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Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Night.
[ To Remember death in life is better, but it is best to find life in death. Wherever you notice dead hearts &'minds, be source of life for them. Be soul for their bodies. Declare with firm belief and force that death is door to another everlasting life and there is no need of fear. When you believe in,  what is not your, but given by others such as name & ideology and traditions & value; then what is problem in not believing in self? Believe yourself as everybody can believe you. Believe that you are life, love and beauty.] 
زندگئ ۾ ڀل کڻي موت ياد ڪجي پر موت ۾ زندگي تلاش ڪجي, 
موت نئين زندگئ جو دروازو راز سو هر هر فاش ڪجي, 
دکن دردن کي ايئن بي ڊپائپ سان پرين پاش پاش ڪجي, 
اعتبار سڄڻ ڪاش ڪجي,  پنهنجئ سرت سندرتا وفا تي.
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Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night.
[ جو لوگ مجازی یار کی عدم موجودگی کے دکھ یا حقیقی محبوب کی یاد میں راتوں کو جاگتے ہیں وہ خوابوں کی وادی میں سرگردان نظر نہیں آتے۔ وہ اپنے محبوب کی یاد کو اپنی محبت کا دین و ایمان سمجھتے ہیں۔ انہیں اپنی نیازمندی پر گھمنڈ نہیں ہوتا ہے۔ وہ اپنی محنت اور محبت کا کوئی معاوضہ نہیں مانگتے البتہ اپنے محبوب کو خوش دیکھنے کی تمنا رکھتے ہیں]
راتیون جاڳي ڪن راضي رانول يار صنم,
تنين جو خیالي خوابن سان ڪھڙو ڪم؟
دل جي هر ڌڙڪن ۾ دلبر ٻيو نہ هڻن دم, 
،‏يادن جي تسبيح ھلائي  رکن بره جو ڀرم ،‏
ڪجھ بہ چاهن طلبن يار جو قرب ڪرم, 
تن ڪونهي غم، نہ وھم قرب ڪمائي تي.
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[ Some people, like me, are not dodged by Nights. Nights throw people in valley of dreams. Dreams are not realities.They are figments of imagination for those, who believe in reality. They are not happy with dreams. Hence, they spent nights in waiting, emembering and pleasing their ideals and beloveds.
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Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Night. 
[ Beauty without love and love without beauty are incomplete. Dear!  Don't make it defective, because of hunting for perfect beauty or love. It is miracle of the love that it ignores mistakes and faults. Accept love so as your faults and mistakes can be ignored totally and you be accepted and trated as an ideal and second to none beautiful. ]
نہ ڪا سونهن سون نہ ڪا چاهت چاندي, 
اها عجب جهڙي سوچ ڪٿان تو آه آندي, 
بره سيکاري برابري تون ڇو بڻائين باندي؟
پيار پرين جي پيراندي,  وٺ تہ والي ٿئين.
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Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Night. 
[Because of Love and respect with sincerity and dedication,  I have seen so many lovers, not on the door, but in the heart of their dear ideals. It is miracle of love that always  amalgamates love and beauty in a such a way that it becomes difficult to differentiate between lover and bolved. It is not narration, but experience. Peep into golden heart of my dear, you will find me very much there.]
در پهچايو دوست جي مون کي بره بڻايو بختور, 
جڏھن ٻولي ٻوليم پيار جي بڻجي ويس سخنور, 
ڪندي سندن سونهن امر, اٿم پڪ گهڻي پرين ۾.
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Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Night. 
[ If anybody needs protection and safety, he/she must surrender before beauty & love. It will be totally bad luck and self-dodging to turn face and not to accept & respect love & beauty as basic requirements of human -instincts, values and nature. Once beauty & love are find and recognized, they must be honored and pleased, otherwise, one should fight with self and revisit strategy in this regard. 
You are beauty & love, vision & wisdom and peace & protection. I can't afford to miss you. I will please you with my sincerity and sacrifice, my dear. Because, I need you, protection and safety.]
خير انهئ ۾ آھ تہ پرين جي اڳيان غير مشروط جهڪي پئجي, 
انڌير ان ۾ آھ تہ سونهن ڏسي ان کان منهن مٽي اٿي پئجي, 
پرين پرچائي نہ سگهجي تان پوء پاڻ سان صفا رسي پئجي, 
نهن کان چوٽئ تائين پسي پئجي,جي هو بره جي بارش ٿين.

Good Wishes