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Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Day.
[ Love and respect are essense of peace and freedom and  they never afford or accept monopoly. Love & beauty and vision & wisdom are for all and not personal property.  If you love, respect and serve anybody, it must not stop and block your beloved to love, respect and serve others.  You can't control moon not to provide light to others, except you. You are not having heart and instincts only. Your beloved, friend and ideal possesses Golden Heart full of aspiration and inspiration also. So, in this field, it is only positive policy to believe and abide by the principle that "I am for you and you are for all". 
It is basic colour of my contact, connection and relation, with you my dear.]
تون چنڊ چاھت جو تنھنجي چانڊوڪي آھي سڀني لاء،
منھنجي من مسجد مندر اندر آھي فقط تنھنجي جاء, 
تون منهنجو آھين ڀلي پاڻ کڻي پرين ڪنهن جو سڏاء, 
دنيا کي سمجهاء,  سرت سونهن سلام  آھي سڀني لاء
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Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Day. 
[ My Dear!  You are very much aware about your worth, but want me to re-tell you and everybody. O. K, be witness that to what extent I have understood, accepted and respected you. You are beauty,  love and peace. You are source of my vision and wisdom. You are an ideal and role-model in kindness.kindness. You are a sea of sincerity and a river of human -respect.  Your love makes lives more beautiful. You can't keep your beauty secret. Its fragrance will guide hearts to knock your door. Do you want to listen more? ]
تون راحت منهنجي روح سندي تون سندرتا هر صبوح سندي, 
پيار وفا جو تون ساگر  تون نينهن امر جي جيئن آھين ندي, 
جنهن دل ۾ تون ٿئين جلوه گر سا دل پئي هر پل نچندي, 
سونهن لڪائي ڪيئن سگهندين؟ سا تان گجگوڙ ڪندي ۽ وسندي, 
خوشبو خوشبو ساري وسندي, جت ايندين تون سونهن سلام سان.
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Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Day.
[ Dear!  It is impossible to forget you. Therefore, why should I try and think about that futile effort?  You are love & beauty, vision & wisdom and ideal & role model and it is your everlasting status. Therefore, everybody likes you, but I love you and knock the door of your Golden Heart with sincerity & sacrifice and hope & trust. Because, me, my heart and soul need you.]
وساريان جي وسرين وسارڻ جا ناهيو, 
اسان کان هئ ڪوشش نہ تيندي اجايو, 
صفا سچ سندرتا وفا پيار ايثار تہ آھيو, 
ڏسي وٺندا دل اندر ڪا جهاتي تہ پايو, 
تنهنجا کوڙ خادم مون آھ عاشق سڏايو, 
سلامن سان گڏايو, سسي ساھ  اچان ٿو
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Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Day. 
[ Time, place and circumstances can't stop me to wish you my best regards, love and respect. Raining is disturbing, electricity has found excuse for longest breakdown and Internet is not available. But, so what? Your beauty and my love is  hete and there.  You and me are very much connected and will remain connected for ever. I pray for your long life full of happiness, peace and love. ]
بارش ھجي بجلي نہ هجي مٿان هجي پارو ۽ قهر جو سيارو, 
ڀلي انٽرنيٽ بہ جواب ڏئي ڀلي وقت ڏئي نہ ڏئي جي وارو, 
توکي ڪبو ياد قربدار ڇو جو آھين تون پرين من پيارو, 
وٺي دعا سلام جو سهارو, در پهچبو دلبر تنهنجي ڌيان سان
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Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Day. 
[ People with Golden Heart will response and reciprocate love and respect timely and accordingly. But, most of people will react adversely with aim to give tough time. Make them your dream, keep them in your heart and eyes, but you will not be allowed to knock the door of their hearts. 
My Dear!  You are very different for all people. Though, you are difficult, but not indifferent. Therefore, my love is protected by your beauty and I am beautified by your kindness, vision and wisdom, properly.]
ڪي سارڻ تي سارن ڪي تان ويتر وسارن, 
ڪي تہ ماري موت کي مئن منن کي جيارن, 
ڪي وهارن دل ۾ ڪي در تان تڙي ڌڪارن, 
ڪي نفرت رکن نينهن سان ممڻ گهڻو ٻارن, 
پر ڪٿ تو جيان نهارن؟ سونهن سلام سان.

Good Wishes