D. B. Avari:

He started his life as an Assistant in the Bombay Administrative Office of The  Sun Life Assurance Co.,of Canada. He came to Karachi in 1929 as the Unit Organizer for sindh and Baluchistan for the Sun life Assurance Co. He soon established himself in Karachi as the best organizer of the life Assurance Co. He was the past President in 1940-41 of Rotary Club of Karachi and was a Member on the Managing Committee of S.P.C.A. of Karachi, a member of the Jail Committee and the Sindh Defence Loan Committee appointed by Sind Government. He was the Honorary Secretary and Treasurer of Karachi Branch of the Overseas League of London and Tobacco Fund for Soldiers at the Front since the beginning of War. He was a member of the Karachi Club, Honorary Secretary of Y.M.L.A. He was one of the founders of Lodge Conclave -- Secret Monitor, Karachi. Avari was the only Indian from India, Burma and Ceylon who passed the difficult examinations of Chartered Life Underwriter of America. He was an Insurance Expert in Sindh having delivered a number of most interesting and instructive lectures on Life Insurance, Principles and Practices.He was Justice of Peace also. (Source: ‘Personal Personalities of Sindh’, by M.U.Abbasi).

Deepchandar Belani:

Son of Tilokchand, born on 17.04.1909 at village Kanya Kalhora of Taluka Kandyaro.Passed Sindhi Committee Examination (Final) in 1924 and got appointmed himself as a Teacher but found it not suitable for him as it was some sort of hinderance in his way to serve his Nation,therefore became Publisher and also joined Journalism.He remained Editor/Sub-Editor of “Karam Veer”,”Nau Bharat”,”Shakti”,”Mata”,”Nari Sansar” & “Nawabshah Gazette”.He was active worker/preacher of the Congress. Migrated to Ajmir after partition.

Denomal Metharam:

Born in 1904 at Naushero Feroz. Was  Congress  Activist.  Migrated to Ajmir soon after partition. (Source: ‘Ajmiri Shakhsiyatoon’).

Devi Wadhumal Chandiramani:

She joined D.J.Sindh College 1931. Won Scholar ship. Did B.A. in  1935.She was an active member Sind Collegiate Strings. She took part in the College Dramatic Concerts. (Source: D.G.Sindh College Miscellany, 1935).

Dialmal Daulatram Bhawani

He Matriculated 1889. After doing B.A., LL B Joined the Judicial Department, where he rose to be District and Sessions Judge. Elected to the. Sindh Assembly where remained  Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister P. W. D. ( Source:D.G.Sindh College Miscellany,1935)

Dingomal Narainsingh:

He was a leading Lawyer of Sindh associated with Wadhumal & Co. He was a Director of the Sind Observer Press and took keen interest in Social, Religious and Political advancement of his community. He conducted some of the most sensational Criminal and Civil Suits, Chief among them being "The Port Trust Fraud Case", "Late Sir Kothari's Will Case" and many other cases.

Diwan Bulchand Dayaram, R.B:

He was from the most noble family being the son of Honourable Dayaram Jethmal after whom the D. J. Sind College is named. Late Rai Bahadur had dedicated his life to the cause of education and was one of those who were inspired by late Sadhu Hiranand and Sadhu Nawalrai. He was the Principal of the School N. H. Academy started by two Sadhu Brothers for a number of years. He was a great scholar and had a burning passion for literature. His contributions both in Sindhi and English were of rare charm. His English was flawless and masterly. He used to take keen interest in the Civic life of his City and was the President of Hyderabad Municipality for a number of years, where he did a lot to improve the administration of Hyderabad Municipality

He was a very valuable member of D. J. Sindh College Board for a number of years. He was a Fellow of University of Bombay, here too he fought for the rights of Sindh.(Source: ‘The Colourful Personalities of Sindh’, by M.U.Abbasi).

Diwan Dialmal Bhavnani:

Son of Doulatram, born on 1st of November 1873 at Hyderabad. Educated at Shikarpur. Did Matriculation in 1889, graduation in 1892 and LL.B in 1895.He was appointed as a Sub-Judge in 1901 at Jacobabad and retired in 1928 as District and Sessions Judge. He remained Sindh Minister also. He was active leader of Sindh Hindu Sabha and took active part in opposing separation of Sindh from Bombay Presidency.He remained President Narsiomal Club, Sukkur, Secretary Dialdas Club, Hyderabad and. President Scout Association, Hyderabad. Also Scout Commissioner. Early took interest in Politics• was a Correspondent of the Sindh Journal of Hyderabad. Secretary of the Provincial Conference at Hyderabad in 1925. He was member of Sind Deputation before the Simon Commission. 'Took keen interest in the controversy of Sind Separation. Member of the Sind Deputation for the Unity Conference at Allahabad, 1925. In capacity of the Chairman Thar Famine Relief Committee, In 1930 he volunteered distribution of relief.He served also as a  member of the School Board of District Board, Sukkur.He was Life  member of the Hyderabad Education Society and on its hoard of directors. President  Amil Co-operative Agriculture Association.

Diwan Dayaram Gidumal:

Born on 30th of June 1957 at Hyderabad. He was a Philospher, poet and scholar. His books such as ‘Something about Sindh’, Jabuk (Man Lai)’, & ‘Sat Sahelyoon’ etc are very important books in Sindhi literature.Set new trend of social services in Sindh and Hind. Founded so many Social organizatios. At the eleventh hour of his age, he married a young gril, daughter of his friend. He breathed his last on 7th December 1929.

Diwan Doulatram Bulchand Advani:

 He became a Municipal Councillor of Hyderabad Municipality in 1919 and  the Chief Officer of the same Municipality in 1922 and retired from that post in 1940. He again became a Municipal Councillor in 1941 and later on the President. He was the President G.D. National College Board, President Hyderabad Education Society, Hon: Principal N. H. Academy, Hyderabad Sindh, President Hindu Social Reforms Association, President Hindustan Scout Association, member Governing Council Kundanmal Girls' High School, local Director Sindh Provincial Cooperative Bank, Chairman Sindh Provincial Cooperative Institute.

Diwan Gopaldas Jamatmal Advani:

He was a leading Lawyer of Hyderabad. His life was devoted to service of the City. As a Municipal Counsellor he did much to improve the civic life of the City. He used to take part in politics just for the love of mother India. He was always for purity of administration in the Municipality and honesty in public life. The famous firm of advocates at Hyderabad Gopaldas Jhamatmal beared his name which his son Hotchand had continued. The Road leading to Courts in West Katcha is named after him for his services to the  city of Hyderabad.

Diwan Kalumal Pahlumal:

He was born on 18th April 1877. After graduating in Arts and Law from the Bombay University, he started practice in 1904 and soon established reputation as a leading lawyer. He was a member, Karachi Municipality for about six years and Acting Principal Law College from its inception in Karachi till about the end of 1927. He was appointed Judge, Small Causes Court, Karachi. He was made Chief Judge under Karachi Small Causes Court. Soon after in 1929 he acted as A. J. C. for a few months in the then J.C.'s Court (new Chief Court).He  retired  in 1935 as Chief Judge of Small Causes Court, Karachi. In appreciation of his services on the Bench, he was given the distinction of Dewan Bahadur in June 1936. He was later on made Justice of Peace. He was connected with several charitable trusts and other educational institutions.He was the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Daily Paper "Sind Observer."

Diwan Kanvalsing Pohumal Malkani:

He was the first Sindhi who started the idea of serving Sindh through his famous paper ‘Sindhvasi' for which he started his famous Premier Printing Press at Hyderabad as far back as 1908. In order to feed the Press with paper, he started his second enterprising idea of opening a shop supplying paper to this province. Thus Messrs. J. B. Advani & Co., Ltd., was started by him  in 1912 with Diwan Vasanmai Kishinchand, Mr. Bhagwansing Basantsing, late Diwan Jodasing Harising Advani, late Mr. Gopaldas Khanchand Mirchandani and Mr. Jethmal Thakursing Lalwani as his partners. The shop in those days stood as the premier paper concern in whole of India having branches in Karachi, Bombay, Madras, Lahore, Delhi and Calcutta. (Source: ‘The Colourful Personalities of Sindh’, by M.U.Abbasi)


Diwan Kauromal:

Diwan Kauromal Chandanmal was born on 5th October 1844 at Bhirya and breathed his last on 16th December 1916. He was an outstanding Educationist and Man of letters of early days of British Sindh. His valuable contribution provided foundation to our Modern Sindhi Literature. He wrote on Child Literature, on Women-folk problems and also   translated Novels and Dramas. Some of his books are: ‘Pako Pah’ (1862), ‘Sindhi Gujhrtoon’ (1888),  ‘Baranyoon Akhanyoon’ (1891), ‘Phool Malha’ (1902), ‘Ratnavali’ (1905) and ‘Sami Ja Salook’ (1907) etc.

Diwan Lilaramsing:

Son of Watanmal was born at Hyderabad. He served in Judicial Department and retired as First Class Subodinate Judge. By religion he was Sikh but a man without any discrimination. He presided over ‘Sikh Educational Conference’ held in Punjab. He was an outstanding poet and was known as ‘Khaki’. Mirza Kalich was his close friend and both wrote/translated dramas also. His book ‘Life, Religion and Poetry of Shah’  (1890) is second to none in connection with understanding Shah Latif. He breathed his last on 10th of October 1924.


Diwan Naraindas Dharamdas Vaswani:

He remained a member of Hyderabad Municipality for 21 years and its President more than once. He was the Chairman of Khudahadi Amil Co-operative Bank Ltd. He was a member of management bf Sind Provincial Co-operative Bank, Hyderabad, a member of committee of management of Khudabadi Amil Co-operative Agricultural Association.

Diwan Tahilram Khemchand:

 He received early education at Tatta and then joined the N. J. High School at Karachi. After passing the Matriculation Examination he joined the Elphinstone College, Bombay, whence he graduated as a Bachelor of Arts and passed the LL.B. examination in the first class in 1885. It was just about this time that the first awakening of public life was being noticed in Sind.

Diwan Tahilram's ability and valuable work in the Karachi Municipality were appreciated and in 1895 he was elected Vice-President of the Municipality. The next year he was nominated President of the Municipality and held this office upto his death in 1905. He was a Law

Lecturer of the Dayaram Jethmal Sind College. In 1898 he was made C.I.E. and the Citizens of Tatta presented him an address on this occasion. But the most signal honour conferred upon him was the President ship of the Bombay Provincial Conference in 1904. This is a recognition that has come to no other Sindhi. It was Sir Pheroze shah Mehta who made this selection. Pheroze shah was a leader of men and he could recognise worth when he saw it. I n all conferences, Political or other, Sind had never been able to take a prominent part. The standard of patriotism and public service was no high. Sind was regarded as a minor part of the Bombay Presidency and no Sindhi had yet taken an important part in public life. The Provincial Conferences which were held in those days were subsidiary to the Indian National Congress. Pheroze shah Mehta knew Tahilram and he was convinced that Tahilram would make a worthy president of the Bombay Provincial Conference and the selection would also satisfy the claim of Sind to representation.

Diwan Tahilram Khemchand was called away in the midst of a most useful and successful career. No statue was erected to his memory, nor is he very widely remembered in Sind. But the example of his life remains. Men like him are rarely seen any where and in Sind they are still rare. Throughout his short life Diwan Tahilram was guided by a single sense of duty. As a Citizen he had the highest ideal of Civic duty. He never permitted his profession to absorb all his energy or all his time. He was a public servant in the finest sense of the term. He never sought any honour, nor did he at any time seek official favour. His ability was of a high order and he was conscientious and hard worker. He was somewhat reserve and shy by nature but those who knew him realised the charm of his personality and his selflessness.(Source:’The coulrful personalities of Sindh’by M.U.Abbasi)[.

Diwan Teckchand Hassasing Gidwani:

He was a member of Gidu Mental Hospital for years and was the President Tando Adam Municipality for 12 years and a member of Hyderabad District Local Board and Nawabshah for 30 years. He was one of the oldest municipal councillors of Hyderabad Municipality serving the City for over 30 years. He was its Vice-President and Chairman of the Standing Committee. He was the respected Mukhi of Gidwani Panchavat. He was the Ex-Chairman and Director of Zamindari Co-operative Bank Ltd., Hyderabad and a Director, Co-operative Credit Society Bank Ltd., Hyderabad and the President Nava Vidvala High School and was a member and Ex-vice Chairman of Hyderabad Civil Hospital and was also a member Hyderabad Jail Visitors Committee and was the Chairman of Works Committee and a Director of. Electric Corporation, Jacobabad.(Source: ‘The Colourful Personalities of Sindh’, by M.U.Abbasi).


Diwan Teckchand Udhodas R.B: 

Born at Hyderabad in 1853,educated upto Matriculation in Hyderabad,did graduation in 1875.Joined Education Department in 1876 as School Teacher,He was asked and appointed by government in 1877 to translate “Civil Procedure Code”.Worked as editor of “Sindh Sudhar” in the same year.He got himself transferred to Judical Department and after passing “local pleaders Examination”was appointed Sub-Judge in larkano and later on in Kotri.In 1885 joined Karachi Bar and remained associated for 10 years.In 1907 became P.P-first Sindhi on the post-and in 1910 retired from the post,breathed his last on 9.1.1920.He was an outstanding Social worker & political leader.After the death of Tahilram Khemchand,he became president of the “Sindh Hindu Sabha”,worked against “Deti leti”.At the time of the  constitution of the “Local Council”of the Governor of Mombai he was nominated to a seat.He remained Vice-chairman of the Committee of Management of Hyderabad.He worked as Vice president of the “Vidalaya Association” & presedent of the “Kundanmal Girl’s school for years.He was made :Rao Bahadur” during the time when he was a Public Prosecutor.

Diwan Wadhumal Oodharam:

He was reputed to be the lion of the Bar. He was loved and admired by his colleagues and was respected and feared by Bench on account of his sturdy and in-dependent views. As he was a lawyer by profession, he was politician by choice. He was the best electioneer whom Karachi had ever seen. He fought many a valiant battles against odds and always came off with flying colours. The key of his success was his love for public and private freedom. He was a member of Bombay Legislative Assembly after the reforms of 1919, Vice-President Karachi Municipality and a Trustee of Port of Karachi. A powerful speaker, he always shone when in opposition. The important market and a busy road leading to the Courts are named after him because of his many and useful services to the city of Karachi. He passed away from this world to his heavenly home in 1921, leaving a great and honourable name behind which his worthy son Mr. Tikamdas sustains upto this day. Late Diwan Wadhumal even today is remembered in every walk of life with affection and admiration. Late Diwan Wadhumal has not only left a name as a leading Lawyer of Sind which is still being maintained by the famous firm which bears his name, namely Wadhumal & Co., but a worthy Citizen of Sind by being associated with many societies, clubs and Associations of Sind. There is nothing worthy in Sind which does not bear the stamp of his personality. From the Karachi Municipality to the Karachi Club, from Karachi Port Trust to Karachi Gymkhana his towering personality has left his marks behind. (Source: ‘The Colourful Personalities of Sindh’, by M.U.Abbasi).


Dr. A. A. Khan:

He was from a Pathan family of Frontier and had served during War as Medical Officer in Wazirstan. He was a Hon. Pathologist in Civil Hospital, Karachi.He was the President of Muslim League Party in Karachi Municipal Corporation and the President, Muslim League, Saddar and a Municipal Corporator of Karachi.

  Dr. D. G. Advani:

Rao Sahib Dr. Advani  started his profession as Medical Practitioner in Karachi in 1907. He was President of Young Amil Association, Honorary Secretary  of All Sindh Hindu Association; Member, Board of Directors of New High School; Member of the Executive Council of St. John Ambulance Association; President, Sindh Medical Union (1925-26); Vice President of The Indian Girls High School; Vice President of The Social Service League. His house was situated at Burns Road, Karachi. (Source: ‘Who’s Who & Why’-1932, Karachi)


Dr. Hemandas Wadhwani:

 born 12th Jan. 1895. Passed M.B.B.S. (Bombay University) in March 1920. Had his own Hospital & Maternity Home in Jacobabad. He was member of the Jacobabad Municipality for several years. He was Chairman of the Sanitary & Primary School Boards. He was Secretary of the Indian Red Cross Society for nearly 13 years. He was greatly responsible for bringing down the maternal mortality in Jacobabad. He used to hold Baby Shows and had also started a Child-Welfare Centre in Jacobabad. Many social activities in Jacobabad District were due to him. He was one of the Chief Organizers of the Relief work during the floods of 1929 and the Quetta Earthquake of 1935. He was awarded " Kaiser-Hind " Medal in 1934 for his public work. He was elected member of the Sind Legislative Assembly in year 1937. He was a member of the Railway (N.W.R.) Advisory Committee and a member of the Medical Council of India. After his ministership he settled down at Karachi and had his own Indoor Hospital and Maternity Home. He became one of the Leading Doctors of Karachi in a very short time. He was again appointed Minister for Public Health, Industries & Civil defence in year 1942.

Dr. E. D. Shroff:

 Born 5th October 1584 at Bombay. He. was appointed Medical Officer of grim Observation Camp at Perim, 191I-12.He served as the Medical Officer for 22 years and as the Chief Officer of the Karachi Municipal Corporation for 5 years. He was Honorary Secretary of the Karachi Health Association for 5 years; Honorary Secretary of the Karachi Club for 14 years; a member of the Executive Committee, Imperial Indian War Relief Fund during the Great War of 1914-1919; Honorary Secretary, Afar League, West India. During the War rendered valuable assistance to Indian General Hospitals at Karachi.

He was President of the Poor Patients Medical Relief Society, Karachi. Honorary Secretary, Mayor's Quetta Earthquake Relief Fund ; Chairman, Entertainment Committee, Miss Majesty King George V Jubilee Fund; Honorary Secretary, His Late Majesty King George V Sindh Memorial Fund; President, Rotary Club of Karachi, 1937.

He was the Hon. Secretary of the Karachi City Afar Committee; Member of the Sindh Joint War Committee and the Hon. Secretary, Special Purposes Sub-Committee. He was Controller, A. R. Y. Service, Karachi and the Assistant Rationing Officer.He is the Chairman of the Overseas League, Karachi.He was Awarded Kaiser-in-Hind Silver Medal in 1021. Awarded the title of  O.B.E., in January 1941. (Source: ‘The Colourful Personalities of Sindh’, by M.U.Abbasi).

Dr. C. H. Primlani:

He was son of Hassomal Kalachand a leading Lawyer and once President of Hyderabad Municipality. He was the Hon : Surgeon of Civil Hospital, Karachi, Ex Vice-President, Indian Medical Association, Calcutta, Ex President, Sindh Medical Union, Secretary, Health Culture Institute, Karachi, President, Sindhi Gymkhana, Karachi. Dr. Primlani was a Captain in'the Indian Medical Service from 1915 to 1923 during the last Great War. He was also Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hindustan Trading Corporation (India) Ltd., and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Sindh Swadeshi Stores, Karachi.

 Dr. R. H. Hiranandani:

He started service in 1930 as a Sub-Assistant Surgeon and was the first Sindhi who was promoted to Provincial Service in 1927. He was the first Sindhi from Sindh to qualify for M.C.P.S. in 1922 from Bombay. He served as Civil Surgeon in Dadu and Nawabshah. He was the only Sindhi, Eye, Rar, Nose & Throat Specialist in Government service in Sindh.

Durgdas Bhojraj Advani:

Born on 10 February 1880. Passed Matriculation examination in 1896. Joined the Engineering Branch of this College, and after passing out joined the P. W.D in 1901. After a short time he resigned the job and set up as an Architect. Took part in public life, especially in the Home Rule agitation. He remained a member of Bombay Legislative Council [1924-26].He was elected Mayor of Karachi in 1937. (Source: D.G.Sindh College Miscellany, 1935).

Duwarka Parsad Sharma:

Son of Rochiram Sharma,born on 13.09.1898 in Dadu. He was outstanding Journalist, Writer and Freedom Fighter.Edited “Partab”( Hyderabad ).He was active leader of the Congress, and was sentenced to imprisonment. He produced political and religious literature such as ‘ Inqlab Zindahbad’, ‘Hindustan Azad’, ‘Rajpooti Talwar’, ‘Sharnarti Sindhi Talwar; etc. Migrated to Rajistan after partition where he died on 19th May 1966.


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