[History of Khaksar Movement in Sindh (1937-1947) as has been recorded and reported by the Government of Sindh. It consists of ‘secret reports’ sent by the Home Department of the Sindh Government sent to the Government of India. Every entry carries reference at its end-Dr.Pathan].


1. The Khaksar movement is gaining ground in almost all districts of the Province. [Source No. P-25-h(s)/37, Home Department (Special), Sind Secretariat, Karachi, 5th October 1939 Fortnightly report for the Second half of September 1939]. 

2. There has been considerable among the Khaksars of the Province, the new members being Mr. M.H. Gazdar, M.L.A. Speeches have been delivered and parades help where the attitude of the United Provinces Government towards Khaksars has been severely criticised. Jathas are in readiness to be sent to Lucknow either direct or by way of Lahore and Delhi. It is reported that one jutha has already left Karachi for Lucknow. The Sind Khaksars are very sore over the arrest of Inayatallah Khan Mashraqi and others at Lucknow. The jatha which left Karachi included four men of whom it is reported that they wrote their applications for inclusion in the jatha in their own blood. Attempts are being made by responsible leaders to prevent the despatch of any more jathas to Lucknow, and the cost of the journey is itself a serious obstacle, as each volunteer has to bear his own expenses. [Source No. P-25-h(s)/37, Home Department (Special), Sind Secretariat, Karachi, 5th October 1939 Fortnightly report for the Second half of September 1939].

3. The Khaksar movement continues to grow in intensity - meetings having been held at most places in the Province where speeches were made criticising the United Provinces Government for imposing restrictions on the activities of the Khaksars and also Congress as it had no desire to help Muslims in India. The Khaksars were called upon to be ready to proceed to the United Provinces if required. Speeches delivered during the fortnight by Khaksar leaders showed a distinct turn for the worse so far as Hindus were concerned. Time and again it was alleged that the United Provinces Government was responsible for the Sunni-Shiah trouble in Lucknow, that the Congress was representative of the Hindus and not of Muslims, and that the Congress have always been trying to crush the Muslims. They also alleged that the congress thought that there were only two powers in India, Congress and the British, and that the nine crores of Muslims were disregarded. [Source No. P-25-h(s)/37, Home Department (Special), Sind Secretariat, Karachi, 17th October 1939 Fortnightly report for the First half of October 1939]. 

4. Isolated batches of Khaksars continue to go to Lucknow to ofter satyagraha and some of them go in disguise in order to escape detection. [Source No. P-25-h(s)/37, Home Department (Special), Sind Secretariat, Karachi, 17th October 1939 Fortnightly report for the First half of October 1939].

5. The khaksaran movement has been gradually spreading in the province and there was a spate of Khaksar activities during the fortnight. Several rallies, which included the usual parades and sham fights, were held at various places on the 1st and 2nd July. [Source No. P-25-h(s)/37, Home Department (Special), Sind Secretariat, Karachi, 17th July 1939 Fortnightly report for the First half of July 1939]  

6. Batches of Khaksars continued to go to the United Provinces during the fortnight under report, but news has reached Sind that no more Sindhi Khuksars are wanted in the United Provinces because they come inadequately provided with funds. Signs of a reaction in this province are also noticed from the fact that anti-Khaksar speeches are now being made. On the 18th October a strong anti-Khaksar speeches was made in Thar Parkar district when the speaker said that the founder of the Khaksar movement had stated that Muslims, in reality, were the followers of Christ. Another meeting held on the 17th Octoberpassed resolution corrdemning the Khaksar movement. However meetings continue to be held in which the anti-Khaksar attitude of the United Provinces Government is being criticized. The khaksaran movement has been gradually spreading in the province and there was a spate of Khaksar activities during the fortnight. Several rallies, which included the usual parades and sham fights, were held at various places on the 1st and 2nd July. [Source No. P-25-h(s)/37, Home Department (Special), Sind Secretariat, Karachi, 3rd November 1939 Fortnightly report for the Second half of October 1939].


7. A tendency is noticeable among the Hindus of Sind to organize themselves on Khaksar lines. Batches of small volunteers associations are continually being formed for the defence of Hindu rights and property. These young men also parade the streets and some of them have asopted a grey uniform. One such association applied to the District Magistrate of Hyderabad for permission to carry spears, which was refused. [Source No. P-25-h(s)/37, Home Department (Special), Sind Secretariat, Karachi, 3rd November 1939 Fortnightly report for the Second half of October 1939].


8. Khaksars activities are at a low ebb. Except for their holding a camp at Jhudo, Thar Parkar District, on the 8th December no other Khaksars activity has come to notice. [Source No. P-25-h(s)/37, Home Department (Special), Sind Secretariat, Karachi, 22nd December 1939 Fortnightly report for the First half of December 1939].

9. Khaksar activity has again come to notice during the fortnight under report - particularly in Hyderabad District =, which seems to be their stronghold in Sind. The Magistrate of that district reported that they were becoming increasingly provocative, but details of the provocation given are lacking. About sixty Khaksars paraded during the fortnight under report at the Idgah Maidan at Karachi, but it seems that the idea of a camp, which it was proposed to hold there during December, has been abandoned. In Hyderabad the Khaksars have divided themselves into eight sub-divisions, each under a captain. The Central Office has been placed under three commanders - viz., Camp Commander, Office Commander and Propaganda Commander Several Khaksar parades were held in Hyderabad, while small batches in their respective beats. . [Source No. P-25-h(s)/37, Home Department (Special), Sind Secretariat, Karachi, 13th January 1940 Fortnightly report for the Second half of December 1939].

10. Khaksars activities were not particularly noticeable during the fortnight Thirty Karachi Khaksars went to Keamari, and were addressed by Moulvi Muhammad Usif, who congratulated then on their success in the United Provinces. [Source No. P-25-h(s)/37, Home Department (Special), Sind Secretariat, Karachi, 18th January 1940 Fortnightly report for the First half of January 1940].

11. Khaksar activities continue in a quiet way. The Khaksars of Karachi held a parade on the Idgah Maidan under the leadership of Muhammad Ismail. They were asked to muster strong at the railway station, Karachi, on the 25th to meet Muhammad Akram Khan, Chief Salar for Sind. An interesting ceremony was held at Hyderabad when a salute of honour was presented by the Khaksars to Dr. Sachanand of the Henderson Blind Relief Association. The usual parades and enlistment propaganda were carried on during the fortnight under report, the Khaksar band being in attendance. Almost daily marches were held in Hyderabad City, and parades at Karachi, Hyderabad, Lankana and Jacobabad. Source No. P-25-h(s)/37, Home Department (Special), Sind Secretariat, Karachi, 4th March 1940 Fortnightly report for the Second half of February 1940].

12. There was considerable activity among the Khaksars of Karachi on account of the visit of the Chief Salar for Sind and, also on account of the firing at Lahore. Muhammad Akram Jalis at a meeting on the Idagah, held to protest against the action of the Punjab Government, informed the audience of the Lahore firing and severely criticised the Punjab Ministry. He said that it was no new thing for Islam to suffer at the hands of Muslims, and that the Khaksars had no grievance against the British or any other community in India. He assured Government that Khaksar movement was a religious and peaceful one and did not lend support to any political party. The meeting ended with prayers for the souls of those Khaksars who were killed at Lahore. The leader of the Shikarpur Khaksars is said to have been greatly agitated at the firing in Lahore and has informed the Chief Salar in Sind that the Khaksars of Shikarpur and Sukkur were ready for action and were awaiting instructions. Another Khaksar leader drew attention to the use of tear gas having facilitated the arrests of Khaksars, and to the necessity of offering themselves for arrest in large numbers. It seems however that instruction regarding the future programme are awaited from Head Quarters, and no extra-provincial activity by Sind Khaksars has yet come to notice. The District Magistrate, Hyderabad, was personally assured by the leaders there that did not intend to participate in the Punjab agitation. A camp, which it was intended to hold in that district, has been postponed. Khaksar parades were, however, held at many places, and at a meeting at the Sir Leslie Wilson Muslim Hostel, Karachi, the Chief Salar urged students to join the Khaksar movement... Meanwhile an anti-Khaksar movement has been organized. Fatwas issued by the Jamiat Ulema-i-Hind against Inayatullah Khan Mashraqi were explained to Muslim in various mosques in Karachi. At a Muslim meeting at Larkana the Khaksar movement was criticised and Muslims were warned not to join it. The Imam of the Jamia Mosque, Keamari, did the same after Juma prayers, and went so far as to say that Allama Mashraqi and his followers were 'kafirs'. This had such an effect that the Chief Salar had to abandon a projected meeting at Keamari. .[Source No. P-25-h(s)/37, Home Department (Special), Sind Secretariat, Karachi, 5th April 1940 Fortnightly report for the Second half of March 1940].

13. The usual Khaksar parades were held at Karachi and Hyderabad. During the course of a parade at Hyderabad, Mir Ali Ahmed Nabi Bakhsh, who has been appointed Khaksar Hakim Ala for Sind, refuted the allegation of the Punjab Government that Khaksars had pro-Nazi leanings. The weekly "Bab-ul-Islam" of Hyderabad, under the caption "The Bloody Tragedy at Khanewal", strongly condemns the Punjab Government for its alleged highhanded policy  towards the Khaksars in stopping the supply of food and water to Khaksars who had taken shelter in Lahore mosques. The paper referring to "the cruel bayonet attack on Khaksars in a close railway compartment at Khanewa" remarks "for how long are happy homes to be sacrifice for the Sikandar Ministry? Does he mean to increase his power by using guns and bayonets against unarmed people?" Ghaibana funeral Prayers were offered at Hyderabad Jacobabad and Kotri for Hafiz Rukanuddin, who was killed at Khanewal. It appears that the Khaksars are not perturbed at the Sind Government's ban on their journey to the Punjab Government have, however, informed us that the ban is effective and that there has been no influx of Khaksars from this province since it was issued. Khaksar parades at Hyderabad, which has the Largest numbers of Khaksars in Sind, are causing some anxiety to the local authorities, and the District Magistrate, Hyderabad, has more than once emphasized that the organization should be declared unlawful and suppressed as early as possible. Action on these lines will presumably become necessary, when the question of taking concerted measures against all unauthorised volunteer bodies s recently proposed by the Government of the India is considered. If properly managed, it ought to be possible to divert some of this enthusiasm towards the newly formed Civic Guards, Preparations for the enrolment of these are proceeding in all districts though details remain to be worked out as regards their equipment and subsistence allowance. In some quarters there is scepticism as to their effectiveness unless traimed in the use of fire-arms, while those whose natural tendency is to mistrust the police look askance at the Civic Guards as a mere appanage to the former. Experience with the volunteer constables previously recruited in Karachi, however, gives ground for hope that at any rate in towns the movement will be a success. [Source No. P-25-h(s)/37, Home Department (Special), Sind Secretariat, Karachi, 10th July 1940 Fortnightly report for the Second half of June 1940].


14. Khaksar parades were held in Karachi, Hyderabad and Larkana. The Khaksar movement is on the increase in Hyderabad district. Their Hakim Ala, Mir Ali Ahmed Nabi Bakhsh, has left for Lucknow to attend a Conference. [Source No. P-25-h(s)/37, Home Department (Special), Sind Secretariat, Karachi, 5th August 1940 Fortnightly report for the Second half of July 1940].


15. The Khaksars have been fairly quiet. There have been no activities beyond the usual parades at Karachi, Hyderabad and Larkana. A meeting of the Council of the Sind Provincial Muslim League was held in Karachi to consider whether the Muslim League Ministers should be allowed to carry on, or called upon to resign. The Hon’ble khan Bahadur M.A.Khuhro, Minister, Public Works Department, the Hon’ble Khan Bahadur M.A. Khuhro, Minister, Public Works Department, the Hon’ble Mr. Sheikh Abdul Majid, Finance Minister and the Hon’ble Mr. G.M. Sayed, Education Minister, attended the meeting. After a prolonged discussion the Council passed a resolution expressing confidence in the three Muslim League Ministers.[Source Government of Sind Home Department (Special) No. P-25-H(S) 40. Sind Secretariat, Karachi, 22nd July1940. Fortnightly Report for the first half of July 1940].

16. Khaksar parades were held at Karachi and Hyderabad in Karachi, Khaksar Day was observed on17th May, and prayers were offered for those who are said to be fasting in Lahore mosques. At one parade it was stated it was stated that the Imam of the Badshahi Mosque in Lahore had supported the action of the Khaksars who took shelter in mosques. About twenty- five Khaksars are reported to have left Sind in small beacuse for Lahore, during the fortnight. It is difficut to estimate the correct numbers leaving the province as they usually travel without uniform or equipment. Moreever, they do not take tickets to Lahore, but book to various stations on the main line. The Punjab Government has requested this Government to prohibit the departure of Khaksars from Sind for destination in Punjab. But following a similar request made last year by the United Provinces Government, we were in some double as to which of the Defence of Indai Rules was applicable to the case. The Government of India have since pointed out that action can be taken under the new Rule 85-B, according to which any persons can be prevented from travelling by railway, and this is being done accordingly.[Source Government of Sind Home Department (Special) No. P-25-H(S)/40. Sind Secretariat, Karachi, 7th June 1940. Fortnightly Report for the second half of May1940].  

17. Khaksar parades were held at Karachi, Hyderabad, Larkana and other places. The parades of the rival association, the Fauj-e-Muhammadi, are dwindling and the anti-Khaksar movement was not much in evidence during the fortnight under report. The fissiparous tendency in all organizations in Sind is also evident in the Khaksar movement. At a weekly parade in Hyderabad, the khaksars refused to carry the Khaksar flag as a mark of sorrow at Allama Mashriqi's internment, whereupon the leaders did not accept the salute and the parade dispersed. It appears that the Hyderabad Khaksars have received secret instructions from the centre to leave for Lahore as soon as possible, though few are likely to respond, while the improvement in the relations between Khaksars and the Punjab Government will presumably mean the end of this agitation. An All-Sind Khaksar Camp at Nawabshah from 24th to 26th May 1940 is contemplated. Among Hindus the Arya Vir Dal and Arya Samaj were active. At a meeting of the Anjuman Imamia at Hyderabad, resolutions were passed requesting the Sind Government to move the United Provinces Government to rescind the Madhe Sahba communique issued by the latter during the Congress regime, requesting the Sind Government (sic) to restore the Ruler of Khairpur to his state and condemning the 'ashura' bomb incident at Sukkur and urging Government to trace the culprits. [Source Government of Sind Home Department (Special) No. P-25-H(S)/40. Sind Secretariat, Karachi, 16th May 1940. Fortnightly Report for the First half of May1940].  

18. The Khaksar firing incident at Lahore had no serious at Lahore had no serious repercussions in Sind. It is felt in Khaksar circles that the Punjab Government have now yielded, though emphasis is being laid on being firm, and keeping in readiness for proceeding to Lahore, if necessary. The Muslim Leaguers seem to have been asked not to interfere or to help the Khaksars. It is learnt that Dr. Muhammad Ismail Nami of Amritsar has issued a statement showing the demands of the Khaksars, which include the payment of compensation by the Punjab Government to the dependents of those killed in the firing at Lahore. The statement says that negotiations can only be carrid out by Allama Mashriqi, and threatens that if any Salar or Khaksar negotiates direct with Government he will be publicly punished. Information has been received that arrangements for sending batches of Khaksars from Peshawar- and Naushera to Rawilpindi have been made, as the formed centre of the movement, Haripur, has now been shifted to Rawalpindi, whither Khaksars have been asked to proceed in plain clothes. Emphasis has been laid on the necessity of sending, when necessary, batches of Khaksars from all centres surrounding the Punjab in order to attain success. Prayers were offered at many mosques in memory of the Khaksars who died at Lahore.     [Source Government of Sind Home Department (Special) No. P-25-H(S)/40. Sind Secretariat, Karachi, 20th April 1940. Fortnightly Report for the First half of April 1940].

19. Muhammad Akram Jalis the Chief salar for Sind, left for Meerut en route to Delhi where a conferences was to be held to consider negotiations with the Punjab Government. He has since returned. Recruitment to the Khaksar movement continues, with instruction in drill etcetra. It is said that twenty Khaksars, strangely enough gave a salute to the Congress Flag at Ratodero, in Larkana District, where they paraded the streets delivering short speeches. The Khaksar movement has been revived at Nawabshah while Khaksar parades were held as usual at Karachi, Larkana, Hyderabad and Jamesabad. [Source Government of Sind Home Department (Special) No. P-25-H(S)/40. Sind Secretariat, Karachi, 20th April 1940. Fortnightly Report for the First half of April 1940].

20. Movement on Khaksar lines continue to be encouraged among the Hindus. For instance, the Arya Shevak Dal has formed an off-shoot called the Arya Black Part in Karachi which is said to be an imitation of a namesake at Lahore. The volunteers were black and carry whistles, spears, pick-axes and torches and have a captain own. The party has not yet announced its aims and objects, but it is said to have been formed on the lines of, though in opposition to the Khaksar and other Muslim organisations. A Hindu Kasrat Shala has lately been opened at Khanpur (Sukkur District) which has about forty members on its rolls. A Sheva Mandli has been formed at Abdu (Sukkur District), the object of which is to impart military training to Hindu youths, its present membership being thirty. One of these mushroom bodies naively approached the Ex-Services Association in Karachi to supply them with a drill instruction. It is now learnt that Santsingh Birsingh, the Drill Instructor of the "Bachav Sena", Sukkur, referred to in paragraph of my last letter, who is an ex-Police Constable, was dismissed from Government service on being sentenced to six months' rigorous imprisonment for assaulting another Constable. It is significant that during the celebration of the anniversary of the Arya samaj (College Section), Islam, Christianity and Sanatan Dharma were criticized impartially, and Hindus were advised to become powerful enough to defend themselves and to adopt a "tit for tat" communal policy. A resolution to the effect that the creed of non-violence was not practical in every struggle was adopted. [Source Government of Sind Home Department (Special) No. P-25-H(S)/40. Sind Secretariat, Karachi, 20th April 1940. Fortnightly Report for the First half of April 1940].

21. Khaksar parades were held at Karachi, Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas, Larkana, Ratodero and Jacobabad. At  Ratodero a Khaksar Anjuman has been formed. Some Khaksars of Karachi gave a rception to Noor Ahmed Shah, Khaksars Nazim of Lahore, on his arrival at Karachi. In Hyderabad, the Khaksars parade daily in their respective beats a weekly parade having been held during the fortnight, were the Khaksars marched throughout the city. The Hyderabad Khaksars seems to be more active than those of any other place in Sind. It is understood that Khaksar activity has been revived again in Mirpurkhas town. A prominent Khaksar of Hyderabad (Sind), accompanied by two other Khaksars od the Punjab, visited Jacobabad, on the 15th and 1th January, when the Khaksars paraded through the main streets of the town in their honour, and presented them with a salute. [Source Government of Sind Home Department (Special) No. P-25-H(S)/40. Sind Secretariat, Karachi, 2nd  February 1940. Fortnightly Report for the Second half of January 1940].

22. About forty Khaksars held a rally at Hyderabad on the 7th December and Collected at the meeting placed in military formation. Six were in Khaki mufti and twelve carried 'belchas'. Their conduct comes within the mischief of rule 58 of the Defence of India Rules and the question of taking action against them is under the consideration of Government. [ Source No. P-25-h(s)/37, Home Department (Special), Sind Secretariat, Karachi, 18th December 1940 Fortnightly report for the first half on December 1940].

23. It is reported that the there was a Khaksar police clash at Khanewal. A batch of twenty nine Khaksars was noticed at the railway station, Khanpur, on the 31st May. They were pursued and eventually arrested at Khanewal on the morning of the 1st June. Twenty eight were arrested and one-died of injuries received during the scuffle. The person who met death was a clerk in the office of the Collector of Karachi. [Source No. P-25-h(s)/37, Home Department (Special), Sind Secretariat, Karachi, 21st June  1940 Fortnightly report for the first half on June 1940].

24. It appears that at the end of April 1940 there were 1,214 Khaksars enrolled in Sind, 1,172 ordinary Khaksars and 41 Jarrbaz. Hyderabad heads the list with 527 Khaksars and Dadu records the least number with 50. As briefly mentioned in my report, a notification has been issued by Government under sub-rule 1 of Rule 85(b) of the Defence of India Rules, which requires that no person belonging to or wearing the uniform of the "Anjuman-i- Khaksaran" and proposing to proceed to any place in the Punjab shall be carried on a railway, and prohibits the travelling by railway of any such person. [Source No. P-25-h(s)/37, Home Department (Special), Sind Secretariat, Karachi, 21st June  1940 Fortnightly report for the first half on June 1940].

25. The Khaksars have stopped their parades in Karachi and Larkana, following the issue of the Government of India Ordinance restricting the activities of such organizations. The Khaksars Camp which was to be held at Hyderabad from 16th to 18th August was cancelled. Prominent Khaksars of Hyderabad met and decided not to violate the Government orders without first taking advice from their headquarter. Some influential Khaksars have been deputed to meet the Hon'ble Ministers and members of the Sind Legislative Assembly at Karachi and to obtain their advice in the matter. The Arya Vir Dal volunteers, Hyderabad, have also decided not to violate the Government of India ban. The Sind Gothani Fauj is at present inactive. The Volunteer Dal, Mirpurkhas, is however, reported to be holding parades of about 25 volunteer Dal, Mirpurkhas, is however, reported to be holding parades of about 25 volunteers at night. The District Magistrate has been instructed to deal with the matter.  [Source Government of Sind Home Department (Special) No. P-25-H(S)/40. Sind Secretariat, Karachi, 3rd  September 1940. Fortnightly Report for the Second half of August 1940].

26. The Khaksars have toned down their activities and the usual parades have stopped. The local Students' Union organised a Students' Rally at the Khalikdina Hall on the 1st of September which was attended by about 200 students. Hashu T. Kewalramani, President of the Students 'Union moved a resolution confirming the stand taken by the Congress Working Committee. A demonstration was organised with the usual flage and placards. A public meeting was held under the auspices of the local League of the Radical Congressmen to observe an anti-Fascist Day. Moulvi Muhammad Yakub Hingoro presided. He stated that the Radical Congressmen were not opposed to the principles of the Congress, but to the policy of certain members of the Congress High Command. Din Muhammad Khatib moved a resolution to the effect that the struggle for the emancipation of mankind from Fascism could not be separated from the struggle for India's freedom. The right to grant or not to grant freedom to Indian people. He said that a new enemy of freedom had appeared whose name was Hitler. He was crushing the freedom of the world. Najendra Kumar Vyas, while seconding the resolution, condemned Fascism, Nazism and Imperialism, criticised the Congress High Command and made some adverse remarks about Mr. Gandhi and Pandit Jawaherlal Nehru, which infuriated some of the members present. The meeting ended in an uproar. On the 4th of Septemberthee local Students'. Union held a meeting to protest against the arrest of Hashu T. Kewalramani and Pritam Tahilramani under the Defence of India Rules. They have been arrested as they were found in possession of certain proscribed communist pamphlets. Dr. Popatlal A. Bhoopatkar, M.L.A., joined the students in their protest against the arrest of these two persons [Source Government of Sind Home Department (Special) No. P-25-H(S)/40. Sind Secretariat, Karachi, 21st  September 1940. Fortnightly Report for the First half of September 1940].

27.There has been a good deal of activity in Karachi among the local Khaksars im connection with the visit of Hakim Muhammad Akram Jalis, the Chief Salar for Sind. He has been touring Sind and everywhere he was received with a salute of forty-one crackers. At a demonstration parade at Hyderabad, the Chief Salar read out a written address on the Knaksar movement commenting on the down-trodden condition of the Muslim. [Source No. P-25-h(s)/37, Home Department (Special), Sind Secretariat, Karachi, 19th March 1940 Fortnightly report for the first half of March 1940].


28.Khaksars parades were held in Karachi, Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas and Larkana. While the parade was in progress at Larkana on 2nd March, a short speech was made criticizing the Punjab Government for oppressing Khaksars. On his arrival in Karachi. Hakim Muhammad Akram Jalis was presented with a salute and was taken in procession, at the end of which a public meeting was held where he announced that Sind had to contribute its quota of two lakhs of Khaksars by 30th June 1940. A Khaksar rally was organized in Karachi on 2nd March. Yusuf son of Sir Abdullah Haroon, who has lately joined the Khaksar movement, was presented with a salute. In a short speech he remarked that the Muslim League had realised that democracy should be-ended, as it was already dead in Europe. [Source No. P-25-h(s)/37, Home Department (Special), Sind Secretariat, Karachi, 19th March 1940 Fortnightly report for the first half of March 1940].




1. The Khaksars observed "Martyrdom Day" in Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur and Larkana. At Sukkur and Larkana crackers were fired and some of the Khaksars appeared in uniforms with 'belchas' . Action against them is under consideration. In Karachi 45 Khaksars moved in the streets in mufti carrying 'belchas', but did not march in military formations. A public meeting was held in the Khalikdina Hall mostly attended by Muslim Leaguers. Salutes were presented in the memory of the Khaksars killed in Lahore on March 19th, Hafiz Ruknuddin, Tipu Sultan, Inayatullah Khan Mashraqui and the prominent Hindu, Sikh, Christian and Parsee leaders. [Source No. P-25-h(s)/37, Home Department (Special), Sind Secretariat, Karachi, 4th April 1941 Fortnightly report for the Second half of March1941]. 

2.  The Khaksars held a camp at Hyderabad from the 11th to the 13th April Khaksar leaders had interviewed the Hon'ble Premier and the Hon'ble Minister, Home Department, beforehand and assured them that they had no intention to infringe the orders of Government. [Source No. P-25-h(s)/37, Home Department (Special), Sind Secretariat, Karachi, 21st April 1941 Fortnightly report for the First half of April 1941].

3. The Provincial Khaksar leader, Mir Ali Ahmed Nabi Bakhsh, remarked that Kahksars were out to serve the cause of humanity but so far they have failed to render adequate service to the sister communities because Khaksars belong to a down trodden community in a slave country. Prayers were offered for the release of Allama Mashraqi. There was a procession of about 65 Khaksars in Hyderbad out of whom 30 wore khaki dress and 21 carried belchas. [Source No. P-25-h(s)/37, Home Department (Special), Sind Secretariat, Karachi, 19th May 1941 Fortnightly report for the First half of May 1941].

4.  The Khaksar Camp at Hyderabad, to which I made a reference in my last letter, attracted considerable audiences and there was a varied programme of physical exercises. It was emphasised that the Khaksar movement was a social movement and had no quarrel with any community although one of the captions on the entrance gate to the Camp was to the effect that the object of the Khaksar 'sipahi' was the rule of the world and the domination of Islam![Source No. P-25-h(s)/37, Home Department (Special), Sind Secretariat, Karachi, 3rd May 1941 Fortnightly report for the Second half of April 1941].

5. The local Khaksar leader, Mian Ahmed Shah, has issued a statement regarding the present position of the Khaksars in which he has commended the action of His Excellency the Governor of the North-West Frontier Province in showing leniency to the Khaksars. He also hopes that the Government of India will re-consider their orders and has enjoined upon the Khaksars to remain peaceful in the meantime. Orders have been issued for the release of the two Khaksars imprisoned recently, provided they give an undertaking to refrain from any undersirable activities in future. They are persons of no importance.  [Source of Government of Sind Home Department (Special), Sind Secretariat, Karachi, 19th  July 1941, Fortnightly Report for the First Half of July 1941].




Working on history and documentation of information is pure craft of research and care. I have done my level best to collect information from various sources and have compiled it in simple way. During British Period (1843-1847) there were more than forty political parties and pressure groups functional in Sindh and Khaksar Tahrik was one of them. I am sharing here-with list of names of its workers, office bearers and leaders. Friends can find more names on my website under titles of “Luminaries of Larkano” and “Freedom Fighters”.
Most of workers and leaders of Khaksar Tahrik are not known but, they are our Freedom Fighters and they played their role in Freedom Movement from this platform. In this list names are given in Alphabetical order. After every name, his status and place are indicated into bracket.
Afghan (Worker/Dadu), Achar Khan (Worker/Goth Brahmani), Allahdad Khan Shujara, Allah Warayo (Salar/Saan), Arzi Khan (Worker/Gohth Brahmani), Abdul Rasheed (Worker/Dadu), Allah Bux Khan (Worker/Goth Brahmani), Abdullah K.S (Worker/Banguldero), Ali Bux (Salar/Tando Mir Muhammad), Ali Akbar (Worker/Karachi), Allahdad (Janbaz/Mirpur Mathelo), Abdul Raheem Memon (Worker/Karachi), Ahmed Ali Bhutto (Worker/Agani), Abdul Haee (Salar Tablegh/Hala), Abdul Haq (Worker/Hala), Abdul Rehman Ansari (Worker/Hala), Abdul Shakoor (Worker/Mipurkhas), Ahmed Khan (Worker/Mirpurkhas), Aqil Shah (Worker/Halani), Ameer Bux Khushak (Worker/Nawabshah), Ali Dino Khaksar (Worker/Badin), Allah Rakhyo (Worker/Punahoon Khan Chandio), Abdul Karim (Worker/Punahoon Khan Chandio), Allah Bux (Worker/Punahoon Khan Chandio), Abdullah Nizmani (Worker/Tando Soomro), Abdul Raheem Palee (Worker/?), Anwar uddin S/o Din Muhammad Bajjar (Worker/Taluka Naushoero Feroz), Abdul Qayoom Lakho (Worker/Khabr Lakhmir), Aleem Khan (Salar/Saddar bazar Hyderabad), Allah Bachyo (Salar/Hyderabad), Abdullah Khan Laghari (Salar/Goth Pehnjoo near Adoori Post Tando Bago), Abdul Sattar (Salar/Ghareebabad Mirpurkhas), Ali Bux Khan Laghari (Salar/Ahar Post Talhi Station), Ameer Ali Khan Nizamani(Salar/Bucheri), Abdul Gafhoor Lakho (Salar/Goth Hosh Muhammad Lakho Post Naqar), Ali Nawaz Khan Jatoi(Salar/Jatoi Post), Ameer Bux Khan (Salar/Saeed Khan Khushk Post Tando Gul Shah), Abdul Latif (Salar Adara/ Mullah Branch road Sukkur), Allahdad Shujra B.A(Salar/Shikarpur Sadar), Ali Bux (Salar/Mullah Machi Jacababad), Abdul Majeed (Salar/Third Family Quarter Jacababad), Abdul Karim Baloch (Salar/Mullah Station Larkana), Allah Dino Salar (Salar/Nauo Mullah Larkana), Abdul Fateh (Salar/Goth Aqil Larkana), Abdul Rasheed (Salar/Goth Buhramni Post Saan), Abdul Aziz Bin Habibullah (Salar/Thatto), Abbasi Moledino Advocate (Salar/Thatto), Abdul Subhan Mughal (Salar Mullah/Saddar Bazar Karachi), Ahmed Bux (Salar Adara/Sadar Bazar Karachi), Allama Ghulam Sarwar (Salar Adara/ Ram Sawami Karachi), Ameer Bux (Salar Adara/Ram Sawami Karachi), Allah Bachyo Janbaz no 587 (Salar Mullah/Ram Bagh Karachi), Ahmed Bux (Salar/Sindh Madarstul Islam), Alllahdad Telegraph Inspector (Janbaz no 145/Mirpur Mathelo), Abdul Majeed (Janbaz no 181/Hyderabad), Abdul Rehman Lohar S/oAhmed Ali (Janbaz no 574/Karachi), Aashiq Hussain S/o Muhammad Akbar Qisaab(Janbaz no 577/Karachi), Allah Bachyo S/o Muhammad Jaffar Mallah (Janbaz no 587/ Karachi), Ali Ahmed Akhnd (Janbaz no 681/Karachi).
Bachal Shah (Worker/Talhar), Bux Ali Khojo (Worker/Talhar), Bualand Shah Bukhari (Worker/Goth Sonu Lashari Mirpurkhas), Behram Khan Shujra (Salar/Goth Pir Bux Shujra Shikarpur sadar), Bostan Khan (Salar Mullah/Depu line Karachi), Bachal Shah (Janbaz no 120/Tando Muhammad Khan).
Dost Muhammad Memon, M.A, L.L.B (Salar/Naushero Feroz), Dr. Ramhutullah (Salar/Dathro), Dr. Abdul Raheem (Worker/Karachi), Dr. Sultan Ahmed (Salar/Taluka Badin), Dino Khan Meharo Khan (Worker/Khapro), Dodo Khan Mari (Worker/Khapro), Dr. Muhammad Akthar (Worker/Larkana), Dr. G.M Qureshi (Worker/?), Dr. Nabi Bux Baloch (Worker/?), Dr. Haji Faqir Muhammad (Salar/Ratodero), Dr. Zia uddin (Salar Tablegh/Hyderabad), Dr. Qazi Muhammad Akbar (Salar Tablegh/Hyderabad), Din Muhammad Khan (Salar/Doluat Laghari Post Tando Muhammad Khan), Mir Muhammad Khan Laghari (Salar/Post Ghulab Khan Laghari), Dost Muhammad Khan Memon (Salar/Nausheroferoz), Datar Dino(Salar/Mullah Kotri), Dr Captan A.A Khan (Salar Hilal Ahmer/Karachi), Dr. G.M Qureshi(Salar Hilal Ahmer/Karachi).
Fhoto Khan (Goth Brahmani), Faiz Ali Khan Murtaza (Worker/Hyderabad), Fateh Ali Khan (Worker/Fazal Bhanbro), faqir Abdul Hadi (Worker/Khabr Lakhmir), Fareed Khan (Salar/Kalryoon Post Badin), Fakeer Muhammad Ghulam Muhammad (Janbaz no 286/Larkana).
Ghulam Mustafa Bhurgri (Salar/ District Tharparkar),Ghulam Ali (Janbaz Salar/ Mullah Station Hyderabad), Gul Muhammad (Khaksar/Tando Mir Muhammad), Ghulam Muhammad (Worker/Talhar), Ghulam Ahmed Khojo (Worker/Talhar), Ghulam Hadi (Worker/Halani), Ghulam Muhammad Baloch (Worker/Ghulam Ali Laghari), Ghulam Murtaza (Worker/Karam Ali Chandio/Tando Bago), Gul Muhammad Shah Akthar (Worker/Tando Allahyar), Ghulam Muhammad Khan Talpur (Worker/Murad Khan Talpur), Ghareeb Hussain (Salar/Muhllah Punrano Duk Hyderabad), Ghulam Muhammad (Salar Adara /Hyderabad), Ghulam Mehdi Shah (Salar/Goth Hakra Rohri), Ghulam Hyder (Salar/Ghareebabad Jacababad), Ghulam Rasool Arezi Nawes (Salar/Kotri), Ghulam Hyder (Janbaz no 711/Jacababad),Ghulam Hyder (Janbaz no 711/Jacababad), Ghulam Mustafa Khan Bhurgri (Janbaz no 789/Hyderabad).
Haji Khan (Worker/Saan), Hoot Khan (Worker/Dadu), Haji Lutuf Ali Nizmani (Worker/Tando Qaiser), Hakeem Muhammad Muaaz (?/?), Hakeem Qadir Bux (Mirpurkhas), Haji Hassan Allah Patae (Worker/Paat), Hashim (Worker/Punahoon Khan Chandio), Hakeem Ali Murad Baloch (Worker/Khapro), hakeem Muhammad Amin (Worker/Doro Naro), Hamza Ali Qureshi (Worker/?), Haji Rooh ullah Palee (Worker/?), Hasan Ali Khan (Worker/Karam Nizamani), Hakeem Muhammad Amin (Salar Tablegh/Taluka Umarkot post Doronaro), Hafez uddin (Salar/ Heer abad Hyderabad), Haji Muhammad Saleh Khan Nizamani (Salar/Drigh C/o Haji Abdullah Memon Post Tando Muhammad Khan), Haji Pir Muhammad Dak Munashi (Salar/Bhudo Qunbrani), Haji Ameen Muhammad Malkani (Salar/Goth Wali Muhammad Malkani Post Khairpur Ganboo), Hakeem Fazal Muhammad Abbasi (Salar/Tablegh Mirpurkhas), Hussain Din Dukandar (Salar/Chak number 264 Tando Jan Muhammad), Hakeem Syed Mukhtair Shah (Salar/Samaro), Hakeem Ali Murad Khan Baloch (Salar/Khapro), Hisam Uddin (Salar/Khapro Post Sarhari), Hakeem Rehmatullah (Salar/Ditharo), Hafiz Abdul Karim (Salar/Larkana), Hassan ullah S/o Hassan uddin Siddique (Salar/Paat), Hussain Bux (Salar Adaara/Kotri), Hamid ullah Khan (Salar Adara/Karachi), Hakeem Allah Rakhyo(Salar Hilal Ahmer/Karachi), Hamza Khan Qureshi B.A- L.L.B(Salar/Muslim Hostel Karachi), Hyder Bux S/o Khanbahdur Allah Bux (Salar/Mullah Eid Gaah no 2 Karachi Raksuti), Hishmat ullah Anbalvi (Salar/Mullah Bhempura Karachi), Hafiz Abdul Karim (Janbaz no 681/Larkana).
Inayat ullah Shah (Worker/Jacbababad), Imdad Ali Cloth Marchant (Worker/Larkana), Inaam Ali (Salar/ Ali Dighari), Inyatullah Shah(Salar/Mullah Ehsan Ali Jacababad), Imdad Ali Shah (Salar/Dokri).
Jaffar Khan (Worker/Dadu), Jamal Shah Wadhal Shah (Worker/Khapro), Jaan Muhammad Ghazi Khan (Worker/Kandiro), Jaan Muhammad (Worker/Goth Punhu Khan Chandio/Tando Bago), Jalal uddin Teller Master(Salar Muhtisab/Hyderabad), Jaan Muhammad (Salar/Nao Shar Mirpurkhas).
Kandero Khan (Worker/Goth Brahmani), Khan Muhammad Khan Alamani (Worker/Goth Sonu Alamani), Khameso Khan(Worker/Karam Ali Chandio/Tando Bago), Khan Muhammad Almani (Salar/Sonu Almani Post Tando Muhammad Khan), Khair Muhammad Chandio (Salar/Adara), Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan Advocate (Salar/Mirpurkhas), Kabir Ahmed (Salar/Nao Shar Mirpurkhas), Khair Muhammad Salar(Salar/Mullah Kotri), Kamal uddin (Salar/Mullah Gisri Karachi).
Long (Worker/Punahoon Khan Chandio), Lutuf Ali Khan Palee (Worker/?), Lal Khan Laghari (Salar Adara/ Aahri Post Talhi Station), Lutuf-ullah Khan Pali (Salar/Gamori Post Umerkot).
Meeran Khan (Worker/Goth Brahmani), Mir Abdul Ghafoor (Salar/?), Masoo Khan (Worker/Goth Brahmani), Muhammad Haroon (Worker/Dadu), Muhammad Ibrahim(Worker/Sann), Muhammad Inayatullah (Salar/Saan),Muhammad Ilyas (Salar/Saan), Muhammad Ismail (Worker/Goth Brahmani), Muhammad Salaeh (Worker/Dadu),Muhammad Siddique (Worker/Goth Brahmani), Muhammad Urus (Worker/Dadu), Muhammad Yousif (Worker/Dadu), Mistri Muhammad Ramzan (Worker/Dadu), Mistri Muhammad Fazal (Worker/Dadu), Mir Pir Bux (Worker/Tando Muhammad Khan), Mir Haji Khair Muhammad Khan (Worker/Goth Pir Bhai Khan), Mir Jan Muhamamd (Salar/Noshoero Feroz), Molvi Karim Bux (Worker/Noshero Feroz), Master Muhammad Soomar, Head Master Primary School (Worker/Bagan jo Goth), Muhammad Soomar Soomro (Worker/Pangrio), Muhammad Qasim Halepoto (Salar/Matli), Mistri Faiz Muhammad (Salar/Khanpur), Muhammad Abbas (Khaksar/ Tando Mir Muhammad), Mir Faiz Muhammad Khan (Salar/Tando Qaiser), Muhammad Bux (Worker/Tando Qaiser), Mir Noor Hussain Khan Talpur (Worker/Tando Qaiser), Mir Allah Bux Khan Talpur, Muhammad Yousif Khairati (Worker/Karachi), Molvi Ahmed Sher (Worker/Matli), Maqbool ul Haq (Worker/Karachi), Mir Jan Muhammad (?/?), Molvi Khalil-ullah Afandi (Worker/Karachi), Meeran Bux Baloch (Sur Salar/Mirpur Khas), Molvi Muhammad Saleh(Worker/Mirpurkhas), Muhammad Bachal Soomro (Worker/Mirpurkhas), Muhammad Nawaz Khuro (Worker/Larkana), Mir Muhammad Khan Halepoto (Salar Ala/Khapro), Meeran Bux (Worker/Khapro), Muhammad Talib Lohar (Worker/Tando Bago), Muhammad Soomr (Salar/Pangrio), Maqbool ul Haq (Salar/Karachi), Muhammad Shafi(Salar Adara/Karachi), M.R.Wafa (Salar Mandoob/Hyderabad), Muhammad Ali (Worker/Punhoon Khan Chandio), Muhammad Ali (Worker/Punahoon Khan Chandio), Mutal Majnu Samejo (Worker/Khapro), Malik Abdul Aziz (Worker/?), Master Saeed Muhammad Khan (Worker/?), Molvi Muhammad Siddique Nirole (Worker/?), Manzoor Ahmed Shah (Worker/?), Muhammad Ishaque Palee (Worker/?), Mevo (Worker/Karam Ali Chandio/Tando Bago), Muhammad Bachal Khaskeli (Worker/Karam Ali Chandio/Tando Bago), Muahammad Qasim Abdul Majeed Panhur (Worker/Paat), Muhammad ARIF S/o Haji Abdullah Junejo (Worker/Paat), Muhammad Sharif (Worker/James abad), Muhammad Achar (Worker/Goth Fraho), Molvi Ahmed ALI Mallah (Salar Tablegh/Taluka Badin Post Badin), Mir Fateh Khan (Salar Tablegh/Taluka Dighari Post Tando Jan Muhammad), M.R.Wafa (Salar/Mandoob Hyderabad), Molvi Muhammad Siddique Nirve (Salar Tablegh/Hyderabad), Muhammad Ishaque (Salar Mullah Maghrabi Kach/Hyderabad), Mir Ali Ahmed Khan (Salar Azaze/Hyderabad), Mistri Khuda Bux (Salar Adara/Hyderabad), M.A Jaan (Naib Salar Tehreer/Hyderabad), Mubarak Ali(Salar/Hyderabad), Muhammad uddin (Salar/Hyderabad), Molvi Muhammad Juman Khan Talpur (Salar/Tando Jam Hyderabad), Mir Haji Khair Muhammad Khan Talpur (Salar/Bhai Khan Talpur), Mir Dost Muhammad Khan (Salar Adara/C/o, Ramzan Neroti Tando Muhammad Khan), Muhammad Khan Talpur (Salar/Bahar khan Student Muslim Hostel Karachi), Molvi Karam Ali Khan Nizmani (Salar/Drigh # 2 C/o Muhammad Safar Neroti Post Muhammad Khan), Mr. Abdullah Khan (Salar/Tando Bago), Molvi Muhammad Hussain Khan (Salar/Thoae Post Tando Bago), Mir Muhammad Bux Khan (Salar/Dhubharo Post Talhar), Muhammad Ilyaas Qanbari (Salar/Post Khairpur Ganboo), Muhammad Khan Bhurgri (Salar/Goth Yaar Muhammad Bhurgri Post Nando City), Mir Ghulam Rasool Khan (Salar/Goth Pehanjo post Tando Bago), Muhammad Achar Patel(Salar/ Farho Post Khairpur Ganboo), Molvi Abdullah Junejo (Salar/Rip Post Pero Lashari), Master Abdullah (Salar/Wahnae Post Nando City), Molvi Muhammad Haroon(Salar/Goth Noor Muhammad Gurano Post Badin), Muhammad Hussain Bhurgri (Salar/Goth Mir Hussain Nizamani Post Bero Lashari), Mistri Abdul Majeed (Salar Adara/Mirpurkhas), Meran Bux (Salar/Purano City Mirpurkhas), Mir Hussain (Salar Adara/Ghareebabad Mirpurkhas), Master Muhammad Sharif Teller(Salar/Jamesabad), Mistri Muhammad Hussain (Salar/Mullah Burghari Factory Jamesabad), Mir Murad Ali Khan (Salar Adara/Tando Jaan Muhammad), Muhammad Ramzan Laghari (Salar/Ghulam Ali Laghari Post Dighari), Mureed Khan Lashari (Salar/Goth Mureed Lashari Jhado), Muhammad Khan Hoot (Salar/Hotan Jo Goth Jhado), Muhammad Raheem Khan Thaeem (Salar/Tajoo Khan Thaeem Jhado), Mian Abdul Raheem (Salar/Doronaro), Muhammad Ishaque Pali (Salar Adara/Post Umerkot), Molvi Abdullah Khan Mari (Salar/Phaldyaoon), Muhammad Mian Halepoto(Salar/Hangro), Muhammad Zaman Khan Shar (Salar/Dehraro Post Phaldyaoon), Muhammad Achar Bajeer (Salar/Mithi), Muhammad Qasim Editor Sindh Muslim (Salar/Nawabshah), Muhammad Yaqoob (Salar/Naqar), Mian Muhammad Hashim (Salar Tablegh/Berani), Mistri Sultan Muhammad (Salar/Jhoal), Mistri Mehar Ali (Salar Adara/Jhoal), Mir Dars Muhammad Khan (Salar/Juma Khan Talpur Jhoal), Mir Haji Khan(Salar Adara/Jhoal), Muhammad Bux Khan Laghari (Salar/Palyo Laghari Post Ditharo), Muhammad Misri (Salar/Ditharo), Mr. Ali Muhammad Suffaed Posh (Salar/Rawotayani), Memon Allah Obayo(Salar/Khae Qasim), Mistri Sher Muhammad (Salar/Sukkur City), Molvi Barkat Khan(Salar Tablegh/Sukkur), Mistri Faiz Muhammad (Salar/Jacababad), Master Ahmed Bux (Salar/Wakea Sangi Post Dhamra), Muhammad Ramzan (Salar Tablegh/ Dadu), Muhammad Ilyaas (Salar/Saan), Muhammad Inyatulalh (Salar Tablegh/ Saan), Muhammad Hussain (Salar Adaara/Kotri), Munshi Maqbool ul Haq (Qaim Maqam Salar/ Rakhsati), Muhammad Hussain Lohar Janbaaz no 561(Salar Tablegh/Karachi), Master Bashir Ahmed (Salar Mullah/Gandhi Bagh Karachi), Muhammad Ibhrahim Khan (Salar/Mullah Chakewara Karachi), Mozam Khan (Salar/Mullah Saddar Bazar Sharqi no 2 Karachi), Muhammad Yosuif (Salar/Mullah Nauoabad Karachi), Muhammad Shafi (Salar/Mullah Civil Line Karachi), Molvi Muhammad Siddique (Janbaz no 70/Hyderabad), Muhammad Khan Nizamani Bahadur (Janbaz no 121/Tando Muhammad Khan), Molvi Shafi Muhammad Nizamani (Janbaz no 113/Hala), Mir Jan Muhammad (Janbaz no 144/ Jhool), Masmaat Zeenat Khatoon W/o Allahdad (Janbaz no 146/Mirpur Mathelo), Muhammad Raheem Nizamani (Janbaz no 156/ Tando Soomro), Mirpur Noor Hussain Khan (Janbaz no 157/Tando Bago), Muhammad Talib (Janbaz 199/Tando Muhammad Khan), Muhammad Hassan Almaani (Janbaz no 255/Hyderabad), Master Saeed Muhammad Khan (Janbaz 234/Karachi), Malik Al-Aziz (Janbaz no 435/Hyderabad), Muhammad Hussain Lohar (Janbaz 561/Karachi),Muhammad Essa Nizmani (Janbaz no 825/Hyderabad), Muhammad Hussain (Janbaz no 844/Pangrio).
Nabi Bux Baloch (Worker/Dadu), Naseer Muhammad (Khaksar/Tando Mir Muhammad), Naseer Muhammad Khan Nizmani (Salar Ameer Sindh/?), Noor Muhammad Ansari (Worker/Paat), Nizam uddin (Salar/Hyderabad), Nawab Ahmed Ali Khan (Salar/Nawb Hussain Ali Khan Jamesabad), Nawab Qanbar Ali Khan (Salar/Quria Nawab Hyder Khan Post Bobi), Nawab Ghulam Hussain Khan (Salar/Post Bobi), Naiz Ali (Salar/Mullah Loharan Larakana), Noor Muhammad Ansari (Salar Adara/Paat), Nawab uddin (Salar Adara/Saddar Bazar Sharqi no 1 Karachi), Nizar Muhammad (Janbaz no 588/Shahdadpur).
Oasto Bhudo Kunbar (Salar/Goth Pehnjo Post Badin).
Peroz Khan (Worker/Dadu), Pir Elahi Bux, Pir Juman Shah (Salar Aala/ Suman Shah), Pir Sadar uddin Shah (Salar Ala/Nawabshah), Parail S/o Bhudo Khan (Worker/Tharo Shah), Pir Bux (Salar/Mullah Kotri), Profesor Imran Khan (Salar/Mullah Eid Gaah no 1 Karachi).
Qasim Khan (Worker/Dadu), Qazi Ali Akbar, Qazi Muhammad Yousif (Worker/James abad), Qazi Ghulam Murtaza urf Koral Khan (Worker/Achi Maseet Tahroo Shah), Qazi Abdul Rehman (Salar/Hala), Qabool Khan Zamendaar (Worker/Karam Ali Chandio/Tando Bago), Qazai Gul Muhammad (Salar/Karam Ali Laghari Jhado), Qazi Hussain Bux (Salar Adara/Doronaro), Qazi Ghulam Murtaza (Salar/Achi Masjid), Qadir Bux (Salar/Second Family Quarter Jacababad).
Rasool Bux (Worker/Goth Brahmani), Raheem Khan (Worker/Goth Brahmani), Rano Khan (Worker/Dadu), Raees Abdul Karim Nizamani (Worker/Nae Nizamani), Razzaq Dino (Salar/Larkana), Raees Muhammad Sadiq Khan Mari (Worker/Goth Mir Hasan Mari Tando Adam), Raeed Muhammad Hassan Khan Mari (Worker/Goth Mir Hassan Mari Tando Adam), Raheem (Worker/Punhoon Khan Chandio), Raheem (Worker/Punahoon Khan Chandio), Rano (Worker/Punahoon Khan Chandio), Ramzan (Worker/Punahoon Khan Chandio), Raees Khair Muhammad Chandio (Worker/?), Reham Ali Khan Palee (Worker/?), Rab dino Hadyat ullah Jokhio (Worker/Paat), Raees Noor Muhammad Khan Bohar(Salar/Bhedami Post Badin), Raees Ahmed Khan (Salar/Dighal Post Tando Wasomal), Raees Mola Bux Khan (Salar/Goth Shaun Rind Ditharo), Raees Soomar Khan Laghari (Salar/Goth Lal Khan Laghari Ditharo), Raees Ahmed Ali Khan Agani (Salar/Mullah Agani Larkana), Rayet Hussain(Salar/Bazar Sharqi no 1 Karachi), Razzaq dino (Salar Mullah/Bhugdadi Karachi).
Shah Baig (Worker/Brahmani), Sataabo Shah (Saan/Worker), Seeth Shamas Uddin (Worker/Dadu), Shamas Uddin (Worker/Goth Rajo Khan Nizamani), Sadar uddin Shah (Worker/Surhari), Syed ALLAH Bux Shah, Syed Abdul Razzaq (Worker/Karachi), Saeed Muhammad Khan (Worker/Karachi), Syed Bachal Shah (Worker/Tando Muhammad Khan), Syed Khair Muhammad Shah (?/?), Syed Ghulam Murtza Shah (Worker/Larkana), Seth Allah Dino (Worker/Talhar), Syed Muhammad Mehdi (Worker/Talhar), Saleh Muhammad Shah (Worker/Hangora), Seth Allah Bachyo Memon (Worker/Pangrio), Syed Hussain Shah (Salar Jamait/Goth Allah Rakhyo), Seth Ali Dino (Worker/Badin), Sarfraz Hussain (Worker/Badin), Suleman Atta Muhammad Baloch (Worker/Khapro), Shaikh Noor Muhammad (Worker/?), Shaikh Abdul Qadir (Worker/?), Shaikh Noor Ahmed (Worker/?), Seth Muhammad Siddique Sabir (Worker/New Saeedabad), Syed Hussain Shah (Worker/Rip), Shaikh Abdul Qadir (NaibSalar/Hyderabad), Syed Nehal Shah (Salar/Allahdad chand/Hyderabad), Saleh Muhammad Shah (Salar/Hyderabad), Siraj uddin (Salar/Hyderabad), Seth Muhammad Soomar (Salar/Pangrio Post Khairpur Ganboo), Salar Ahmed Bux (Salar/Sangi Post Tando Bago), Syed Ahmed Shah(Salar/Hyder Garh Post Jhado), Sarfraz Hussain Shah (Salar/Badin), Seth Ali Dino Shah Khawaja(Salar/Adara Badin), Syed Muhammad Saeed Shah (Salar/Nando City), Syed Qaim Muhammad Shah (Salar/Goth Nabi Bux Shah Post Nando City), Saleh Muhammad (Salar/Ban), Seth Allah Dino Khawaja (Salar/Talhar), Soofi Muhammad uddin (Salar/Tablegh Dighari), Syed Ahmed Shah (Salar/Gonero Jhado), Suleman Khan Bhurgri (Salar/Deh Chandhal Pathoro), Syed Nasir Ali Shah (Salar Tablegh/Sukkur), Syed Ali Akbar Shah (Salar/Mullah Branch road Sukkur), Syed Shamim Shah (Salar/Mullah Sukkur), Shaikh Abdul Haq (Salar/Rohri), Shamus Uddin Shah (Salar/Pano Aqil), Shukar Khan (Salar/First Family Quarter Jacababad), Shaikh Abdul Gafoor(Salar Adaara/Nawan Shar Larkana), Seth Shamus uddin (Salar/Dadu City), Syed Shah Nawaz Shah (Salar/Muncipal President Thatto), Syed Fida Hussain Shah S/o Rajab Ali Shah (Salar Adara/Thatto), Syed Abdul Razzaq Shah Bahdur (Salar/Karachi Rakhsati), Saeed Ahmed Siddiqi (Salar Adara/Karachi), Shafiqe ullah (Salar Adara/Karachi), Saeed Muhammad Khan Janbaz no 234 (Salar Moalum/Karachi), Syed Suleman Shah (Salar/Mullah Soljar Bazaar Karachi), Shafi Muhammad Chang (Janbaz no 589/ Hyderabad), Sallah uddin (Janbaz 736/ Pangrio), Shaikh Noor Ahmed (Janbaz no 799/Hyderabad).
Tajj Uddin (Salar/Mullah Marvari Sukur), Taj Muhammad Mughal (Janbaz no 94/ Jacababad).
Wadero Muhammad Saand (Worker/Talhar), Waleed Khan (Worker/Badin), Wadero Allah Rakhyo (Salar Nazim/Goth Allah Rakhyo Hyderabad), Wadero Muhammad Aqil Dal (Salar/Goth Pehnajo Post Badin), Wali Muhammad Khan (Salar/Goth Pehnjo Post Badin), Wadero Sagho Pali(Salar Aizaze/Shadi Pali), Wahid Bux (Salar/Goth Sahib Larkana), Wadero Arbab Khan Bhutto (Salar/Mullah Bhutto Larkana).
Yaar Muhammad Abdullah Shaikh (Worker/Khapro), Yaar Muhammad Salar (Salar/Mullah Nawan Shar Larkana).
Qazi Muhammad Bux (? /?)





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