1st   February


2nd  February

1. Moulana Abdul Ghaffor 'Maftoon' (Hamayoon/Religious Scholar & Poet/1918 ), 2. Hafiz Muhammad Hayat Sidiqui(1921), 3. Allama Ghulam Umar Jatoi (Sono Jatoi/Religious Scholar/1935), 4. Muhammad Hashim 'Mukhlis' (Poet & Journalist/1936), 5. Hidayatullah Shah (Khahi/Poet/1942), 6. Kazi Khuda Bux (Moro/ First Muslim Mayor of Karachi Municipal Corporation/1944), 7. Noor Muhammad 'Nooral' Mari (Kathore/Poet/1991).


3rd  February



4th  February

  Muhammad Faqir Khatyan (Suleman Khatyan/Saint & Poet/1941), Pir Muhammad ‘Piyasi’ (Mirpur Sakro/Poet/1982), Mirza Akmal Beg (Hyderabad/Poet/1982), Jam Sanaullah Mahessar (Rafiq Mahesar/Politician/2005).


5th  February

  Ahmad Chagla (Karachi/Composer of Music for National Anthem of Pakistan/1953), Qazi Gul Muhammad (Mari/Poet/1968).


6th  February

  Abdullah Soomro (Tharo Shah/Painter/1956), Sadanand Tolani (Writer/1971), Altaf Abbasi (Poet/1978), Rahi Channa (Johi/Poet/1997), Ali Muhammad ‘Majrooh’ (Khair Muhammad Panhwar > Karachi/Poet/1997), Faiz Panhwar (Malkani/Writer/2001), Saleem Bachani (Tando Allahyar/Poet/2013).


7th  February

  Akhoond Abdul Qadir ‘Bedil’ (Shikarpur/Poet/1932), Muhammad Usman Diplai (Diplo > Hyderabad/Journalist, Publisher & Freedom Fighter/1981). 


8th  February

  Mir Imam Bux Talpur (Khairpur/Ruler/1931), Ustad Sendho Khan ( Amratsar/Singer/1942), Ali Muhammad Shah Allahando Shah (Benazirabad/1948).,


9th  February

  Makhdoom Abu Muhammad (Hala/Religious Scholar/1641), Syed Jamal Shah (Goth Ilyas/Poet/1942).


10th  February

  Makhdoom Muhammad Hashim Thatvi (Religious Scholar/1761), Sufi Asoram (saint & Poet/1941), Sagun Ahuja (Poet/1966), Hadi Bux lark (/1985).




11th  February

  Makhdoom Muhammad Ibrahim Bhatti (Old Hala/Relogous Scholar/1913), Mian Zaheeruddin alies Mian Pro Jam Makhdoom (Hala/Saint/1927), Dr.Hotchand Gurbaxani (Hyderabad/Scholar/1947), Ghulam Hyder Shah (Nawabshah/Member Sindh Assembli/1963), Sarla Devi (Shikarpur > Larkano/Social Worker/1957), Dr. Abdul Majeed Memon Sindhi (Mari > Larkano/Research Scholar/1996).


12th  February

  Mir Ali Nawaz Shah ‘Alvi; (Shikarpur/Poet/1920), Mir Ghulam Ali Talpur/Promoter of education/1933), Imamuddin ‘Zami’ (Poet/1959), Moulai Shedai (Sukkur/Scholar/1978), Amratrai ‘Sam’ (Larkano/Poet & Social worker/1988).


13th  February

  Altf Abbadi (Writer/2007), Nawaz Ruknai (Poet/2007).


14th  February

  Syed Hussain Shahmurad Shirazi (Thatto/Saint/1488), ‘Bedil’ Faqir ( Rohri/Saint & Poet/1873), Wali Muhammad Hassan Ali Effendi (Karachi/Politician/1934).


15th  February

  Hasanand Masnad (saint/1930), Nangar Soomro (Poet/1948), Rahim Buz Shaikh (Educationist/1967), Syed Abdul Hakim (Tando Muhammad Khan/1935), Moulana Abdul Hai Chandio (Religious Scholar/1979),Makhdoom Ali Ahmad Derbelai alies Pir Photal(1993).


16th  February

  Pirates Hidyatullah Rashdi (Thullah/Religious Scholar/1914), Harchandrai Vishindas (Karachi/Freedom Fighter/1928), Bhojsing Pahlajani (Sukkur/Politician/1938), Nooral Shah ‘Nooral’ (Mori Mangar/Poet/1965), Sant Raghomal Choharmal (chak/Poet & Freedom Fighter/1966), Rashid Bhatti (Sukkur/Journalist, Writer/1988), Rahi Channa (Johi/Poet/1997), 


17th  February

  Pir Sabghatullah Shah Tajar Dhani (Pir Goth/Saint/1830), Pir Muhammad Yasin Rashdi (Thullah/Saint/1859), Arbab Haji Khamiso (Politician/1929), Diwan Hirasing Mirchandani (Social Worker/1935), Raham Ali Jaffri (Larkano/Social Worker/1988), Haji Fatah Muhammad Laghari (Lal Laghari/Poet/1989).
1832: Colonel Pottenger, Political Agent in Sindh, is given O.K and his way of dealing with Sindh affairs is approved by the Government of India.
1835: The Political Agent of the East India Company Government. Colonel Pottenger directs his Native Agents not to write or try to contact Sindh rulers directly, but always address them through Munshi Jethanand to avoid delays and subterfuges on the part of Talpurs.
1843: It is black day in the history of Sindh. Charles Napeir , with troops consisting of 2800 defeated Talpurs at Meani. They were in 17000 in number. Soon after the fall of Sindh, Jack flag was hosted on the Hyderabad fort and British troops started plundering in city and fort. Proclamation is issued by Charles Napeir and Jageerdars and fighting Balochi groups are advised to refrain from taking risk of fighting British troops, return to their homes and assure their friendly attitude and get their Jageers re-restored. In Karachi, Muhammad Sadiq, Diwan Tekchand and Diwan Mulchand- all responsible officers of Talpurs are arrested and Captain Preedy declares Karachi of becoming a British Town by a proclamation and Seth Naumal is placed at authority.
1916: People of Sindh find it fit to revise and re-assign religious duties of their Religious leaders. Young Amil Association of Karachi arranges gathering and Rewachand Vassanmal delivers lecture on the topic of ‘What should our Pandits do’?
1919: The year 1919 was landmark in the history of Sindh and Hind. It proved to be beginning of politics of agitation and violence. Keeping in view the turning of situation, the Governor of Bombay addresses the Darbar at Sukkur, consisting of Jageerdars, Landlords and Sardars from Sukkur, Larkano and Jacobabad. He speaks about construction of Sukkur Barage, promoting of Education for Muslims and construction of roads in all these three districts. 
1931: The Branch of the Sindh Azad Party is opened at Village Siyal near Dadu and Moulvi Mian Muhammad Hassan (President), Sirai Mian Muhammad Hassan (Vice President), Moulvi Muhammad Salih Abbasi (Secretary) and Qazi Mian Haji Ahmad (Treasurer) are elected as office-bearers.
1949: Sindh Legislative Assemble mourns death of Quaid-i-Azam and Sir Ghulam Hussain Hidayatullah. Condolence resolution is passed. Where as Pakistan Parliament passed Bill for the establishment of an Industrial Finance Corporation.
1955: An appeal is filed in the Federal Court on behalf of the Federation of Pakistan and nine ministers against the Sindh Chief Court’s decision , which declares the dissolution of the Constituent Assembly, illegal.
1964: The Chief delegates of the Pakistan- China Joint Boundary Commission chalk out scheme for joint survey and mapping.
1990: Sindh Rangers unearthed several Torture Cells in Karachi.


18th  February

  Syed Ali Asghar Shah Rashdi (Pir Jo Goth/Poet/1936), Hadi Bux ‘Misken’ (Poet/1942), Syed Fatih Muhammad ‘ Misken’ (Tando Jahanyan/Poet/1942), Moulvi Ahmad Ali ‘Majzoob’ (Religious Scholar, Freedom Fighter & Poet/1967), Moulana Abdul Rahman ‘Ziai’ (Religious Scholar & Poet/1977)


19th  February

  Moulvi Muhammad Ali Junijo (Ghumori/ Religious Scholar & Freedom Fighter/1952), Naraindas Malkani (Hyderabad/Freedom Fighter & Writer/1974)


20th  February

  Kazi Khuda Bux (Moro > Karachi/Mayor Karachi/1944), Moulana Moeenuddin Khiyarvi (Religious Scholar & Freedom Fighter/1970).


21st  February

  Syed Mubarak Shah Sani (Ghotki/Saint/1858), Sardar Nawab Ahmad Khan Laghari (Diplomat of Talpur Era/1870), Essardas Munsukhani (Karachi/Politics/1934), Maqbool Bhatti (Journalist & Writer/1977), Abdullah ‘Khuwab’ (Hyderabad/Poet/1981), Azhar Relai (Dargah Pir Rakhyal Shah/Poet/1985). 


22nd  February

  Ghulam Ahmad ‘Nizami’ (Larkano > Karachi/Poet/1950), Younis Khonharo (Alam Khonharo/Poet/1984), Jaisinghani ‘Sam’ (Larkano/Poet, Social worker/1988).


23rd  February

  Fazul-ullah Shah Jilani (Ghotki/Saint/1831)


24th  February    

  Nawab Ghulam Hyder Laghari (Tando Tajpur/Poet/1943)


25th  February

  Dr.Jemi Sethna (Freedom Fighter/1935), Muhammad Hashim Gazdar (Karachi/Politician, Ex-Minister Sindh/1965), Nazar Lakhani (Wada Lakha/Poet/2007).





26th  February

  Abdul Rahman Muhammad Yaqoob (Karachi/Freedom Fighter/1943), Makhdoom Amir Ahmad (Scholar/1971),. Ghulam Abbas ‘Josh’ Qadri (Larkano/Poet/1962).


27th  February

  Akhtar Halai (Poet/1959), Moulana Din Muhammad ‘Adeeb’ Ferozshahi (Religious Scholar, Poet & Freedom Fighter/1973).


28th  February

  Shaikh Nooh Bakhri (Religious Scholar/1238), Haji Shahnawaz Pirzado (Kandyaro/Journalist & Politician/1974), Rawal Pahore (Hyderabad/Politician/1990).



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