20. Khan Bahadur Allah Bux Soomro, when he was Premier of Sindh, renounced title of “Khan Bahadur” in 1942, when Congress had launched “Quit India” Movement. He was dismissed for making such an announcement. Z.A.Bhutto returned Award of “Hilal-i-Pakistan” in 1969, when movement against Ayub regime was on its peak.

Sindh Peope’s Local Government Act became reason for me to renounce “ Tamgai –I – Imtiaz” on 14th of October 2012. I wrote a protest letter to the Government and some abstract from that letter are being shared with friends here:

   “The PPP Government has passed Sindh People’s Local Government Act, 2012  hastily and without giving an opportunity to lawmakers opposing the draft law, to speak within the house. The law was passed without required debate. The strategy of the government has very much disappointed me, and it has compelled me to renounce the Award with immediate effect.

It is not my politics – influenced decision, but the “future of Sindh” and her interests require such type of decisions without fail….I am not bias in taking this decision, but very strong observations and doubts based on the experience and the history of sorrows & longings of Sindh, guided me in this regard. It is very important to put on record as under:

(A)   Sindh has played a vital role in making of Pakistan and has contributed wonderfully in the progress and development of this country. Sindh headed Muslim Deputation of Simla in 1905, provided founder, first and last presidents to the All India Muslim League, hosted first and last Annual Session of that party and in 1943, by virtue of  passing resolution in Sindh Assembly opted for Pakistan. In the history of Freedom Movement and Pakistan Movement Sindh is second to none.

(B)   (B) I early days of Pakistan, the Pakistan Government issued White Paper exposing mala fides intentions of India about disintegration of Pakistan. Indian politicians in their books and autobiographies predicted the disintegration of Pakistan. They were not saints, but near and dear to policy makers and were aware of the fact that India is inducting some trained or to be trained people in rows of migrants and they will complete the task of disintegration of Pakistan. It was planing to put, accommodate migrants in a place, where they can show their strength. Most of migrants , including inducted people got themselves settled in Sindh with ugly eye on Karachi.

(C)   Inducted people started working on the task assigned to them.There first assignment was to defame Sindh and badly affect the equation and relations of Sindh and Pakistan. In this regard we Sindhis were termed as uncultured, uneducated and were blamed as anti – Pakistan and even anti – Islam and very near and dear to Sindhi Hindus of India.

(D)   I, personally believe that Non - Sindhi agents inducted , trained and sponsored by  foreign hand  are trying to divide Sindh  as to get free hand for crating trouble for Pakistan and blocking the historical role of Sindh in Human Society. Press clippings consisting of hundreds of pages are before me that material is sufficient to prove that some people have been working for “Karachi Soba (Province)”. In these press clippings, one can find even the name of MQM, the partner in Government with PPP.

I can trust MQM and troule makers inducted by foreign hand…. Is it not irony of fate that on 13th of Oct.1965, Pakistan co – sponsored in the UNO, a resolution on Rhodesia, which was adopted by the its General Assembly. That resolution condemned Rhodesia authorities for an attempt “ to seize independence by illegal means in order to empower the minority rule in Southern Rhodesia”, Today, I am feeling that by passing this Act attempt is being made to favour and empower minority in Southern Sindh…. I believe that in long run it will badly affect  geographical identity of Sindh and will be high – risk for integrity, unity and solidarity of Sindh, even Pakistan.

Keeping n view all my reservations and observations, I do here – by return the Award in protest and disassociate myself from all honours  for which I was entitled …..

Dr.Dur Muhammad Pathan


Gul Hayat Institute



Good Wishes