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Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Night.
[ Love is life, but requires sacrifice of life. In the culture of love one has to think with heart, refrain from taking and accepting orders of mind, and has to ignore outdated tradition and values. It asks for setting new tradition of accommodating sorrows & longings and surrending before beloved unconditionally.]
پيار رکائي پهريون پاسيرا عقل مت شرم,
پوء ئي ڪري قرب سونهن سچائي ڪرم,
بره رکي ڀرم,  اڳ ۾ وٺي قرباني سر جي

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Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Night.                   
[ Do you know why I love and respect you? It is because of your wonderful behavior and attitude. You are committed, determined and dedicated. You always do, what you say. You accept and apply what your learn. You understand, what you listen. You are not teacher, but preacher and promoter of sincerity and sacrifice. You work for love, beauty and peace for all. Really you are my beloved, you are my ideal and role-model for all]
 تون پڙھين تون پرجهين پڙھڻ ڪڙھڻ چوڻ ڪرڻ آھي اتم تنهنجي هير, 
ڪرين متاثر علم عقل سونهن سان تو جيها ڪٿ مانجهي مڙس مٿير؟
 سيکارين سسيون دليون ڏيڻ سرت صبر سان تون دودا دولھ دلير,
 اهو ئي چاهين تہ پيو سدا لاهين جي آھن ماڻھن جي من اندر مير,
 قرب پيار خلوص سان ۽ ڀرين وفا ۽ ايثار سان سڀ سان تون پير, 
ڪرين نہ ڪائي اوير, سارين سوير سرت سونهن امن سلام سان
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Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night. 
[ Commitment is the backbone of integrity. Integrity is a real defination of golden heart and pure mind. Commitment is to do, what you say. Commitment is climax of sincerity, devotion and dedication. It is creation and creator of human love, respect and service.
Dear!  You are man of integrity, hence, you follow and abide by your commitments. Therefore, you are my ideal and role-model.]
جو ڇئجي سو ئي ڪجي اهو سيکاريو عشق عقل ۽ دين, 
جي سچا سندء سندرتا سان سي اصل سکيا نہ “ڪين“, 
پر جي نينهن کان نابين, سي ڦرڻا گهرڻا وعدن قسمن تان.
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Dr. Pathan wishes YOU Good Night.. 
[ If it is unbearable cold and you feel heat in your heart, believe that it is call of love. Listen it, accept and respect it. Your Inner Person has understood demand of your instincts and nature. Hurry up and get rid of your ego, turn your face from hatred and discrimination without fail. You are beauty and it needs love. You are love and it needs beauty. You are body and soul and they need peace.] 
جي تھ سياري ۾ رت ٽھڪي پوئي پڪ سمجھ تہ پيار سنڀاليو ٿي,
 ڳچئ کان وٺي چوئي ٿو انا نفرت جو ڇو اجايو جنجال پاليو ٿي؟
 تو ڇو ائين جاليو ٿي؟ سرت سونهن سهڻي ۽ سلام کان سواء
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Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Night. 
[ You are second to none in kindness and greatness. You are a complete universe in yourself. Your beauty is beyond imagination. Your vision is vast and your wisdom is wide. You never ignore, but accept along with all faults, mistakes and limitations. That is the reason, you are my unprecedented ideal.]
دل درياه دامن دنيا جانب تنهنجي جهولي جيئن سارو جهان, 
تنهنجو قرب قرارو تنهنجي محبت محيط ڌرتئ کان آسمان, 
سو روح نہ رلي رڻ ۾ جنهن جو تون تئين ٿو کڻي قدردان, 
ان لاء آھيان مان مستان,  تنهنجئ سرت  سونهن تي سپرين.

Good Wishes