(its branches and their activities)




Day observed complete hartal today (7.5.1946) owing to the death of Mr.Bhulabhai Dessai in the evening a silent procession was organized by Congress Committee. The procession terminated at the Municipal Park was a public meeting was held. Speeches on Bhulabha’s life were delivered by various speakers. A condolence resolution was also passed.



The Ghotki Congress Committee held a flag hoisting ceremony on 23.6.1946, as usual.



Applications signed by many responsible persons of Hala Taluka have been sent to the Sindh Provincial Congress Committee and other congress leaders against the local congress workers for their open anti-Hindu activities in the whole of the Halla Taluka resolting in much communal tension.


Prof. N. R. Malkani, the local M.L.A. came to Halla, and he was told all these activities of his men. He did his best to persuade his workers to desist from these methods, but the President of the local Congress committee told him openly that he was no his subordinate and refused to follow his advice. Under the excuse that last year the Sindh Provincial Congress Committee passed a resolution in favour of dissolution of Zamindari every Hindu Zamindar is being hit.


4. Hyderabad

Following resolution was passed at the meeting of District Congress Committee, held on I5.12.1916:


“That it is necessary in the interest of the province of Sindh that it should form a separate unit for the purposes of congress organization and should have a separate provincial congress committee, and that the president be requested to forward the resolution to the general secretaries of the Indian National Congress and the Secretaries of the Bombay Provincial Congress Committee.


The District Congress Committee held a meeting on Wednesday (11.12.1918) at which they recommended Mr. Jamshed N.R. Mehta; Mr. Durgdas B.Advani and Mukhi Jethanand Pritamdas for the presidential chair of the Sindh Provincial Conference.

The Committee considered the remarks made in the Hyderabad Management Committee's annual report against the People of Hyderabad and subordinate judges, and having accord their resentmental, appointed a sub-committee to enquire about and study the cases filed by the people against the Management committee and find out what had offended the late Municipal Commissioner, Mr. Garter, and Mr. Gibson the Collector.


last evening (14.12.1918) a public meeting was held in the Holmested Hall compound under the auspices of the “Citizen’s Association" and the District Congress Committee to protest.


1. Against the language used in the Committee of Management’s Report with reference to the people of Hyderabad and the judges of the subordinate Civil Court and

2. Against the nomination of such a large proportion as on third of the total number of councilors who are to constitute the municipality of the city on its restoration.

A strong resolution was passed with reference to the former and Government was asked to take severe notice of the conduct of Mr. Carter and Mr. Gibson with reference to the latter subject it was resolved that in view of the recent liberal pro­nouncement of Government in favour of largely reducing the proportion of nominated members in Municipalities and local Boards a city like Hyderabad should have wholly elected Munici­pality especially as the Muhammadan Community, for whose pro­tection the system of nomination was being largely maintained, were going to have separate representation through election. The meeting was of the opinion that experts like the Executive Engineer and the Civil Surgeon and some Educational Officer might be appointed as additional members for consultation only, i.e. without giving them the right to vote. In the discussion on the former resolution some very vehement speeches were made regarding the insult offered to the citizens and contempt committed against a court of law, one speaker said that Mr. Carter has been haramkhor; another said that Mr. Gibson had shown intellectual dishonesty be commenting indirectly on a sub-judge case but saying that he was with holding comment because case was sub-Judice. He added that both officers should be peremptorily sent away. These and similar utterances were much applanded. The meeting was presided over by Diwan Thakurdas Khemsing, ex-president of the Municipality.


The Hyderabad District Congress Committee has decided by 17 votes to 10 to recommend the principle of non-co-operation to the special Indian National Congress. Unlike Mr. Gandhi and the Central Khilafat Committee they consider however that the police and soldiers should he exempt. They will await the decision of the special congress for or against non-co-operation before putting it in practice locally.

On Saturday (16.7.1921), meeting was held in the Holmstead Hall under the presidency of Dr. Choithram Lalchand, and Jethmal were among the speakers.

Committee have decided to award three scholarships of Rs.15/- each per menses, tenable for one year to those students who wish to Join the “Gujrat Vidya Pith” or “ALigarh National Muslim University” Applications are invited from students of Hyderabad District.

The Hyderabad Congress Committee will hold a meeting of congress members tomorrow (7.9.1922) in the Holmstead Hall, where representatives of the congress Punchayat will be elected.

As a result of fresh elections Mr. Abdul Jabar has been elected as the President of Hyderabad Congress Committee and Mr. Fateh chand as Vice-President.

On Monday (25.9.1922) the Hyderabad Congress Committee and Khilafat Committee organized a procession which led through the main bazar and terminated into a meeting at the Holmstead Hall, where speeches were delivered urging the use of Khaddar, Alongwith the procession, a photo of Mr. Gandhi and a spinning wheel were carried in a gharry.

under the auspices of the Hyderabad District Congress Committee, a public meeting was held last night (29.11.1926)at the Holmstead Hall to express thanks to the citizens for having elected Mr. Jairamdas Doulatram to the Bombay Legislative Council.

The meeting of General Body of the Hyderabad District Congress Committee was held on December 3rd, (1926) and the following office-bearers for the years 26-27 were elected:-

President:                 Dr.Choithram Gidwani

Vice President:        Lalchand Jaghani

Secretary:                 Utamchand Jivansing Gidwani


Members (Managing Committee): Jeramdas Doulatram, Prof. Ghanshyam Jethanand, Kessumal Teckchand, Hiranand Karamchand, Mansing Chuherrmal, Dr. Chimandas Isardas, Moulvi Mohkamaldir, Koluram Vassanmal Bulani.

Auditors: Chaturbhuj Tejumal

Representatives on the Provincial Congress Committee:

Dr.Choithram, Lalchand, JeraMas, Mansing, Prof. Ghanshyamp, kessumal Teckchand, Gopaldas Jhamtmal, Moulvi Mohkamiiddin, Uttaiachan


Following resolution was passed:

"This committee recommends that an attempt should be made on the occasion of the forthcoming conference to frame a programme regarding council work which should enable united action in councils by all parties which are within the congress”

Under the auspices of Hyderabad District Congress committee the anniversary of D.C.Das’s death was celebrated in Holmstead Hall, and prayers were offered in Gur Sangat.

A meeting of Hyderabad congress committee was held on 17.3.1930, it was resolved to form the "Reception Committee” for forthcoming “Sindh Provincial Congress Conference”.

Following office-bearers were elected at the meeting of Hyderabad District Congress Committee, held on 19.8.1934.

City Executive Committee:


President:                 Prof. Ghanshamdas

Vice-President:        Prof. Vaswani

Secretary:                 Pandit Develat Kundaram

Treasurer:                 Atmerup Sadacharya


Members of Executive Committees

Jairamdas Doulatram; Dr. Chimandas; Dr. Pirtabrai; Shewaram Bhatia; Eherumal Suratsing; Shrinsiti sati Vaswani; Shrimati Devi Hasomal, Mr. Surat J. Uttam Sing.


Provincial General Body:

Dr.Choithram; JairamDas; Prof. Ghansham; Prof. Waswani; Dr. Chimandas; Ramchand Parumal; Mr. and Mrs. Hiranand; Mrs. Sati Vaswani Devdnt Kundaram; Surat J. Uttamsing; Hasomal Issardas; Ataxnrupi Mrs# Devibai Hasomal and Bapo Kishenchand.


District General Body:

Jairamdas Doulatram; Prof. Vaswani; Prof. Ghansham; Dr.Chimandas; Naraindas Vensimal; Shewaram Bhatia; Bheromal Suratsing; Bheromal Issardas; Lachmandas Bhatia; Bhacchand Hiranand; Devdat Kundaram; Surat J. Uttamsing; Himath lal; Hasomal Issardas; Dr. Dayaram; Dr.PritamKias; Lilaram Hiranand; Devibai Hasomal; Mrs. Satibai Vaswani; Omperkash Chentadev; Mrs. Mohinibai Lalchand; Bapo Kishenchand; Master Chainchaldas; Bhanji Gokaldas; Mrs. Thakuribai Salamatrai; Atramrup; Shevapuri; Sirdar Dayasing and Sirdar Santsing.

Meeting held on 11.11.1936 at the Holmstead Hall, passed a resolution that India should not entangle itself in any war which may break out - as appeared imminent- in Europe or the East.

Resolution referred to the elaborate fighting pre­parations now being made by a number of European and Eastern powers and declared that it would be a war of imperialism and capitalism width which India was not concerned.

Hyderabad mourned the death of Mr. Bhulabhai Desai with a partial hartalta procession going round the city with black flag’s and a public meeting organized by the local congress organization. Public meeting was presided over by Dr. Chimandas Issardas and addressed by him, Hakim Mohammed Yakub Kadri, and others.

Mr. Hasomal Issardas moved a resolution which was carried expressing the city’s great sorrow over Mr. Bhulabhai Desai’s death.

A public meeting was held on 22.5.1946 for the election of office-bearers of Congress Committee. A big sensation was provided in its circles when the nomination papers of both Prof. Ghansham Jethanand, M.L.A, (leader, Sindh Congress Party in the Assembly) and Prof. N.R. Malkani, M.L.A., were rejected by the returning officer, Mr. Ladharan Mohandas in Hyderabad City Congress Committee as well as in District Congress Committee elections. The election resulted as follows:


President: Dr. Chimandas Issardas M.B.B.S.

Vice-President: Mr. JULthu Shahani

Secretary: (a)Mr. Santsing Shahani

(b)Mr. Lokumal Punvani

Hon. Treasurer: Mrs. Takuri Salaisatrai

Managing Committee: Mrs. Sati Vasvani; Vishindas Jagtiani; Lachmandas Lalchand; Naraindas Vensimal; Dayasing Uttamsing; Devdat Kudaram; Kripaldas Jairamdas and Bapo Kishenchand.

District Congress Committee:

Devdat Kundaram; Dayasing Uttamsing; Santsing Hukumatsing; Dr. Chimandas; Bheromal Issardas; Vishindas Issardas; Lachandas Lalchand; Lokumal Pritamdas; and Gobindraia Buderdas, one seat remaining unfilled.

Well-attended public meeting was held under congress auspices last evening (3.7.1946) in the Holestead Hall grounds, Dr. Chimandas Issardas presiding Rrof. Ghanshyam Jethanand, M.L.A, leader of the congress group in the Sindh Legislative Assembly addressed the meeting.

After the President, Dr. Chimandas, has made an impression speech the meeting passed a resolution condemning scathingly the cowardly attempt to derail Mahatma Gandhi’s special. Thanked God that, it had failed and prayed for Mahatma’s long life to make India free.

For the first time within the last several years a congress public meeting held this evening (3.7.1947) to condemn the recent Sindh ordinance was disturbed by two Hindu Sabha leaders who were not allowed by the Chairman, Dr. Chimandas, to move an amendment to the resolution condemning the ordinances adding that the congress should also be condemned for consenting to the country's partition which had made the promulgation of these ordinances possible. The Chairman disallowing the amendment, said that it was out of order and the Hindu Sabha could hold a separate meeting for passing whatever resolution they liked. There­upon the movers of the amendment, Mr. Chanchaldas, a teacher, and Mr. Krishinchandm an Arya Samajist, stepped on to the platform and wanted to address the gathering. There was opposition, the congress having their own supporters and Hindu Mahasabha their own. The meeting broke up in confusion after a slight scuffle. The resolution, therefore, could not be put to vote. As the meeting broke up in confusion, the congress version is that the resolution had been put to vote hurriedly and passed before the meeting became disorderly.

5. Jacobabad:

Last night (13.3.1923) a public meeting was held under the auspices of the local congress committee with Bhai Newandram Vice-President, in the chair. The proceedings began with some National Songs sung by three sahiti Con-Co-Operators. Next came a resolution of congratulating Mr. Verhomal (teacher Tilk High School Sukkur), who was sentenced to 12 month’s imprisonment, on the 13th (March 1923) at Shikarpur. This was followed by speeches by the Sahiti Non-Co-Oprators.

A public meeting was held by Jacobabad congress committee on 8.9.1923. It was attended by large number of Local Congress Workers. Mr. Rajendra Prasad, Secretary of the All-India Congress Committee, together with Mr. Viroomal the President of Congress Committee in Sindh and other Provincial Congress Worker also attended the meeting.

At tne last meeting of District Congress Committee, Jacobabad, held on 7th September, 1924, Dr. Menghraj was elected President, Dr. Hemandas a Vice-president and Mr. Choithram Secretary. It was further unanimously resolved that Mahatma Gandhi be invited on his ensuing visit to Sindh to the town of Jacobabad.

Tributes were paid to Mr. Phulabhai Desai at a public meeting of the citizens of Jacobabad this evening (6.5.1946) under the auspices of Jacobabad Congress Committee. As the news of congress leader's death reached, congress workers wested no time in informing all business panchayat, who feeling deep concern, closed all markets immediately. The whole town observed complete hartal.

The newly-elected Congress Committee of Jacobabad is observing a week in the memory of the late Mr. Allah Bux and the late Mr. Aslam Achakzai commencing from May 11 to 17 (1946). Several Indian leaders including Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia, Mr. Ataullah Shah Bukhari; Capt. Seghal; Khan Abdul Samad Khan and about 50 provincial leaders have been invited to attend.


6. Karachi:

A meeting of Karachi District Congress Committee was held on 2.3.1917, in which a series of resolutions of disapproval and protest were passed against the “illiberal spirit” of the recommendations of the public service commission, against Mr. Chaubal’s action in signing the majority report, and against the action of the Punjab Government in excluding Messrs Tilak and Bepin Chandra Pal. Thanks were recorded to Mr. Justice Abdul Rahim for his minority report as member of the Public Service Commission and a resolution was adopted urging the immediate discontinuance of indentured labour in any form.

A meeting of Karachi District Congress Committee was held at Khalik Dina Hall on 23.3.1917, under the Chairmanship of Harchandrai; 44 delegates were elected for “Sindh Provincial Conference” to be held at Shikarpur. Participants were Jamshed Mehta; Abdul Rahman; Lokamal Chelaramj R.K. Sidhva and Dr. Choithram.

At a meeting of Karachi District Congress Committee held on 23.10.1917, in Khalik Dina Hallf under the Presidency of Mr. G.A. Chaglla, 37 delegates were elected for the "Special Sindh Provincial Conference” to be held at Hyderabad on 3, 4.11.1917. The Chairman and secretary of Karachi district congress committee were authorized to add to the number.

A public meeting under the auspices of the Karachi District Congress Committee was held in the first week of December 1917, in the Khalik Dina Hall to elect delegates for the forthcoming congress at Calcutta and to form a Reception Committee for "Sindh Provincial Conference" to be held in Karachi in April 1918. Mr. Ghulam Ali Chagla presided and speakers were Messrs. Nasinglal; MuhaMnad Khan; P.S. Shahani; Dipchand T. Ojha; Lokomal Chelaram; Tikamdas Wadhomal; R.K. Sidhva; 52 delegates were elected, including a few pareses and a Goan M. M. Misquitta.

The Hon. Mr. Harchandrai Vishindast has resigned the President ship of Karachi District Congress Committee and Mr. T. L. Vaswani has been appointed in his place.

In conformity with the wishes of Mr. Gandhi the local Non-co-operators are holding nightly public meeting in different parts of city (Karachi) to raise subscriptions and enroll congress members, the first of these meetings was held yesterday evening (26.6.1921) at the Idgah Maiden.

Messrs. R. K. Sidwa; Lalchand A. Jagitiani; Dr. Patel; Swami Krishnand delivered speeches. Duggdas B. Advani and Muhammed Khan presided one after the other.

At yesterday’s (27.6.1921) meeting of the Non-co­operation organized in the Lalchand Lekhraj’s godown there were a number of piece-goods merchants present. Pundit Amarsen was in the chair while Messrs. Mohamned Khan; Narsinglal; Lalchand Jagitiani and Mahraj Damodar spoke. When Mr. Gandhi was last here in Karachi, the people had garlanded him at various places with wreaths of yarm which when leaving he had given over in charge of Mohammed Khan and Lalchand. The former had out of them made a piece of Khadar measuring twenty three yeards and this way offered for sale. Mr. Lalchand said that inspite of his utter poverty he would offer for it Rs.1OO but eventually a shikarpuri merchant came to his rescue and took it up for an amount which he would not then give out but would pay to the organizers without having it publicly announced. Other collections made amounted to about Rs.1500.

A meeting of the general body of the members of the Karachi Congress Committee was held last night (6.7.1921) in the Khalik Dina Hall for the purpose of electing the members of the Panchayat. To voting papers were lodged by members and the result of the voting will be announced shortly.

A meeting of Non-co-operators held at the Idgah maidan yesterday (3O.6.1921) evening was attended by about a thousand men it lasted till 11 O'clock and yielded about Rs.7,OOO in cash and promises of immediate payment and Rs.10,000 was promised before December 31. Swami Krishnand was promised a monthly sum of Rs.180 to last for a year to enable him to pay the pickets and stop the liquor traffic.

A public meeting was held on 15.7.1921 in the Khalik Dina Hall where Seth sunderdass presided and Sheikh Abdul Majid, Dr. Choithram, Seth Chainvai Virbhandas and Mr. Zuher Mohammed of Allahabad address the audience. An appeal was made to merchants to case importing any further foreign made cloth and try to dispose off the stocks they already had on their hands in places outside their country.

On Wednesday (8.3.1922) night a meeting of Congress Committee agreed to observe hartal in Karachi on the occasion of the visit of the Prince of Wabs. The procedure will be on the lines of the All-India National Congress Resolution on 17th the volunteers will not assemble and collect crowds but previously there will be house-to-house visitation with a view to persuade the people to refrain from attending the celebration.

To inaugurate the National week the Non-co-operation organized a public meeting last night (5.4.1922) on the Idgah. Moulvi Mohammed Sadiq in the chair referred to the dicisions of the Near East Conference at Paris, and said no terms regarding Turkey would be acceptable to the Indian Muslims which did not meet the requirements of the injunctions of their prophet. Other speakers informed, the audience of the activities of the week, dwelt on the exclusive use of khaddar, as wearing apparel as enjoyed by Mr. Gandhi in his last meeting and to observe complete non-violence in thought, worded deed. They emphasized on the efficacy of fasting and prayer.

There was an informal meeting last night (27.4.1922) of the Congress and Khilafat Committees which decided to co-operate in spreading the use of Khaddar. It was resolved to approach the Moulvi’s to urge upon the large masses of Muhammedans during the ensuing holy month of Ramzan to wear Khaddar. It was also further decided that some respectable people be entrusted with Khaddar pieces to hawk them through the town.

To observe the Gandhi Day, the District Congress Committee held a public meeting on 18.5.1922 at the Idgah, Seth Sunderdas Valabdas President District Congress Committee persiding. Kazi Abdul Rahman; Chaggan Lal; Sarswati Devi; Mistri Gaggi spoke on the occasion. They argued that the best way to remember Mr. Gandhi was to wear Khaddar. They also urged the people all should contribute a day's income to the Tilak swaraj Fund. Meeting lasted for a couple of hours and a thousand people attended.

The District Congress Committee called a worker's conference on Saturday (17.6.1922), about 25 persons attending out of those invited. The object was to push forward Congress work in response to the recent resolutions of the All-India Congress Committee. The question of spreading the use of Khaddar and earring on propaganda by means of leaflets and play-cards was considered in the end word-committees were appointed to carry on the work in their respective spheres.

A meeting of the District Congress Committee was held on Saturday (17.5.1922) night, where a number of non-contentious matters were put through. It was decided that all Congress Committee's papers and records be kept in the office, where they could be seen by any member with the permission of the Secretaries. It was decided that 3rd class fare be given to congress propagandists. Messrs. Shivaram and Dastur were appointed as Auditors in place of Mr. Dalah. It was decided that upto 15 July elections of party be held.

Under the auspices of District Congress Committee, a public meeting was held on 7.9.1922 at the Idgah for enlighting public opinion on the Guru-ka-Bagh question (of punjab), Seth Sunderdas valabdas persiding.

The District Congress Committee has organized a programme of public meetings to be held in different parts of the city.

On Saturday (25.11.1922) night the Khilafat arid congress Committees held a public meeting at Idgah to congratulate Mr. Din Mohammed late editor of the Al-Wahid on his being sentenced to 12 month's vigorous imprisonment. Several college friends of Mr. Din Mohammed dwelt on his religious bent of mind and steadfastness of purpose which gave promise of a useful life. Other speakers dwelt on the repressive policy of the Government and emphasized the stimulating effect it had on national life. In the end a resolution was unanimously passed congratulating Mr.Din Mohammed on his sacrifice and service in the cause of the nation. Mr. Bukhari was put up to preside as he was deemed the next victim of section 108 Cr.P.C.

The local Congress Committee yesterday (18.2.1923) deliberated Gandhi Day in the usual manner. About 200 people met at the Burn Garden in the morning when Sadhu Vaswani held a prayer. In the afternoon a procession started from near the Congress Committees office on the Bunder Road and went round through the usual quarters of the city singing songs. At sunset a public meeting was organized at the Khalik Dina Hall with Mr. Durgdas B. Advani in the chair. Sadhu Vaswani was amongst the speakers who dwelt at the great length upon the National movements in Germany and Turkey where young men were rallying round to work out the salvation of their countries. India, he said similarly expected sacrifice and service from its young men who should hand themselves together and work.

Under the auspices of the District Congress Committee a public meeting was held last night (19.2.1923) at the Khalik Dina Hall to celebrate the anniversary of the late Mr. G.K. Gokhale, Mr. R.K. Sidhwa presided. Mr. Lunidaram, Mr. Hatim bhoy; Dr. Popatal and Mai Sarswat addressed the audience. The meeting came to an end with the singing of a national song.

In celebration of Mr. Gandhi's incarceration anniversary the Karachi District Congress Committee has ordained a general hartal on the (March 1923). There will be also public meetings held in. different parts of the city from the 12th to 18th to enrol volunteers and collect the Tilak swaraj find.

Messrs. Durgas; Lunidaram; Rewachand Naraindas, and Seth Sunderdas have agreed to serve on the "Arbitration Court" constituted by the District Congress Committee. Some matters have already been placed before them for settlement.

At the Idgah Maidan last evening (2.12.1923) the Karachi Congress Committee presented an address of welcome to Lal Lajpatrai on behalf of the citizens of Karachi, Principal T.L. Vasvani persided. About three thousand people were present.

A public meeting was held by Karachi District Congress Committee on 13.4.1923, to commemorate the anniversary of Jallian Walla Bagh.

The hartal in Karachi on 27.2.1923 was observed dully. It was called by the leaders of Karachi Congress Committee and Karachi Khilafat Conanittee as a protest on Kenya Colony.

Under the auspices of the Karachi Congress Committee, a public meeting was held on 5.2.1924 at Khalik Dina Hall to express rejoicing over the release of Mr. Gandhi, Swami Govindnand persided.

The Hall was over-crowded with Non-Co-operator’s and several other members of public.

Messrs. Lalchand A.Jagtiani; Manilal Vyas; Muhammad Khan; T.L. Vasvani; Haji Abdullah Haroon and some other made speechs.

The meeting terminated at 8 p.m. amid loud cries of "Mahatma Gandhi-ki-Jai", "Bharat Mata-ki-Jai".

Under the auspices of the Karachi District Congress Committee a public meeting of the citizens of Karachi will be held at the Khalik Dina Hall on Monday, June 30,(1924) at 7.30 p.m. to observe the Death Anniversary of the late Dada bhai Naoroji.

A debate will be held at the Khalik Dina Hall at 7 p.m. on 3.12.1925 on "The Swarajists policy and their program in the legislature”. Among the speakers are prof, Jitendralal Bennerji; Messrs. Swami Krishnand; Swami Govindanand and Principal S.C. Shahani. The debate is open to the public and is being held under the auspices of the Karachi Congress Committee.

A meeting of about 200 citizens of Karachi was held in the Khaliq dina Hall under the presidency of Mr. R.K. Sidhwa on Saturday, 20.3.1926, when the following resolution was passed:

"This meeting of the citizens of Karachi held under the Congress Committee congratulates the Swarajists and others, who walked out of Assembly and Provincial Councils in obedience to the Congress mandate”.

Speeches were made by Muhammad Khan, Dr. Hingorani, and Drugdas B. Advani.

Today (16.6.1926) is the first anniversary of the death of Mr. C.R. Das, and a public meeting of the citizens of Karachi will be held at the Khalik Dina Hall this evening to commemorate the event. The meeting has been convened by Mr. Narayandas Anandjee, Secretary of the Karachi District Congress Committee.

A meeting of Karachi District Congress Committee was held on 16.6.1926 to commemorate the first anniversary of the death of Mr. C.R. Das. Meeting was presided over by R.K. Sidhva, President Congress Committee, and speakers included Hatim Alvl, Acharya Gidwani, Swami Govindanand and Mir Muhammad Baluch. Meeting was attended by seventy persons.

A public meeting was held on 3.11.1926 in Khalik dina Hall under auspices of Congress Committee. Mr. Durgdas, B. Advani and others addressed the meeting, in support of Durgdas B. Advani’s candidature.

At a public meeting held last night (2.2.1927) in the Khalik dina Hall, Karachi under the auspices of the Karachi Congress Committee, and presided over by Mr. Naraindas Anandji Bechar to protest against the Government of India's action in sending troops to China, fiery and vehement speeches were made by Mr. Mohammed Khan, Swami Govindanand, R.K. Sidhwa and others.

The following resolution moved by Mohammed Khan was carried, "This public meeting of the citizens of Karachi conveys its warm sympathy with the people of China in their struggle for freedom and most indignantly protest against the dispatch of Indian troops by reason of Britain's bellicose attitude".

Under the auspices of the Karachi District Congress Committee, a public meeting was held last night (16.6.1927) at the Khalik dina Hall to commemorate the second anniversary of the late Mr. C.R. Das. Several speeches were made on his life and work.

In a meeting of Karachi Congress Committee, held on 16.9.1928 at Dr. Tarachand’s residence it was resolved to concentrate energy in making the boycott of the "Simon Commission" a success. It was decided to hold another meeting on 23.9.1928 to finalize the program in this connection.

In a meeting of Karachi Congress Committee held on 8.3.1930, at Khalik dina Hall Resolutions were passed on the following subjects:-

(1) Congratulation to Mr. Patel on his arrest (under section 71 Bombay District Police Act).

(2) An appeal to the Congress Workers for joining "Satayagrah Army".

On 12.3.1930, a procession from Swaraj Ashram, Garikhata was taken out by the Karachi Congress Workers, which ended in Rambagh recreation ground, where a meeting was held under the presidency of Mr. Naraindas Anandji.

"Gandhi Arrest Day*' was observed by the Karachi Congress Committee on 3.4.1932. Workers hosted flag on Muncipal office.

Following were arrested in this connection:-

Dingi bai (Woman dictator); Mughanmal Fanachand; Lakshman Lakhmichand and Badri Shanker Bhat.

Following office-bearers were elected for the year 1934-35 at a meeting of Karachi District Congress Committee held on 19.5.1934 at Khalikdina Hall under the presidency of Naraindas Bechar.

Presidents: Naraindas Bechar

Vice-Presidents: i)Mrs Kikibhen Lalwani

ii)Moulvi Muhammad Sidik

iii)A. K. Sidhwa

Secretary: Parasram Tahilarami

Treasurers: Seth Haridas

Auditors: Messrs. M.B.Dalai & Co.

Members of Executive Council:

Swami Govindanand; Dr. Tarachand; Swami Krishanand; Alji Mahrotra; Hafiz Ahmed; Mr. Shrikhrishin Lulla; Shivaram Chawan; Dr. Pershotam, Poona bhai Mamai; Odhavji Sejpalj; Ravji Ganatra; Kalidas Narain; Rupchand Ramchand Bhagnori; Acharya Jamiyatram; Shri Manek ben Maheta; Shri Mehar ben Kadger; Shri Kamlaben Mukhi; Shri Sundrabi Chawan.

Members of Sindh Provincial Congress Committee:

Nariandas Bechar; Jarashed Mehta; Moulvi Muhammad
Sidik; R.K.Sidhwa; Swami Govindanand; Swami Krishinanand; Seth
Haridas Lalji; Parsram Tahllarami; Mrs, Kikibhen Lalwani;
Shrikishin Lulla; Lalji Maharotra; Seth Sukhdev; Bhadrashanker
Bhatt; Acharya Jamiyatrai and Hafiz Nisar Ahmed.
In a meeting of Karachi Congress Committee held on 16.2.1935. It was resolved to have a building of its own at an approximate cost of Rs. 20,000. An influential sub­ committee was appointed to select a plot.

A meeting of Karachi Congress Committee was held on 30.6.1935 to pass annual report, accounts and to carry on changes effecting the rules and bylaws of the committee.

In the end, following were elected as office-bearers for the year 1935-36.

Presidents: R.K.Sidhwa

Vice-Presidents: i)Moulvi Muhammad Sidik

ii) Dr.Tarachand

Secretaries: i)Swami Krishanand

ii) Parsram Tahilraiiani

Treasurer: Anand Hingorani

Auditor: D.P.Dastur

15 members were elected for provincial congress committee including R.K. Sidhwa; Moulvi Mohammad Sidik; Naraindas Bechar; Swami Govidanand; Mariwalla; Swami Krishnanad; Anand Hingorani; Seth Haridas Lalji; Shrimati kiki Bhen; Goverdhan Vazirani; Ramchand Sadarangani; Parsaram Tahilarami and others.

A meeting of Karachi Congress Committee was held on 11.9.1935, a resolution viewing with apprehension the Italo-Abyssinian tangle, and consequent feverish preparations for war and expressing sympathy with Abyssinian people in their struggle was adopted.

Committee requested working Committee of All-India National Congress to deliberate over the situation, at an early date.

It was resolved to convene a public meeting on 17.9.1935 to assure Abyssinian of the support of Indians.

A largely attended meeting held last evening (1O.5.1936) at Khalik dina Hall under the auspices of the Karachi District Committee, Mr. R.K. Sidhwa presiding, reaffirmed the lucknow Congress resolutions raftering to the arrest of Mr. Subah Bose and suppression of civil liberties.

Prior to the meeting the national flag was flown half-mast on the news of Dr. Ansari’s death being broken to the people. The meeting passed a resolution expressing profound sorrow and conveying heartedly sympathy with the deceased family and adjourned for five minutes.

As a protest against the decision of the Central Congress Parliamentary Board in case of Swami Govindanand’s disqualification, the following Congress Workers of Garikhata tendered their resignations on 30.9.1936:-

Shrimati Parpti Lalvani; Dr. Tarachand Lalvani; Mr. Ghansham das. Mir chandani; Vasde Raisighani; and Lakhmichand N.Kinger Secretary of Garikhata Congress Committee.

The Congress Ward elections were held on 23.11.1936 and following office-bearers were elected!

From Saddart: Mr. R.K. Sidhwa(President) and

Dr. Tripathi(Secretary).

From Runchore: Dr.Popatlal (President) and

Mr N.Vyas (Secretary).

From Garrikhatas: Mr.Tirith Subhani (President) and

Mr.Eotiram (Secretary).

From Old Town: Moulvi Mohammad Sidik (President) and

Dr.Tarachand J.Lalwani and Assandas (Secretaries)

From Bunder Road Extention: Mr. Parstam Tahilramani (President)

Shri mati Ganga Gidvani(Vice PrtiEident), Ram Sadarangani and Miss Jethi Sipahimilani (Secretaries) Anand Hingorani(Treasurer).

Elections to some of the Ward Congress Committees in Karachi City were held today (2.6.1946). Following were elected:


Tirath Sabhani (President); Motiram A.K. (Vice President); Birma R. Bighani (Secretary); Hiro A. Shahani(Secretary) and Balram Motwani(Treasurer).




Durgesh Thaker (President) and Ravji Ganatra (Vice President).

Glowing tributes were paid to late Bhulabahi Desai at a public meeting of the Karachi Congress Committee this evening (7.5.1947) at the Rambagh Recreation Ground under the auspices of the Karachi District Congress Committee. The meeting was largely attended and Swami Krishnanad presided.

At the meeting speeches were made by Dr. Choithram P. Gidvani, President of the Sindh Provincial Congress Committee; Swami Krishinanand; Mr. Lalji Mehrotra and Hr. R.K. Sidhwa.

The Karachi Congress Municipality Party at its meeting this evening (14.6.1946) considered letter from Swami Krishnanad President of the Karachi District Congress Committee, asking the party to reconsider its decision on confining the membership of the School Board to members of the party itself so far as the general seats went, and decided that it was no reason to go back upon its previous decision.

The party also appointed a committee of over a dozen members to go into the question of corruption in the municipality and to submit a report about the ways and means of putting an end to it.

At a general body meeting of the Karachi students Congress held on 19.6.1946 it was unanimously resolved to picket all the colleges on the issue of enhancement of college fees.

The general body of the Karachi Student’s Congress resolved at a meeting decided this evening (25.6.1946), that in view of the authorities of the Sindh Collegiate Board having, so far, failed to remove their legitimate grievances in respect of charging the increased rats of fees and also owing to the fact that a speedy solution of the question was badly called for, the meeting was compelled to direct its "council of Action" to organize forthwith a hunger-strike by a batch of students at the college.

In the morning (1.8.1947), Karachi Congress men took out a Prabhat Pheri which ended with a flag solutation infront of lokmanya Tilak's statue at the Khalik dina Hall. At the ceremony (Tilak Day), Swami Krishnanad President of the Karachi District Congress Committee, spoke on present-day politics and dilated on the glorious contribution made by lokmanya Tilak the achievement of the goal of independence by the country.

A meeting of the Congress Assembly Party has been convened by Prof. Ghansiiyam Jethanand, leader, at his residence on August 12, 1947 to consider the question of nominations for the non-muslim representative of Sindh on the Pakistan Consti­tuent Assembly in Place of Mr. Jiramdas Doulatram and to select a nominee of the congress for the impending bye-election in the land holder’s constituency in place of Shaikh G. Hussain Hidayatullah, the Governor designate of Sindh.



On Sunday (25.6.1922) night the Congress party at Larkana organized a public meeting to urge the audience to help completing the construction programme of the Congress by A August 15. Another public meeting held there congratulated Moulvi Ghulam Farid on his imprisonment while during national work.

To celebrate the anniversary of the great leader, Dada bhoy Nooraji, a public meeting was called last night (30.6.1922) by The District Congress Committee. Seih Sunderdas Valabdas presided on the occasion.

A meeting of Larkana Congress Committee was held on 2.3.1930, to make an appeal for enlisting volunteers for Satyagrah Movement. Messrs. Morusing; Goumal and Munshi Gobindram were enrolled as the volunteers.



A resolution criticizing the policy of the Sindh Ministry regarding political prisoners in Sindh was adopted at a meeting of the Nawab Shah District Congress Committee yesterday (2.6.1946). The resolution “inter alia” stated that whereas other Provincial and even the Govt: of India had released political prisoners, including those convicted of violence, and also the I.N.A. personnel, in Sindh Mr. Tilokchand Gopaldas and Mr. Kishan Gurnani Editor and Sub-editor, respect­ively of the weekly "Hind Samachar” of Nawabshah had been convicted and remanded to jail custody for the political offence of publishing an "independence Day Issue" in 1945.



On 18.6.1921 a public meeting under the auspices of the Congress Committee was called when Mr. Bhagwandas narrated two incidents of police intimidation. One of which was connected with his visit to khairpur Mirs to purchase spinning wheels. He was wearing his Gandhi cap and Khaddar dress when a police man of the state prohibited him from going into the town or from getting any lodging. The vazir of Khairpur is reported to have issued prohibition orders against Non-co-operators in his state. Mr. Pamnani said that besides the petty donations paid to Mr. Gandhi a sum of Rs.1,000 was presented him and up to this time 4,000 have been collected for the swaraj Fund.

The Rohri taluka congress committee in its published report says: That the committee has received a gift of 26 spinning wheels. Propaganda work has been carried on in the villages and towns of Geneva, Haji Mohammed Dadlai, Kahmmadpur, Pano Akil, Daharki, Ubauro and the part of workers stirs out on every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday to different villages. Some spinning wheels have been prepared here and about 40 have been sent for from Rahimyar Khan. On marriage occasion some wheels have been presented to poor windowed women. They intend distributing 1,000 wheels in the town. Some 424 yards of Khadsr cloth have been sold and weaving work will soon be started.

The Rohri Congress Committee in its recent meeting have decided to present Mr. Gandhi, on his visit to Rohri of at least one crore yards of yarn.

A public meeting was held in the Municipal park at 6 p.m. on Wednsday (4.11.1936) under the auspices of the local congress committee. Dr. Choithram, Mr. Jairamdas and Mr. C.T. Valecha came from Sukkur. Mr. Valecha and Dr. Choithram requested the voters to vote for the congress candidate namely Mr. Hassaram S. Pamnani.

Mr. Tulsidas Shiwandas Gajwani a candidate from Rohri division, then spoke and said that the parliamentary Board of the congress committee had taken a hasty step by announcing the name of Mr. Pamnani as a candidate from Rohri Division. The speaker pointed out that people in villages had no regard for the congress or congress candidates.

Mr. Jairamdas then replied Mr. Tulsidas, and said that as only one candidate namely Mr. Pamnani had sent in his application to stand on congress ticket, the congress committee had no right to reject it. He concluded his speech by saying that if voters did not vote for the congress candidates and if the congress candidates failed, it would be considered a failure of the voters and not of the congress



A meeting of Shikarpur congress committee was held on 26.1.1928, seth Sobhraj Walecha presided. Amongst the present were Moulvi Cheshti; Swami Priyag Zhrti; Mahraj Lunidd ram; Bokhari; Govindanand and Shaikh Abdul Majid. It was resolved to observe hartal on 3.2.1928, the day on which "Simmon Commission" is to arrive at Bombay.

At a meeting of Shikarpur Congress Committee, following were elected as office-bearers for the year 1934-35:-

President: Kaka Sobhraj

Vice-President: Shrimati Ganga Devi

Secretary: Khanchand

Mr. Bilandram, who is observing a fast for the last few days in order to bring pressure on Mr. Lilaram Pherwani to withdraw his candidature from the Sindh Legislative Assembly, is in critical condition.

He has been examined by doctors. He has been persuaded to take water by Jairamdas.

Mr. Bilandram, broke his fast on Saturday (6.11.1936) as the result of the persuasions of a number congress-men of Shikarpur.

Dr. Lilaram has not withdrawn his candidature.

Yesterday (21.5.1946) evening a function was arranged in Tilak Swaring Shawan by prominent congress workers in honour of Prof. Udharam Asvani of Benaras Hindu University on his election to the legislative Assembly of the U.P. Prof. is an old congress worker of Shikarpur.



During the past three days (15 to 17.3.1919) three meetings were organized by the congress committee - two in connection with the passing of Rowlatt bills and one to enlighten the public on the congress-Muslim scheme. The first meeting was presided over by Haji Abdullah Haroon of Karachi and was attended by a large number of Muhammadans who happened to be in Sukkur in connection with Muhammadan Educational Conference (organized by Anjuman I.A.W. Sukkur). At this meeting vigorous speeches were made by President, Mr. Abdul Rahman of Karachi and Dr. Choithram. At the second meeting presided over by Mulchand Pessumal, a very large number of Moulvi from different parts of Sindh, who had come for the Educational Conference, were present. The provisions of the Rowlatt Bills were explained at length and few were induced to take the satyagarh vow. The third meeting yesterday (17.3.1919) under the presidency of Mr. Viromal Begraj was also well attended. The number of Muhammadans was not so great as at the previous meeting for some of them had left by the evening train. Speeches were made by Haji Abdullah Haroon; Mr. Abdul Rehman, Dr. Choithram and Mr. Virumal explaining the congress-Muslim scheme and few of the audience were enlisted members of the congress committee.

Under the auspices of the District Congress Committee a public meeting was held on 6.4.1919 to educate public opinion on political subjects. Speeches were made by several gentlemen on the Rowlatt Bills, Satyagrah Vow, Tilak fund, and honourary magistrates, and about twenty delegates were elected for the forthcoming Provincial conference at Jacobabad. At the same meeting it was announced that a meeting would be held on Saturday (12.4.1919) when matters pertaining to the local municipalities would be discussed and duties of the voters would be explained to the audience.

Today (23,7.1919) being the birthdate of Mr. Tilak the member of congress Committee celebrated it by arranging for Kanah Pershad at sadh Bella, in morning, distributing Methai on the bunder road in the evening, sending a message of congratulations to Mr. Tilak and distributing in the town a leaflet giving an account of his life.

Last night (3.11.1919) a meeting under the auspices of the District Congress Committee took place in a private godown opposite to the Bunder Station when Dr. Choithram of Hyderabad gave an address on the present condition of Bharat Varsh and congress. He described the condition of indians in the Punjab, South Africa and Fiji Islands and exhorted the audience to go to the congress in numbers to strengthen the hands of those who were working in the direction of the advancement of the country. Mr. Lokomal Chellaram and some other speakers spoke in the same strain and in the end 25 more ncaries were added to the congress committee.

The All-indla Congress Committee of Sukkur hold its meeting on July 29 (1920) and decided that it cannot recommended non-co-operation and the decision of the All-India congress should be awaited about it. Shikarpur Congress Committee has decided in favour of non-co-operation.

At a public meeting held on 3.5.1921 a resolution condemning the action of the Sukkur Municipality in refusing an address of welcome to Mr. Gandhi, was passed. Dr. Sugnomal, a Municipal Councilor, announced that he did not consider it worthwhile to continue in a Municipality which had refused a welcome address to a man like Mr. Gandhi and he had therefore resigned his seat on the corporation.

A monster meeting was held yesterday (30.6.1921), when amidst cheers it was announced that Sukkur had paid its share to the Tilak Swaraj Fund. Mr. Viromal announced that he thought at first he had to collect Rs.11,500 which was done. But when Mr. Gandhi demanded three lakhs from Sindh, the share of Sukkur increased to Rs.26500. He had worked to bring the figure of Sukkur District including that of Rohri to 25,000. If he had not been able to raise the required quota, he would have sold his property. Some young men were also prepared to sell their property. He read a remarkable letter written by a young man who offered to sell himself into servitude to any rich Sethia, for a sum which might make up the required deficit. The people demanded to have a Darshan of the young man who had written the letter and he was brought on the platform amidst cheers. To the great surprise of all he turned out to be son of a rich man and had not been up till now actively associated with Non-co-operators, Mr. Viroomal's appeal for funds brought about Rs.500 more. Several donations were also promised. The number of charkhas running in Sukkur District is exceeded 3,000. But the District had failed to enroll 11,500 members. Altogether only 5,000 members were enrolled. It was hoped that 6,000 more would soon be enrolled. Moulvi Taj Mohammed also spoke at the meeting.

A meeting of the members of the city congress committee was held yesterday (8.2.1922) to elect candidates for the various Municipal Wards in the town of Sukkur. At the outset it was decided that the elected candidate would be required to sing the following pledge.

"I shall not vote for any Government servant, pensioner, title holder or honorary Magistrate or President, Vice-President or Chairman of any Committee or Membership of the Managing Committee. Whenever my issue will arise between Government and Congress I shall invariably vote for the latter excepting when I conscientiously feel otherwise"

The local congress committee is making strenuous efforts to collect for the Tilak Swaraj Fund, it is understood that the Das party which is particularly active of Sukkur is whole-heartedly co-operating with the congress party.

Yesterday (18.11.23) was observed as "Gandhi Day" by the members of the Congress Committee. In the evening a khadi sale was organised which resulted in the sale of about Rs.200 worth of khadi. In the evening a public meeting was organized in an open space under the presidency of Mr. Virumal Begraj. In the end Parmanand Mewaram gave demonstrations of the way in which instruction was imparted to the blind.
Lokmanya Tilak's anniversary was celeberated here yesterday (1.8.1926) in a fitting manner. In the evening meeting was organized on the Bunder under the auspices of Congress Committee presided over by Seth Jashanmal. Meeting was well attended and speechs dwelling on the qualities of lokmanya were made by local congress workers and several others.


A meeting of Thatta Congress Committee was held, and following office-bearers were electad for 1946/47.
Mr. Nasinglal Dhamanmal (President)
Mr. Bhagwandas Bazarimal (Vice-President)
Mr. Rupchand L. Asarpota (Secretary)
Mr. Ishwardas Hiradas (Treasurer)

Following were elected on District Congress Committee (Karachi):

Nasinglal, Bhagwandas and Isnwardas.




Good Wishes