, how I can leave your door? It is impossible. With the support of my sincerity, trust and sacrifice, I will be always there to wait for more and more kindness.]
سرت جو سونهن جو تون آھين عجب آبشار, 
 پريت جي ريت جو بره جو تون آھين بهار, 
بي مثل تنهنجي دامن جو دل جو آهي پار, 
چوڏھن طبق روشن ٿين جي ڪرين اقرار, 
ايندو تنهنجي اڱڻ مٿي هي بره-وند بار بار, 
هڪ نہ پر هزار, ڪندو سر قربان سلام سان. 
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Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Day. 
[ Me and my eyes never love dreams. We believe in reality. Hence, we can't sleep. You are reality, you are beauty and you are peace. Therefore, me and my eyes want to see you and we both are waiting for this with hope since centuries. You are listening and understanding our prays, but don't desire to accept, response and reciprocate for no any reason and justification. Perhaps, it may be ego, hatred or discrimination. May be it is because of fear or pressure of out-dated values and traditions. But, I am not disappointed at all. Because, you are second to none not only in beauty, but in kindness and greatness.]
خوابن بدران توکي ڏسڻ چاهين اکيون ان لاء سدا اوجاڳيل آهين, 
تنهنجي دل جي دروازي سواء سي ڪوئي ٻيو در نہ واجهائين, 
نازيلا او نخريلا ڏس ڏي هي دل ۽ اکيون توکي ڪيئن پرچائين؟
اهي آسرو نہ ٿيون لاهين, تنهنجي سونهن سرت ۽ سلام مان.
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Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Day. 
[ Verbal love & respect is no more than an act of dodging and humiliation. It is to be implemented and authenticated by action & reaction and response & reciprocation. If anybody is not placing love & beauty, talents & potentialities and  Self on disposal of dear, he/she is selfish, but not sincere friend /dear/ideal/leader.]  
دائم قائم رشتا فقط روح وجود جا باقي سڀ کوٽا ۽ خالي, 
قرب گهري قربانيون گهڻيون سي ڏئي نہ هوڏي حوالي, 
پريت جي ريت نرالي, سا آھي ڏي-وٺ سونهن سلام جي.
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Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Day. 
[ Dear!  You are not an ordinary creation. You are love & beauty and vision & wisdom. Rise as a Sun and end the darkness of ego, hatred and discrimination. Sorrowful souls need and deserve your help, support and guidance. Everybody accepts you, accept people like me. Overlook my fauls and mistakes. Correct me with your love and beauty, please.] 
سج ٿي اڀر سچ سرت سونهن جو جانب جهان هئ جرڪاء, 
مٺڙن ماروئڙن کي ۽ پرين پاڻ کي پيار پاٻوه سان پرچاء, 
رٺل جيڪي روح ڏسين رانول تن کي رازن سان ريجهاء, 
انا نفرت ۽ متڀيد جي هئ جا باه ٻري سا تون وساء, 
گدلا مون پارا گلي سان لاء,  ساري تون سلام چئي.

Good Wishes