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Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Evening.
[Whoever is near to his/her dear, either in heart, or at door, will not cry that he/she is being pushed away at distance because of differences.  Do your level best to be near to your dear, beloved or ideal. Do not be disappointed. May be you find him/her most nearest to you any day]
ھو جو در یا دیار دوست يار سندو،
اتان ملي جن کي درد جون دارون،
ڪن نہ ڪارون، تہ دردن اهي ماریا.

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Dr.Pathan wishes you Evening.
[We are not created without cause. Who created, will take care of us properly and we have to take care of cause. We have to mind & manage business of our hearts & minds. Life becomes pleasant, purposeful & amazing, if there is beauty in heart and love in mind. It makes our action and reaction colorful with Human respect, hope and sincerity]
جن رکیو آسرو اللہ تي، ورتئون سوچن لوچن جو سھارو،
محبت مروت ماٹھپي کان, ڪیئون ڪڏھن نہ ڪنارو،
هليا وٺي چڱائئ چارو، سرت سونهن سچ ۽ سلام جو

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Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Evening.
[My Heart is Valley of values and Human-respect  It is Palace of my Dear .There is rule of my dear's Beauty. That is shining  my love there. Because of presence of my Dear, my soul has been following his/her vision & wisdom and promoting peace,understanding and unity with sincerity and seriously]
جت رغبت روح سان، نسبت نینھن سندي،
اسان پڻ اھا اچي ،وسائي اصل کان وسندي،
ان لاء من ۾ ناھ مندي، سرت سلام سواء

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Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Evening.
[It took centuries to find mu dear and myself. But, on this occasion of seeing first time my dear refused to own me and broke me into pieces. Now in every piece, there is my reflection. Beauty of dear and my reflection in every piece is earning of my love, sincerity and sacrifice. Though, it was  an act of ending relation by my dear, but it has become beginning of a new era of love and respect ]
صدیوں کے بعد خود تلاشی کا یہ انعام دیا،
پاش پاش کرے کے مجھے، حسن کا جام دیا،
کمی‎ ‎نہ تھی وفا میں وفا کوخطا کا نام دیا.
ابتدا اس نے کی، پھر رسم وفا کا اختتام کیا.‏‎

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Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Evening.
[Mighty human being is unpredictable and above our understanding. He/She takes no time to accept anyone, and snatches years-old relation as and if deems it fit. People like me have been trying since centuries to please dears & nears, but it is very difficult work. Perhaps, it will take more lives to complete this tough task]
ڪي صدين ۾ نہ سرچن سونهن سندا سردار,
ڪي ساعت ۾ سمجهن جيئن صدين کان يار,
مقدر جا نہ ماڻھن جي من جا عجب وهنوار,
سور سين هزار, پر پري ريت پريت سندي

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Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Evening.
[You will find countless pages in books about Human, Social and Religious values. But, not in minds & hearts and action & reaction. In spite of that, some people are there to believe in human love & respect, abide by it in letter and spirit and care about peace & progress for all. They are beautiful, because, beauty is in their minds & hearts. You are one of them]
ڌرم ڪرم ۽ دوستي، فقط ڪتابن منجھ پڙھجن،
محبت مروت ۽ ماٹھپو، سو تان ماٹھن وڌو ٻن،
سیني سور سچن، ڪن چون سلام سڀني کي

IMG 20190315 WA0171

Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Evening.
[ This world is wonderful and universe is beautiful. Here everything is available : sources & resources, beauty & love and vision & wisdom. It is our attitude and behavior, that creates problem. We are in trouble because, we violate Human-values and Natural-laws. We encourage terrible sitution, when self-interests, ego, hatred and discrimination start ruling our minds. When we love to take and get, but avoid to give, it brings sorrows & longings and deprivation & exploitation in our society.]
هئ ڏس ڀوري ڀون ۽ هو نيرو آسمان,                             سندرتا جي جهان ۾ ڇو ويڳاڻو انسان؟
ڪا بہ ڪمي ناهي ميسر سڀ سامان,
پوء بہ نہ ٿو پورو ٿئي ڪنهنجو ارمان,
هئ کوٽ دلين جي روين ڪيو نقصان,
ندئ ڪنڌئ تي پياسو تن من ٿئي نادان,
آدم ٿئي فقط محبت خدمت ساڻ مهان

IMG 20190314 WA01961

Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Evening.
[ The Sun is to set very soon and it has to set. But, Sun of my hope and trust in you will shine for ever in sky of my heart.
Dear!  I will be a man of fortune and best luck, if you are pleased to be kind to me for a few moments. Believe me, listen me and understand me. You are my hope. You are my beauty, vision and wisdom.]
اجهو سج لٿو پر لهندو نہ سج آس اميد جو,
مقدر هي مٽجي وڃي جي منهن نہ مٽيو تو,
تون دلبر تون دلاسو, آهين روح وجود سندو

IMG 20190313 WA0246

Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Evening.
[In our attitudes & approaches, in dealing and in every business, we are behaving and responding each others like Taliban & ISIS. we are very cruel & most aggressive.
Dear! No body will spare and accept you. Hence, accept & respect yourself. Be role model in beauty & love. Set trend in sincerity & sacrifice. Be open book of trust & hope as everybody can read you and follow you]
رشتي تعلق ۽ هر وھنوار ۾، ھتي ھرڪو آھي طالبان،
بچڻ چاھین ھن باھ کان، تان تون خود تي ٿي مھربان،
دل جي رت سان داستان، لک محبت ماٹھپي سلام جو

IMG 20190311 WA0214
Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Evening.                                                                                   
[None of us is Supernatural or subordinate. We are equal in all respects. Every body deserves love & beauty and respect & regards. Accept & respect all without discrimination. It is the real vision & wisdom, philosophy & ideology that we need]
ماٹھو سمجھ ماٹھوء کي، ان کان مٿي نہ ھیٺ،
عزت لائق ھر ڪو آدمي، چاھي محبت ۽ میٺ،
وارو ملندو نیٺ، برھ برابرئ سرت سلام کي
IMG 20190309 WA0236
Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Evening. 
[ You are living in eyes and heart of your lover. Therefore, you can't know her/his terrible sorrows & longings. May anybody occupies seat in your eyes and heart. It will make you to feel pain of burning soul, boiling eyes and crying heart clearly.]
ڪنهن جي نيڻن ۾ وسو ٿا  پر ڪنهن کي نيڻن ۾ وهاريو تہ خبر ڪا پوء پوئي،
تن من بدن جي  نہ ڇوئي,  تہ “سڙون ٿا“ تون يار  پوء ميار ڏجان اسان کي

IMG 20190308 WA0256

Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Evening.
[Dear! We have misunderstood 'independence', hence, have ignored the importance of 'dependence'. Whereas, life requires us to depend on each other, to share and extend cooperation with others. But, we avoid to trust each other and create communication gap and don't believe in Give & Take, we become target of misunderstantings individually]
آئون سورن ۽ تون پورن منجھ پورو،
ھوت حیاتیون باھ جو جیئن کورو،
تنھنجو منھنجو ایئن سپنو اٹپورو،
راز سمورو، اوریئون نہ سلام جیان.

Good Wishes