(WHAT HE SAID AS THE PRESIDENT OF SINDH AZAD CONFERENCE HELD ON 28th of July 1934 at KHALIKDINO HALL AT KARACHI ?. Research by Dr. Dur Muhammad Pathan, Founder Gul Hayat Institute. Website  Email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)



ir Ghulam Hussain was man of name and fame in politics. 4th of October is his death date. He was born in January 1879 in Shikarpur and was educated at Shikarpur High School,D.J.Sindh College, Govt Law School Bombay. He did Graduation in Arts & Law from Bombay University. Entered in Public life in 1904. He was Vice President of Hyderabad Municipality and first non – official president of the Hyderabad District Local Board. Entered Bombay Legislative Council in 1912 and remained up to 1920. He was Minister of the Govt. of Bombay from January 1921 to June 1928. He remained three times  a member of Executive Council of Governor of Bombay from 1928 to 1934.He was deputed to the Round Table Conference by Indian Govt. on two occasions. He Remained Member of the Council of State for six months. He was elected member of Idian Legislative Assembly. He took leading part in the Movement for separation of Sindh from Bombay Presidency. He remained Premier and Governor of Sindh. He breathed his last in 1948.

The Movement for the separation of Sindh was not the Movement of the people, by the people and for the people. It was a brain child of the Business community of Karachi. They were facing trouble in getting their administrative problems solved in time. They influenced our leaders also. Seth Harchandrai vishindas was one of them. He was the first Sindhi leaders to speak on the subject. In almost all Sindh Provicial Conferences, this matter came under discussion and the separation was demanded with strong words. When Seth Harchandrai and other Hindus look into the matter from political view, they started opposing the idea. Muslim leaders of Sindh intended to rule Sindh with lion’s share, therefore, they launched the movement with all available chances, oppurtunities and favours. It was bad luck for Sindh and Sindhi Hindus that Harchandrai Vishindas was no more in this world. He was a believer of Hindu – Muslim Unity. In his absence the issue was not dwelt with properly by Sindhi Hindus. Though, Prof. Chhablani did his level best to advocate the anti – separation case academically, but most of Sindhi Hindus fought the war out of Sindh: in England and other parts of India. Sindhi Upper Class made Sindh as their battle – field. They held four big Sindh Azad Conferences in Sindh and managed to misguide people and got support. As they knew well that people can be gathered and exploited in the name of religion and nationalism. The first Sindh Azad Conference was held on 18th of April 1932 at Karachi with Shaikh Abdul Majeed Sindhi as its president, second was held on 15th of November 1932 at Hyderabad and it was presided over by Allam Yousuf Ali and on this occasion Sindh Azad Conference Party was formed with Sir Shahnawaz Bhutto as its president. Third conference was held on 26th of April 1934 at Sukkur with K.B. Pir Bux as its president. The fourth and last Sindh Azad Conference was held on 28th of July 1934 at Karachi and it was presided over by Sir Ghulam Hussain Hidayatullah. His presidential address is of historical importance and reflects the psychology of our Upper Class. Though, the comlete text of his address and proceedings of the said conference are available with Gul Hayat Institute, but can not be shared here as it will be irrelevant here. However, abstact from his address is repoduced here so as readers can form on their own the opinon about political vision & wisdom of Sir Ghulam Hussain Hidayatullah.

In the course of his speech, he said:

The first fear of our Hindu friends is that we Mohammedans are going to have a Pakistan, that is, a Mohammadan combine and domination, with Sindh, Baluchistan, Punjab and N.W.F.P all joining hands.

In Sindh we have, no doubt, a majority, but the Hindu minority is a very effective one, in Baluchistan the question has not yet arisen, in the Punjab, if the new Councils are introduced, we may have a majority only by a catch vote, in N.W.F.Province, we are in an overwhelming majority, but can anything be said of any harm coming to the Hindus from Mohammadans there?

It is therefore far from the intention of Mohammadans of this province to establish a Pakistan. The Mohammadans of this Province do not wish Sindh to be amalgamted with the Punjab, where their co – religionists have a majority. Had there been any such intention on their part, the most natural thing for them would have been to join the Punjab, as every thing is common between the two, and this would be even with Hindus of Sindh, most of whom say that they hail from the Punjab, and have their shrines there…….



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