This party was formed in January 1935 at Hayderabad Sindh with the efforts of Vishandas Dayaram, Mahraj Hundraj Paruram, Relaram Hukumatrai, bhai Ladharam and Dr Valiram.


Aims & Objectives:

1. Safe guarding the Sindh Minorities interests.

2. Holding Sindh Minorities aloof from Congress Party on account of its attitude of neutrality as regards the expectance of the Communal Award.

3. Guiding politically Non Muslims of Sindh after the Separation of Sindh from Bombay Presidency.

4. Creating Circle of Non Muslims with out having connection & affiliation with Sindh Hindu Sabha.

Maintaining its Separate entity and avoid to give impression of association withPandit Malaviya’s Nationalist Party.



Good Wishes