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Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Night.
[ I am satisfied with your every kind of attitude and behavior, though, it is even against me. May you also be pleased  with my prays and requests. You are independent in all respects, but I am dependent upon your kindness. What you desire, is more important than my needs. What a amazing game is this that heart is mine but always on your side. It can't realizes my sorrows, longings and problems like you.]
اسان راضي تنهجئ مرضئ سان تون ٿئين شل راضي,
هيلو وسيلو پنهنجو پرين آهي ڪرڻ تان آزي نيازي,
اها بره بڻائي بازي,  جو دل منهنجي سدا توء در تي.

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Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Night. 
[ Love has its own traditions, values and requirements. When it enters in any heart, throws at once discrimination of all kinds out of mind. It creates such a highest unity that there remains no beloved or lover. Hence, lover becomes beloved and beloved as lover, simultaneously. Love never believes and abide by out-dated values, anti-soul & heart traditions and command by self, of others and ideologies.]
نہ ڪو  ٿئي ٿو عاشق عشق ۾ نہ ڪو ئي محبت ڪري معشوق, 
ذريعا بره بيپرواه جا باوثوق,اتم متڀيد عقل مت شرم کان
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Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Night. 
[Dear!  I am facing terrible fight of my eyes and heart with me. They are not happy with distance and differences. They are bent upon to see you and receive you. Come on my dear. Otherwise, I cant satisfy my heart and eyes. They will create horrible problem for me throughout night. They are more wiser than me and their selection -you my dear-is second to none.]
من ملڻ لاء اکيون ڏسڻ لاء روئن رڙن ڪن تنهنجو انتظار, 
سمجهن اهي ڪين ڪي مان سمجهايان              تن کي بار بار, 
آء پرين ڪر اچڻ جي تان هي پڻ ڪن پوء سينگار, 
دلبر دير نہ لاء تون نہ تہ هي ڪنديون               گهڻو آزار, 
اٿم اونو ۽ ويڇار, تہ ڪيئن لهي تڪرار عقل-وندن جو.
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Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night.
[ Dear, Life, Death, Dear and Ruler will never accept your dictation. They have their values, traditions and priorities. It is better to offer them your sincerity, love and beauty. If dear is pleased, you can defeat death. If life is pleased, peace will be with your heart & mind. In such away, you will be source of vision & wisdom ]
حاڪم ھوت موت ۽ حیاتئ تي،
سگھي حڪم نہ ھلائي ڪیر،
سرت سونهن نہ سمجھن مورڳو،
تن سان تن جو جيئن ڪو ویر،‏
تن سان سنڀالي کٹجي سدا پیر،
ڪڍي من جو مير, هلجي تن سان.‏
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Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Night. 
[ Dear!  I started searching my lost Soul and Self centuries ago, and have now reached at door of your heart with proof and evidence that they are here and no elsewhere. It is advisable to purchase me with your love & beauty, as I am not expensive at all. I have nothing in possession, except your love and my sincerity and trust. I am determined to be sold and am in patch up with me. Patch up with you is required in this regard, please.]
پنهجي گمشده روح جي تلاش ۾ نڪتو هان, 
پيرو کڻي پرين اچي  تو وٽ مان پهتو هان, 
خريد ڪر خودي بہ ڪانهي صفا سستو هان
وفا ۾ خلوص ايثار ۾ مگر مان سربستو هان, 
 پاڻ ساڻ پرتو هان,  تون بہ پرچ کڻي پرين

Good Wishes