Democracy to have full trial Sind united Party’s Objective

State Help for debt settlenment

From oujt staff corresponded “The governemtn of india act of 1935 is best more or less on the western parliamentary instututions and naturally a neel arises for the working of such reforsm on the system as is prevalent in the west today. The need of parties is very essential especially in a province like ours, where the interests of different classes oif people have got to be protection. In my opinion, we will have to tackle the whole position on some economic principles”

Open to All sindhis

“we have no quarrel with any other group and our party is open to every person in sind. We propose to work the consitution for what is may be worth through I do recognise that there is a group what believes in wrecking the present reforsm. I do not agree with scu persons who have been co-workers of mine in the past” declared seth haji Abdullah haroon while announcing the birth of the sind united party to a group of pressmen this morning at 10-30 at his residence on victoria road, karachi.

He said; the rural population consists of what we call the “haris or the agriculturists and the zamidars as landlords. The urban population consists of commercial and middle classes to day in the rural area whicle it is true that the position and the status of the haris are delporabel yet I also feel that the zamidar needs support and freedom from circumstances that unfortunately surroudn him”

“within the next five years of eht life of this lefisleture we purpose to tackle the problem fropm the bottom which shall consist of mass education a living and securoty fopr the ordinary hari and protection of the zamidars from hardships that they often have to nmarketing of their products, state protection, support and security.”

Rural Debts

“one of the most important question that faces our rural population to day is that of their debt according to the figures I have been able to collect friom he provincial banking enquiry communittes report of 1930 give an awful position and the degration that our present has had to fce accouridnt to this report there are 6,55,800 agricultural families carring a debt of 17 crores which workds out to Rs259 perfamilyas a debt upto 1930. this gives an enormous figyures which has got to be adjested some howm, as in my opinion a complete repudiation of any debt is no remdy of a future peceful condiciton”

“I feel that it will be possible for us in our province to reduce this total debt for immediate payment and adjustment to the credotirs provided we are abel to creat by public agitation and arbitration boards a force behind govgfernment to support our scheme”

A settlement could be arrived at wkith the creditors if paymkent could be guaranteed by the state between 25 to 50 percent of the debt, of courage with the debtors taking responsibility for their share.

This will not only give an extra inpetus to what we know in our villages as the barria money lender who with cash re-imbur-sements will be able to have an increased trade, but with a freedom from this burden the aggriculturist both the haris and the zamidar will hjave the courage to go forward and create a new future.

Urban Problems

“turning to the urban population as an istance with our karachi growing in its importance in every direction as the first airport of india, probable one of the very important sea bawes also, the commercial faciliteis for our people and the consequent industial development will need immediate attentkion. We raw produce, eg. Cotton cereals and oilseeds the latter I under stand the agricultrla deptt: is making experience on to develop and increase the products. We can have more industries and this parlty esolve the preswnt unemplyment problem of the eudcated clases I my self feel that ouir education toung men should go back to the land and take agriculture with such vast areas available in our province”

Engough of communalism

“we have had enough of communication and in the attempts to quarrel on minors issues we have ignored the major ones and there can not bge a greater question then the freedom of the country. This can only be done by co-operation and support of all irrespective of the classes or communities and in the interests of evey induviaual belonging to our province our province has the great prioviledge of being known as the “sufi’” province and is it too much to ask at least for another 10 years, that each one of us, no matter to what community or caste he or she may belong, should go forward with his or her full force and work in the intersts of building our province for the good of all concerned.”

(Daily Gazeettee 30th October, 1936-Page 04)

Hindus and Muslims Join

Seth H.Asadullah Haroon elected leader, on 31 October, 1936, the hindu and muslims leaders, including sir shahnawaz khan bhutto, sir Ghulam Hussain hidaatulah khan bahadur khuhra, Rai Bahadur Hotchand chandumal and other leaders belnging to different schools of thought signed the pledge of the sind united party.

In the eveinig at the resicence of seth haji asadullah haroon the party was fomally in agurateda dn its policy and programme approved. At the conclusion, the following office bearers were elected.

Leader of the party seth Haji asadullah haroon deputy leaders sir shah nawaz Bhutto, sir ghulam hussain hidayatullah, and syed miran mohammad shah, secrataruws Mr MH gazdar and KB khuhro joint secretaries Mr Hatim Alavi and Mr Syed Mehar ali Shah.

(Daily Gazeettee 2nd November, 1936-Page 04)


United Abdullah Haroon explains United Party split “By Petty Issue”

“Province planged into Election on communal lines”

Denial that there was any misunderstanding. In these days of democracy a person like sir Ghulam Hussain Hidayatullah to have ventured to the attityude of breaking from the Sindh united Party only on a mirror issue of an extra deputy leader indicates fully what the future is liokely to be with him or any where with a party led by him. Said seth Abdullah Haroon, leader of the sind united party, to a special representative of the “The Daily Gazeettee” when interviews to day with regard to the formation of the sind Muslim Ploticial party under the leader ship of sir Ghulam Hussian hidayatullah. Haji Abdulla Haroon added:

The sind united party, after sevderal discussions came into existance as a result of the deciusion arived between few friends prominenet among wheom were syed mran Mohammad Shah and Mr MH Gazdar.

United Party’s Strength

“Immediately provincial arrangements were made for the working of the party. The party’s aims and objects were board cast all over the province. The propganda work was carried on by this group of provincial leaders of the party which has shown wonderful results by the resoonse the party received from every citizen and oublic worker of the province.”

“While sir Ghulam Hussain Hidayatullah in the intial stage completely kept himself a loof for reasons best known to himself, probably under presure of intrested parties subsequently findint the party growing in strength and receiving support from every public minded sindhi irrespective of caste or creed, he joined the party.”

National Aims.

“The aioms and objects of the party are based on the fesibility of working them success fully one of the editors of a karachi, english daily (not to dayly Gazette, pointed out at the journalist gathering the other day”

“The aims and objects of the party were identical to the fresmost national organisation, the congress”

“Sir ghulam Hidayatullah imediately negotiated through his emissary KB Mohammad Ayoob Khuhro and his friends to join this party provinced and some of his best friends were guaranteed prominent places in the exacutive of the party. The promotors of the party having only one ideal in view-that of service of the province bases on the unity of differenct communities to work the new constitution for what ever it may be worth-readily accomodated persosn like sir ghulam Hidayatullah and his friends’

“At the convention every member who attended had the option to propose any amoundemtn resulition etc. a proposed that was put forward for three deputy leaders instead of one as laid in the original consitution proposed, was carried by an over whiolming majority with only Mr Nazar Ali voting against it.”

“for the information of the public I give behid a letter dated october 31 signed by both sir Ghulam Hidayatullah & KB Khuhro and addressed to one of the chief promoters of the sind united party, syed Ghulam G.Murtaza Shah.” “You and I have agreed that in the interests of unity among Muslims there should be only one party and Sir Ghulam Hussain & Sir Shah Nawaz both should be requested to join one party. It was further agreed between us that seth HA Haroon should be the P/1 leader iof this united party and Sir Shahnawaz Bhutto and Sir G.Hussain to be the deputy leaders and my self and Mr Gazdar to be secretaries. I talked over this matter with sir G.Hussain & Sir Shahnawaz and after reasoning they agreed to this arrangement. I communicated this to tou and to Mr Gazdar last evening and we all three went to Sir Ghulam Hussain who personally agreed to it, in the interests of muslims as a community. We later went to saw sir shahnawaz and he too agreed then. We stand by this understanding and if sir shahnawaz and also others stick to that we will join the party.”

No Minunderstanding

“Any man reading the above letter would see that there was no understanding that there would be only two deputy leaders as alleged by sir Ghulam Hussain Hidayatullah in his statement to the papers. I leave it to the public to judege the conduct of sir G.Hussain in leaving the party on this petty issue and plunging the whole province into the consequences of a severe election contest fought on purely communal lines”

(Daily Gazeettee 4th December, 1936-Page 14)



United Party Split

Mr Gazdar Answers Sir GHH unseemly and base Allegations

“Sir Ghulah Hussain Hidayatullah in his recent ont burst in the press has made some very unseemly and baseless allegations against seth AH the leader of the united party, of a personal nature which are quite un becoming to a public man of his standing with about 14 years experience as a member of the government says the Mr M.H Gazdar, General secretary to the press.”

"Sir Ghulam Hussain Hidayatullah will admit that today the gap between the unity of the different communities is more a fact due to lack of confidence in one an other and lack of good-will towards one another then absence of a desire to get together. I myself fell that is will not be long before sir Ghulam Hussain Hidayatullah will fine some of the best non-muslim elements also behind this party, thuis making it really what the name indicates a true united sind party. let sir Ghulam Hussain Hidayatullah have a litte patience, as each one of us feels confidence of showing by our actions and deeds and proving ourselves worthy of the confidence of non-muslims.

“The very fact that our labours resoulted durign a short period in interesting sir Ghulam Hussain Hidayatullah and his emissart, khan bahadur khuhro to come forward to join our party on the last day of the gathering on oct 31 was enough to gladden us for they were some of our strongest opponents in the begning and were not inclined to support us, the keepint themselves aloof as our adversaries for reasons best known to themselvess”

“Communal Bogey” Raised

“Sir Ghulam Hussain” adds Mr Gazdar has raised the communal bogey and accused seth H.A.Haroon of his omjmission and commissions in the past. Even if all were true, that sir Ghulam desires the pubglic to believe, is is fair for him to with draw or break from a united party on a minor issue that he raised of an extra deputy leader? Evediently Sir Ghulam Hussain public coneer in any public bod is based on the dictum “either I do as I desire or I secede and form a party even with myself alone as leader and followers, as he lately did in the legislative assembly, breaking from Mr Jinnah’s president party when he was not nominated for the post of president of the Central assembly.”

“we are today out to serve our people what ever may to be the last creed or community of each one of us with the rural population starvingt today and increasing urban middle clas un employment problems preplexing all of us, is it fair that leaders like sir Ghulam Hussain Hidayatullah who proposed to staingf from the ladn holders constituency which consists of voters both Hindus and muslims should venture to raise these communal quarrels and prblems which are not necessary to day the public and specially the non-muslims population consisting principally of hindus have to realse what protection they can have from persons of Sir Ghulam Hussain hidayatullah mentality infletect on the joing ticket.”

(Daily Gazeettee 10th November, 1936-Page 10)


Sindh United Party

Khan Muhammad Jan Muhammad on Split:

Commenting upon the Sindh united party “Split” khan Bahadur Jan Muhammad, president of the District Muslim League, poona, Branch, who is on a business visit to Karachi stated in an interview that he deplored the attitude of certain leaders who, while preaching unity were prepared to throw produce to the winds and shalter a policy upon the merest quibble in respect to an appointment or on the least production.

He further stated that he was surprised that such acknowledged leaders sir G.H.Hidayhallah and sir shah Nawaz Bhutto who as cabinet Ministers of the Bombay Government have handled difficult situations with fact in the past, should allow themselves to be the principles in a party “split” which will do more harm to the commitment than any direct opposition “such incidents as these hardly repay other leaders who give their value able time and spend money lavishly for their cause.” He added.

“So long as personal difference are allowed enter the arena of Muslim politics, the community will have very little hope of future advancement”

Khan bahadur Jam Muhammad left the Bombay on Thursday.

(Daily Gazeettee 14th November, 1936-Page 13)



New Leader of Sindh United Party

Sir Shahnawaz Bhutto has party. Seth Haji Asadullah haroon has resiged from the leadership because business interests take him out of sind, and will necessiate his absence for some weeks at a time when it is necessary that there should be no lull in the political activities of the party.

(Daily Gazeettee 16th November, 1936-Page 01)


Sindh United Party

Mr Punthakey’s Question Answered.

In the editor dailty gazeette: sir-As you have published Mr Jahangir Puthakey’s question addressed to the leader of the sindh uinited party you will, I hope entend the same indulgence to my following replies to his questions.

I must admit I have not been able to understand the motive which has promoted Mr punthakey to ask these questions. But I ams sure the purpose must be an altuistic one. One who is so kind and compassionate to wards animals will, I am confident never deny the same consideration to the people of sind who have now for ling bled under the iron red of communalism I am sure any replies will satisfy him and he will give the united party the unique oprivilede of having him within its fold.

It must be remerbed that the united party has started its wotrk from october 31 when its constitution was formally adopted. Although the response which it has received as extremely encouraging it has had to contend at the very initial stages of its growth, with the difficultiues created in consqeuences of Sir Gh: Hussains defection from its fold and the subsequent offensiree laid against it by him. But the party has never the less maintained its steady growth and the membership applications are pouring in daily.

Several Hindus candidates have already joined the party and other are bound to do it as soon as the principles of the party brought home to them properly, Mr Punthakey should realise that inspite of the fact that mischief makers have been out for al this time to pertatuate separatistmentality the united party has been receiving a marvellous response.

It is not correct that baroing congressities all other hindus cponsidates are offereing themselves on behalf of the hindu sahba,

The question whom to setup for and whom to keep out of elections is yet a premature done. The enrolment is going on briskly and the exacutive committee has been duty formed to consider that question at proper time, I must how ever as sure hikm that of parsee gentleman of Mr punthakey’s eminence and popularity joins the united party it will surely give the question of his considature its most thoughtful consideration. He ought to have no anxiety on that account.

The question whether all Mohamadan candiated would be prepared to leave the connunal platform is clearly a hypothetical one whether all candidates (who inculde eve sir Ghulam Hussain and his estemable campanion K.B.Khuhro) do it or not the proper criteria for judging the influence of the united party would be to wait and see the number of its nominees who succeed in the contest.

The minorities of sind needed a gesture of goodwill from the majority community which the united party has duly made. The hundus and the rest can not now say that the moslems of sind did not like to work jointly with them, there is the ground and the programme and if the minorities do not take advantage of it they must thank themselves-yours etc.

A.M Rashidi

Elder of the “Sind United Party”

Sukkur District, Karachi, November, 18.

(Daily Gazeettee 19th November, 1936-Page 06)



It is undersigned that Haji A.J has given a donation of Rs: 2000 to the sind United Party. Sir shahnawaz khan Bhutto, advisor to the governor of sind and the present leader of the party and khan bahadur abdul sattar have given Rs: 1000 each. The donations have been made with a view to helping the party in its election compaign.

(Daily Gazeettee 20th November, 1936-Page 04)



Sind Unite Party Split

Hindu Leaders hope of strong opposition

Commenting on the split in muslim ranks and the formation of a muslim political party in sind by Sir Ghulam H.N, dewan diatnol dowlatram, retired judge and a prominent member of the sind hindu sahba party said in an interview.

“the formation of the muslims party has cuased no surprise. The reasons given for the split with the sind united party are fluinsy. The Hindu sahba party exited and was a living force even before the united Muslim Party was formed”

The introduction of syed Miran Mohammad Shah among the office bears was only an excuse. The elements of disruption were internt in the united party. Men who were rivals for power could not ensure to play a second fiddle under a lesser light. Sooner letter they would have parted company. They have done it sooner then expected.

Strong Opposition

“Ill blows the wind that farows no body. The sind assembly would show better results now. One of the tow parties would be in office and we shall have a strong opposition equally desirous to obtain office each will now attempt to chalkpit an economic programme of worked for the betterment of the people of sind. That is all to the good and would to better government of the province.”

(Daily Gazeettee 21st November, 1936-Page 04)


Sind United Party Meeting

A meeting of members of the executive committee of the sind united party will be held at karachin on Saturday January 2, 1937 at the residence of seth Haji Abdullah Haroon at 3pm to approve and confirm the names of all candidates standing from the various constituences for the sind legislative Assembly election.

(Daily Gazeettee 24th November, 1936-Page 04)

Sindh United Party Election campaigin

It is undersigned that sir shah nawaz bhutto leader of the sindh united party, along with other prominent members of the party will leave karachi on a lour in various parts of sindh in the first week of December the tour is being under taken in connection with the election campign of the party.

The party will first visit larkana on December 5 where infhential persons including sardar nabi bux bhutto, OBE have arranged a number of meetings of which the leader of the party will speak.

(Daily Gazeettee 26th November, 1936-Page 04)

30 nominations approved leader to Tour the province.


Many importance members of the Sindh united party and the leader of the party, sir shah nawaz Bhutto, who met at the Hyderabad, Sindh on Monday at the residence of syed miran Mohammad shah, discussed election propects in connection with the sind legislative assembly.

In regard to 34 Muslim constituencies, about 30 nominations were approved, each candidate being required to sign a pledge.

The following who were present and offered themselves for election from their respective constituticies signed the pledge, according to an important worker of the party.

Sir shah nawaz Bhutto (Larkana North) seth Haji Abdullah Haroon (Karachi City North)


Mr MH Gazdar (Karachi city south) Mr GM syed (Dadu south) Mr BR Dardar, (Nawabshah east) and Raul Bux un or (Nawabshah weast)

The committee resolved to request all members approved as party condidaklis of Sindh in their signed pledge to the leader before January, 1937 with his minimum contribution of Rs: 100 with his pledge.

The leader of the party will the province in January. Sir shah nawaz Bhutto, the leader of the party has arranged his taker programme in upper Sindh leaving Karachi on January 2, 1937.

In the evening here was a large gathering of inferential Muslims in lower Sindh of whom about 500 were present at the helmsted hall. They were invited by: Mr Hussain Bux and syed Miran Mohammad Shah to an “at home’ to meet the leader of the sindh united party sir shahnawaz bhutto who addressed the meeting and answered several interesting questions about the need of a united non-communal political organisaion in sindh.

Sir shahnawaz emphatically maintained that there was no problem in the province in the province which could be settled without the support and joint efferts principally of the majiority community of muslims and effective minority community of hindus.

Sir shahnawaz bhutto was followed by seth Haji Abdullah Haroon and syed miran mohammad shah who also addressed the gathering.

At night Mr parmanand kundanmal, barrister at law invited about 50 guests to dinner at the masonic lodge to meet sir shahnawaz bhutto the leader of the sindh united party.

(Daily Gazeettee 19th December, 1936-Page 19)




A meeting of Sindh united party met at sayed Ghulam Murtaza Shaheed Bungalow under the chairmanship of K.B Allah bux.

The following members were present.

1. KB Allah Bux

2. MH Gazdar

3. KB Ghulam Nabi Shah

4. NM Sayed Esq

5. GM Sayed Esq

6. Sardar Jaffar Khan Burdi

7. Pir Illahi Bux

8. Sayed Khair Shah Esq

9. Rais Rasool Bux Khan Umar.

The following business was transacted. “It is resolved that our party should place the following demands before the leader of the condition party for early compliance”.

1. That hon’ble the revenue minister should make a statement in the assembly to day to the effect that the recommendation of the committee regarding taker loans which met hon’ble the chief minister is given effect to in totto and further resolves that compound and penol interest should not be charged from the very beginning of such takari loans.

2. That hon’ble the chief minister should give a clear understanding that at lest a cut of 15 lacs of rupees will be affected within one year and the amount thus saved will be utilized in giving facilities to non-barrage areas in connection with water supply etc.

3. That Govt. should give special facilities to land alienation and debt conciliation bills for the passing these bills into law and giving their support.

4. That Govt. should bring money lender bill in assembly on the lines of Mr Munch’s bill, which he has introduced in Bombay assembly’s

Sindh united party’s meeting was held on 06-03-1938 at Mr G.M sayed’s bunglow.

The following members were present.

1. Muhammad Osman Soomro

2. R.B syed Ghulam Nabi Shah

3. Sardar KS Jaffar Khan

4. Pir illah Bux

5. Mr G.M Syed

6. M.H Gazdar

7. KB Allah Bakhsh

8. Syed Khair Shah


1. Resolved that a motion should be made in the meeting of the democratic coalition party that govt should given special facilities for an early passage of land alienation bill of Mr Ghazdar and the debt conciliation bill of Mr GM Sayed during the current session. The party approves of the bill.

2. Resolved further that the money lenders as introduced in the Bombay legislative assembly by the Bombay govt be introduced by the sind govt.

3. The Sindh united party is of opinion that in order to be able to dispose of the atoms of the programmed of the democratic coalition party effectively and expenditionally and in order that the party should shoulder joing responsibility of the babionet a representation may be given to this party in the cabinet and also into posts of parliamentary secretaries be allotted to this party further KB Allah bakhsh the leader is requested to convey this message to the hon’ble sir ghulam Hussain the chief minister.

Signed Allah Bux

MH Gazdar


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