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Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Evening.
[My cries can't be listened and understood,  My dear is not ready to listen and taking it seriously, because of her/his mood, interest and mind. The only option left for me is to make more sacrifices with sincerity and selflessness. May it pave way to reach near to my dear, and I can be listened properly and accordingly ]
اڀ ٻڌي ۽ ڌرتي ٻڌي پر ٻڌي نہ سڄڻ يار,
ڪي تان ڪارڻ چئبا جوآھي بره کان بيزار,
ھن جي خاموشي اسان لاء تان نسورو آزار,
اسان جي ريت پريت جو اهو وهنوار معيار,
نينهن ڪري نروار, رکيو راڄن جي اڳيان
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Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Evening. 
[ Death is not blame. But, it becomes blame and black dot, when it is without any noble cause. To die for your love and respect is my ambition. I am sorry that I have only one life. If, I am given thousand lives, I will sacrifice all for that cause. Every time fragrance of my dead body will make people realize that love is not only life, but it is life after death also.]
موت تہ ناهي پرين مهڻو پر اهو بي مقصد تان پوء بدبوئدار, 
جي هجن ها سر هزارين سپرين تہ تو تان  گهوريان سو بار 
جي اچي موت تنهنجئ. محبت ۾ تہ لاش بہ ٿئي گل و گلزار 
صبح شام ڪيان اقرار, اهو اظهار تہ تون آھين دل جو ڌڻي.
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Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Evening.
[Self-dependence is better than any crown & kingdom offered by others. Believe yourself. Trust your Beauty, Vision and Wisdom.Heart without love and mind without kindness are of high-risk for all. You are of the love & beauty, by the love & beauty and for the love & beauty.Be more love and honour beauty, be more beauty and accept love. ]
تنهنجي تخت ۽ تاج کان ، بهتر پنھنجي محتاجي،
سا دل ڪهڙي ڪم جي، جا عشق کان             آھي آجي،
سرت، سندرتا ۽ سچ جي ، ملي سھٹن کي سرتاجي،
اھی روح نہ رواجي، جي سارن تو کي سلام سان.
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Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Evening
[ There was no any extra, surplus and useless material and you were created out of it. You are born with calculated cause, unique agenda and great purpose. I know you and your worth, therefore, you are my Aim of Life, Love & Life and Ideal and Beloved.] 
اضافي اجائي فالتو، مٽي نہ ھئي ڪا موجود،
جو جوڙيو وئین جھان لاء، بي مقصد بيسود.
ساجد بٹج نہ سرت سواء، خان ھئین مسجود،
جانب ! تنھنجو وجود، منهنجو ساه پساه ٿي.
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Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Evening. 
[ To accept anybody along with his/her faults, mistakes and limitations is highest degree of greatness. My dear!  You are second to none in greatness and kindness. It is reflection of your beauty. Whoever is honored and accepted by you, is most protected person as I am.] 
ڏکيون ڳالهيون ڏکيا ماڻھون  سهڻ وارا سچا ماڻھون, 
حسن تنهنجو ڏسي جاني اسان پارا مچيا
اهي ئي بچيا ماڻھون,  جي لڳا دامن پرين 
جي کي

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Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Evening.
[Most of us don't want to be independent. Hence, we love to be ruled either by heart, or mind. When we make mind our master, we most of time abide by hatred and discrimination. When we recognize our Golden Heart as Queen, it accepts, respects and shares love and beauty with sincerity, trust and dedication.]
ڪو مرید من جو تہ ڪو مطلب سندو،
'آزاد' ھئ انسان خود ٿئي ايئن 'بندو'،
ڪو چاھي ڪنھن کر متڀید کان سواء،
ڪو بغض حسد نفرت ساڙ پیو ڪندو،
پر پسندو نہ ڪڏھن اهو ڪٿ مندو،
جو پیار بڻجي وسندو، صبح شام پيو.

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Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Evening.
‏[مفھوم : جو خود-شناس نہیں، وہ کبھی خدا-شناس, انسان شناس اور حسن و جمال-شناس نہیں ہوسکتا. وھ آپ کی سیرت و بصیرت اور عظمت اور محبت کو سمجھ نہیں سکتا. انا کا وہ غلام امن و سکون، انسانى-احترام اور خوشحالی کا دشمن ہوتا ہے. لیکن میرے دوست تم خود-شناس، ھم-شناس اور اقدار شناس ہو]

جنھن ڪنهن نہ سڃاتو پرین ۽ پاڻ کي،
تنھن کي ناهي نصيب سرت ۽ سونھن،
سو ڪین ڪري امن سک سان ورونھن،
سو ڪین سمجھي تو مون ۽ سلام کي.‏‎ ‎

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Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Evening.
[ It is tragedy that neither we can speak truth, nor we accept truth. My Dear is determined not to listen truth. More tragedy is that people have nothing to do with love. Therefore, beauty, vision and wisdom are always in trouble. Hearts and minds full of hatred and discrimination can't understand the importance of love and peace. It has put all of us in trouble.]
نہ ڪي اسان ئي سچ چوڻ ۽ سمجهائڻ سکیو،
نہ ئي سچ ٻڌڻ ڪي سهڻو ساجن سکیو مور،
وري دنيا اهڙي جو ماڻھون محبت کان معذور,
ان لاء سرت سونھن ۾ ئي پيا پسن ڏسن سور،
نفرت ۾ مخمور, ڪو سمجهن نہ امن سلام کي

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Dr.Pathan wishes you Good last Night of 2018 
[Last night of the year is winding up and is in hurry so as to bring chage and give birth to New year.
 Dear! Let us change our behavior & attitude reflecting our egotism,  hatred & discrimination. Let us promote mutual understanding, extent cooperation and pave way for Human love, beauty & respect, so as they can be dominating colours of our hearts & minds in New Year]
جیئن ٿي وڃي جانب سال جي آخري اڄ رات،
آء پرڇي پڄاڻي ڪریون نفئ جي ڪري اثبات،
محبت ۽ ماٹھپو مات, کائن نہ هن نئین سال ۾. ‏‎ ‎
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Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Evening. 
[Opening door for new friends must not close door for old friends. Because, old is gold and your act will reflects integrity and ideological & emotional stabilization.]
نئين سال ۾ ڀلي نوان يار ڪجان،
پر پراڻن لاء نہ نوان آزار ڪجان.
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Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Evening.
[Walls have no tongue, but they are speaking loudly. You have tongue, but why you are so silent? Dear! Do not speak about my sorrows & longings. But, speak about your own beauty, vision & wisdom . Because, they are only source of love and peace for all]
دیواریون بہ ڳالھائن پيون دوست !
تو جیئن ناھن صدین کان خاموش،
اڀ-ڏاریندڙ آھون تون ڪوه نہ ٻڌین،
اسان دانھیندي وڃائیوسين ھوش،
ڪڏھن توکي پرين ایندو جوش ,
پنھنجئ سرت سچائئ سونھن تي؟

Good Wishes