With a view to combat the Civil - Disobedience movement a meeting of the leading Pirs of Sindh was called by the Makhdum of Hala at Hyderabad (Sindh) at 6.00 P.M. On the 4th of July, 1930 in the bunglow of Mr. Jan. Muhammed Bhurgri. Forty Nine leading Sindh Pirs attended.

On the proposal of Pir Sayed Ghulam Hyder Shah, of Bulri seconded by Pir Baqadar Shah, Mukhdum Ghulam Muhammed Sahib Sujada-nashin of Hala was voted to the chair.

Makhdum Ghulam Hyder Sahib of Hala, as the convener of the meeting, made an opening speech in which he condemned the civil Dis-obedience movement and showed how it was leading to disorder and lawlessness all over the country, and how all forms of authority were being undermined. He condemned the participation of school-boys in the movement and said that if left free the next generation world grow up to the very unruly and insubordinate. He said that themovement was essentially a Hindu movement with which the musalmans had nothing to do, and the Muslim community stood to gain by remaining aloof from it. He hoped that British statesman would see the wisdom of conceding the reasonable demands of the Indian Musalmans, as put forward by His Highness SirAgha Khan, and that the Round Table Conference would not fail to sanction them. He concluded with a strong appeal to all the Pirs to use their influence in defeating the Civil dis-obedience movement which, if left unchecked, would introduce Bolshevism in the country.

The following resolutions were then unanimously passed:
1. This meeting of the Pirs of the Province of Sindh, while strongly condemning the present Civil dis-obedience movement started by Hindus, urges on all citizens, who have respect for law, to do every thing in their power to combat it, and with that end in view requests all pirs and leading men of Sindh to take effective steps, within their sphere of Influence, to check the movement and prevent it spreading further.

Professor Pir Ghulam Hyder Shah Sahib. M. L, C., Seconder: Pir Mahomed imam Shah Sahib khalifa. Supported by Allah Bux Sahib, Pir Bakadar Shah Sahib; Pir Khuda Dino Shah Sahib, Sahibzada Mian Mahomed Masom Sahib, Pir Fateh Mahomed Sahib.

2. This meeting endorses the demands of the All parties Muslim conference held at Delhi under the Presidency of H. H. Agha Khan; and urges onthe British statesmen the necessity of conceding at the Round Table Conferencethe demands of Musalmans among which are the separation of Sindh, grant of Reforms to Frontier Province and British Balochistan, and Adequate representation in the Legislatures,

Propser: Pir Sayad Imam Shah, Seconder: Pir Sayed Ghulam Nabi Shah.

Powerful speeches were made by Pirs Sayed Imam Shah and Sahibzada Moulvi Mahomed Masoom of Khiyari urging the Pirs to adopt effective means in their localities to defeat the Civil Dis-obedience movement, and they succeeded in creating a strong impression on their hearers, The meeting dispersed with a determination to check the movement, and important results are expected from it,

The following were among these present:-

Pir Sayad Ghulam Hyder Shah, M.L.C Sajada-nashin Dargah Karimi, Bulri, District Hyderabad,

Makhdum Ghulam Muhammed Sahib, Sajada-nashin Durgah Hala.

Pir Muhammed Massoom, Khinyari Shariff, District Nawabshah.

Pir Sayed Muhammed Bakadar Shah Jilani, Thano Bula Khan, District Karachi.

Pir Sayed Hassan Ali Shah, Arazi, District Larkana.

Pir Sayed Khalik Dino Shah Lakiari, Jamesabad, District TharParkar.

Syed Ali Akbar Shah Lakiari, District TharParkar.

Pir Sayed Kadin Shah Lakiari, District TharParkar.

Pir Ghulam Hussaini Sarhandi, Matiari, Ditt :Hyderabad.

Pir Shums-ud-din Sajadah Nashin Dargah Nasarpur,District Hyderabad.,

Pir Fateh Muhammed Shah, Nasarpur, Distt: Hyderabad.

Pir Fakhuruddin Shah Rasdin Golari, Taluka TandoBago, District Hyderabad.

Pir Saifullah Shah Rashdi, Khatian, Distt; Hyderabad.

Pir Fazul Ali Shah Sajada nashin Dargah Sangro District Hyderabad.

Khalifa Allah Bux Sahib Sajadah-nashin Dargah Karia-Gunahawar, District Hyderabad

Pir Mohamed Imam Shah Rashdi of Dargah Jhandawala, District Nawabshah.

Pir Ghulam Dastagir Sahib, Sajadah nashin Dargah Makan-Shariff, District Hyderabad.

Pir Dinal Shah Sajadanashin Dithro, District Nawabshah,

Pir Sayed Gul Muhammed Shah S/O Sayed Wali Mohomed Shah representative of Dargah Lal Shahbas, Sehwan Ditt: Larkana.

Pir Bakadar Shah of Matiari, Distt: Hyderabad.

Pir Kassim Ali Shah, Khado,District Hyderabad.

Pir Nabi Bux Shah of Shahpur, District Hyderabad.

Pir Khuda Dino Shah Sahib of Nasarpur,Distt ;Hyderabado

Pir Ghulam Nabi Shah S/o Sidik Muhammed Shah, representative of Dargah Bekera, District Hyderabad.

Pir Koural Shah, Shahdadpur, District Nawabshabu

Pir Sayad Abdullah Shah, Allahdino Sand Distt:Hyderabad,,

Pir Amin Mohammed Shah, Fazalani, Distt: Hyderabad,,

Khansahib Sayad Ali Bux Shah, Wahani Distt:Hyderabad.

Sayed Muhammed Alim Shah, Dadahi, Distt: Hyderabad

Pir Sayad Shah Nwaz Shah of Juna, Distt: Hyderabad.

Pir Atta Muhammed Shah, Khado, District Hyderabad.

Sayad Asadullah Shah, of Bajara Taluka Sehwan, District Larkana

Pir Hashim Shah, Lakiari, Distt: TharParkar.

Pir Sayad Jurial Shah District TharParkar.








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