Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto

Prime Minister Islamic Republic of Pakistan


11th January, 1994

Makhdoom Amin Fahim Sahib, Governor Sindh,


Chief Minister Sindh, and Respected guests






Today we have gathered here to pay tributes to the late Makhdoom Talibul Maula Sahib. Peoples Party had long and deep-rooted relationship with the late Makhdoom Sahib. Many years ago when Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was in opposition after leaving Ayub Khan's Cabinet and I was a school student, I visited Hala for the first time. When we came here we were not sure of the future political relationship with the late Makhdoom Talibul Maula Sahib and Hala family. After completing my education in 1977,1 again came to Hala. Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was in Kot Lakhpat Jail. Martial Law had been imposed and a number of leading families and persons were being pressurised to give up their links with the Peoples Party. Makhdoom Talibul Maula was one of such persons, but despite unending pressure Makhdoom Sahib did not abandon the Peoples Party. Having survived through those difficult times of our struggle for democracy, this action by Makhdoom Sahib may not appear to be a very significant step, but those of us who are aware of the political situation prevailing in the country in 1977 would recall that no influential and important person could remain independent and outside the government circle. However despite such difficult conditions many important personalities retained their independent position and confronted the Establishment on the basis of their political beliefs and principles.

I can recall with a sense of privilege that whenever I visited Hala I was received with utmost respect. Late Makhdoom Sahib treated me like his daughter and I received father like love and affection from him. I cannot forget the fact that over the past many years during the rule of Zia, Junejo, Nawaz Sharif and Jam Sadiq, everyone tried to win over the late Makhdoom Sahib and make him quit People's Party but everybody failed. Makhdoom Sahib was a man of principles. He was above worldly greed and lust for power. He did not deviate from his political path. We greatly respect him for his steadfastness and principled stand. He was a brave and fearless person who could face all sorts of pressures with unshakable courage. Apart from being a highly respectable political leader he also enjoyed a prestigious position as a poet and literary figure. We salute Makhdoom Sahib for his valuable services in the field of literature.

The life of illustrious persons like Makhdoom Sahib serves as beacon light for us. We should practice the noble traditions set by him and let our younger generation follow his footsteps. You too should endear such values in your life and develop those qualities which help in building a strong character. You should not be like a rudderless ship which is purely at the mercy of winds and moves whichever way the winds blow. You should be strong and steadfast like a mountain which can face the most furious storms without being moved a bit. We want our younger generation to follow the examples of our great leaders and lead a principled life. In the past we have seen some unscrupulous people changing their loyalties and moving from one party to the other without being ashamed of their ignominious behavior. This is certainly not a respectable thing to do. Follow the footsteps of the late Makhdoom Talibul Maula and such other leaders who did not give up their stand despite unending pressure.

Today's gathering which is meant to pay respects to Makhdoon Talibul Maula reminds of the Peoples Party's convention held here by Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and also of another party convention which was organized on my return from exile abroad. The valuable services rendered by the late Makhdoom Sahib can never be forgotten. No doubt, today he is not here with us but we can be proud of his worthy son Makhdoom Amin Fahim who is a man of great qualities and despite many tempting offers from certain quarters he proved to be a true son of his illustrious father and did not succumb to any kind of pressure or persuasion. He has upheld the principles of the late Makhdoom Sahib in

a most courageous and commendable way. I think Sarwari Jamaat is very fortunate in having Makhdoom Amin Fahim as their leader.

Before begging leave from you I wish to thank all of you for being here and listening to me.

Thank you.  again and Khuda Hafiz.

Pakistan Paindabad.



Good Wishes