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Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Day.
[ Dear!  I am witness to your greatness. You are source of beauty & love and vision & wisdom. You have wonderful way how to accept and respect people like me without any kind of discrimination. Whoever is near to you my dear is superior to me in all respects. Shower of your beauty, beautiful vision and shadow of wisdom give life to dead.
Kowing and understanding all this, how I can leave your door? It is impossible. With the support of my sincerity, trust and sacrifice, I will be always there to wait for more and more kindness.]
سرت جو سونهن جو تون آھين عجب آبشار,
پريت جي ريت جو بره جو تون آھين بهار,
بي مثل تنهنجي دامن جو دل جو آهي پار,
چوڏھن طبق روشن ٿين جي ڪرين اقرار,
ايندو تنهنجي اڱڻ مٿي هي بره-وند بار بار,
هڪ نہ پر هزار, ڪندو سر قربان سلام سان

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Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Day.
[ Terrible tragedy of New Zeland is speaking with you. Listen and understand it. Hatred and misunderstanding always pave way for enmity. Don't sow hatred and don't leave misunderstandings not removed amicably. Keep in mind that uncompensated realtions affected by ego, regrets and refusals will always bring bad results. Be peace, love and respect for and with all. Don't authorise you mind to ignore and underestimate others. Be Golden Heart so as to stop tragic reaction of your action, behavior and attitude. Keep in mind that tragedy of New Zealand is not the last tragedy. Don't pave way for such more tragedies.]

ماڻھون سڀ ڪجھ وساري پر نفرت ۽ رويا نہ ٿو وساري،
جي هلڪو وٺبو ڳالھ کي تہ نيوزيلينڊ جو روپ اها ڌاري،
پوء ردعمل يا غلطفهمين ڪري پاڻ مري يا ٻين کي ماري،
رانول رشتن ناتن روين کي رکجي سرت سان سنڀاري
متان انا هوڏ ضد  ڪنهن عمل ردعمل کي وجهي کاري.
ڪڍي شفقت محبت جي ڇانو منجهان نٽھڻ ۾ بيهاري،
سڻ صدائون صورتحال جون توکي ٿي هر پل پڪاري،
جيڪي رهيا تنهنجئ دل ۾  تن کي ڇڏ نہ ڌڪاري،

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Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Day.
[ Denying anybody of love and respect, paves way to hatred, discrimination and disturbances. As we can't chain light and air, in such a way, we must not chain fragrance of our beauty, love and respect.Because, they are universal in nature. Let they not be for one, but for all.  Heart is Home of Allah, let us not close its door, because of our likes and dislikes. Let us own and accept love, beauty and peace. Because, they are needs and requirements of our instincts and nature.]
پيار عزت ۾ متڀيد نہ ڪر اهو ئي ماڻھپي ۾ وڏي کان وڏو ڪفر آھي،
ھوا پاڻئ روشنئ خوشبوء پيار عزت کي پسند ناپسند ٿيندي ناهي،
انهن مان هر ڪنهن ۾ ھر ڪنهن جو حصو
برابر جو ئي ٿيندو آھي،
ڪرين ڇو ٿو محروم  ماڻھون انا متڀيد نفرت جا ڪوٽ ٺاهي،
نہ مڙندين تہ امن سڪون کان رک تون  پيارا سمورو آسرو لاهي
دل گهر ڌڻئ جو ان مسجد مندر ۾  اچي ڪوئي جو دل سان چاهي ،
رستا روڪجن ڇو ڪنهن جا پوءپنهنجي اجايو طاقت آزمائي؟
اها ئي اربعا خطا آھي، جو ٿڏجي سرت سونهن ۽ سلام سدائين


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Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Day.
[If mind and heart avoid to mind their business. If heart behaves like mind, then, sincerity and selflessness stand replaced by ego & hatred. In this situation, it is difficult to understand beauty, accept love and respect peace]
جي ناھي دل ۾ غیر، تہ پوء ئي گھربو سڀ جو خیر،
جي آھي من منجھ میر، پیار وفا جو کٹي نہ سگھبو پیر.
پاء جي هوندي جو سیر، ڪندو انڌیر سونھن سلام سان.‏

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Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Day.
[Most of us are independent. But, none is free. Either we obey orders of our heart, or directives of our heart-holder. Hearts full of human respect are best promoters of beauty, love and peace. Whereas, hearts and minds captured by ego, hatred & discrimination always aspire for sin & crime.]
دل ۽ دلبر جي مرضئ جي محتاجي،
ڪنھن کي ڪین انھئ قید کان آزادي،
جنھن دل ۾ پیار ۽ محبت جي آبادي،
سا دک درد گناھ ثواب کان سدا آجي،
جي پرین ۽ پاڻ کان نہ راضي پاضي،
سي روح رواجي، سونھن سلام سواء.

Good Wishes