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Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Day.
[ If you are avoided & ignored, not accepted & respected, so what? Do not be difficult, because, you are different. You are an ideal of your own right. You are role-model. Be promoter and project human values, love and beauty.and sincerity & hope. Set new trends in sincerity & sacrifice and trust & hope]

ھو سارن نہ سارن ڀلي لاهي پاهي وسارن،
تان جو کٹي پنهنجي در تان هر پل ڌڪارن،
تنهنجو تن ۽ من تن بنا گھنگھر پيا گھارن،
پر دل روح پڪارن، سرت سونهن سلام سان.

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Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Day.
[ Differences and anger is essential matter in love & respect affair. Hence, don't be afraid of it. It is ego and misunderstanding that become high-risk for relation and connection. Don't be late in removing it. Otherwise, everything will be lost such as trust, hope and sincerity. Love requires to accommodate and adjust accordingly so as justification is provided for smooth running of affairs of heart & mind.]
پيار ۾ تڪرار ٿين ۽ پيا ٿيندا اهي ٿيڻ ڏيو,
پر انا غلطفهمين ھوڏ هٿان ڪو زهر نہ پيو,
انهئ صورت ۾ صفائي ڏئي صاف دل ڪيو,
پيار سچي ۾ شڪ گمان ۽ وهم پائيندا ليئو,
پر بره ۾ ڪري قائم برابري جيئڻ ڏيو جيئو,
سدائين سهمت ٿيو, سونهن سان سلام سان

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Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Day. 
[ If you are not accepted alog with your all colors, create new world for you full of love and beauty. If nobody can fall in love, fall in love with your Self. Don't wait for anybody for long-time, go ahead in search of love & beauty, vision & wisdom and truth & peace. Don't accept that you should be accepted as desired by others, see, what is required by your heart, soul and instincts. Always pray and preach it without limitations.] 
مصور جي آھين تہ وري  ڪا نئين تصوير بڻاء ،
سونهن ۽ سرت لاء وري پيرن ۾ گهنگهرو پاء.،
دل نہ لڳائي ڪو اگر دلبر.، پاڻ سان دل لڳاء،
واٽ تي ويھ نہ منتظر، اڳتي هل وک ڪا وڌاء،
سمجهيو نہ وڃين هتي، تہ پاڻ کي سمجهاء،
گيت محبت ۽ دعائن سلامن جا تون پيو ٻڌاء.

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Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Day.

Translation into English :
[ It is said that Allah takes/holds examination of His most lovers and they sacrifice their lives to please Allah.
Dear/Ideal/Leader is a human -being, and always is bent upon to put lover/lovers in  terrible test & trouble His/Her lovers /followers are bound to sacrifice everything, even their lives. But, he/she is never pleased.]

Translation into Urdu:
[ کہتے ہیں کہ اللہ پاک اپنے عشاق سے بڑے سخت امتحان لیتا ہے، اور جان و مال کی قربانی پسند فرماتا ہے اور لیتا بھی ہے. لیکن تم تو خدا کے بندے ہو. اللہ کی اس صفت پر کیوں گامزن ہو؟ اپنے عاشق، مداح اور معتقد کی جان کیوں لیتے ہو؟]
دوست ڪھائي دادلا ھو پرور پاڪ ڌڻي
اھا صفت رب سندي وئي توکي پڻ وٹي،
تون ڪرین ھنڌ ھٹي، مارین عاشق مفت ۾

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WISH YOU GOOD DAY/NIGHT with love, respect and regards.
Dr. Dur Muhammad Pathan.
Founder, Gul Hayat Institute.
[ CENTRAL IDEA OF MY POETRY: Life is not a bed of roses. It always gives tough time to those, who are men of vision & wisdom and work for love & beauty and peace &  progress. Whoever has such noble cause, will be misunderstood, betrayed and opposed terribly. But,  hatred & discrimination can't block their way. They are never disappointed but, are Golden Hearts and Loving Souls, sincere and dedicated with Noble Cause.]
هر دفعي زندگئ شڪست ڏني هر دفعي زندگئ کي ماري ويس.,
سکن جي سيج نہ ٿي زندگي پر ڏکن ۾  کلي سا گهاري ويس,
ٻاٽ اونده ڪڻدا  ڪي رهيا پر مان لاٽ ھر دفعي ٻاري ويس,
ڀروسن کي درياه ۾ لوڙھيو ويو ماڻھپو مگر مان تاري ويس,
سمجھ آئون هاري ويس,  پر دليون دعائن سلام سان ٺاري ويس

Good Wishes