[ While going through the pages of books on ‘History of Sindhi Literature’ ,

Research Scholars of their own right can form opinion that compilers of those History Books have recorded the history of literature on the information and data, that was in their possession. With the result that they have not produced a ‘comprehensive and authentic’ documents on the subject. Now a days our Governments are minding their own business and they have nothing to do with history. Whereas, the Government of British Sindh had its system of documentation and record keeping. I have seen myself in so many issues of The Sindh Official Gazette, that almost all the publication was notified regularly. If all those Notifications are collected, compiled and published in Book – form, historians of Sindhi Literature and Language will be compelled to revise their books.
Though, it is my solo flight, but I have done my level best to tough new topics for research and have indicated source – material and Methodology. I can not complete all the tasks and projects single handed. It is duty of our Learned Bodies to initiate such type of projects and start working on those vital projects. It is our bad luck there in no demarcation of ‘aims & objects’ of our learned bodies, therefore they do what they like. No problem, if there is repeating of work or violation of ‘aims & objects’. It is only because of that they are ‘men of source, but not mentally or technically resource persons’. Here with, I am sharing information about some of old publications of Sindhi books. May it please my readers. This may kindle be treated as Part -1. My entries consists of: Some details, Title of Book, Name of Author, Place of Publication, Year and Pages]

‘Aghaz –I- Farsi’ (A Persian – Sindhi Reader/Kauromal Chandanmal Khilnani/Karachi/1867/pages 40),

 Ajaib Shah ain Noshab Rani’ (a Romance in verse/Muhammad Fazil/Karachi/1876/pages 72),

ajibu bheta’ ( A Tale depicting Social Evils/Author’s name is not available/Hyderabad/1893/115),

Ali Malik Jo Qiso” (About Hazrat Ali, it is in verse/poet’s name is not known/Bombay/1873/135),

Amilan Ja Naqul” (Stories of opium Smokers/Author’s name unknown/Lahore/1892/32),

Angi Hisab’ (On Aritmatic/Kirshna Shastri – name of translator not known/Karachi/1869/Pages714),

Anees –ul- Mutaqeen” (On Sufi Doctrine/Shaikh Abdul Samad/Bombay/1874/62),

Aqiqay Jo Risalo’ (Shavinf the Head of a New – born child/Mian Ibrahim/Bombay/1872/64),

Bab Namo’ (Sindhi Primer/ Munshi Nandiram Mirani/Karachi/1854/48),

Badar-ul-Munir’ (On religion in verse/Makhdoom Abdullah/Bombay/1871/270),

Baital Badshai Jo Qiso’ (A twenty – five tales/Translated by Gurdasmal Thanwardas Kirpalani/Karachi/1875/156),

Bambai Khatay Ji Gaghrafi” (A Geography of the Bombay Presidency/Gurdinomal Lalsing/Later on it was revised by Kouramal Chandanmal/Karachi/1867/106),

Bayan-ul-Arfeen’ (Poetry/ Shah Abdul Karim of Bulri/Bombay/1876/2960,

Bayazid Bustami Jo Qiso’ (It is in verse name of Author or translator not known/Bombay/1871/840,

Bibi Khadijat-ul-Kubra’ (An account in verse / Poet’s name not known/Bombay/1873/84),

Bili Kuan Jo Qiso’ (The story of Cat and Rats in verse/Akhund Abdul Rahim Abbasi/Karachi/1872/18),

 Char Darwesh’ (Translation of Persian Stories/Translated by Ahmad Khan/Lahore/1893/35),

Chitar Ji Par’ (Elements of Drawing/By Sadasukh Lala and translated by Khandas Mansharam/Karachi/1852/35),

Dastan Amir Hamzo’ (Translated from Persian by Muhammad Hassan/Lahore/1899/Pages 257),

Dharamatattiva’ (Principles of the Brahmist Creed/Author’s name not known/Lahore/1876/950,

Dharti Nirwar’ ( Geography of Sindh/Author and place of publication not known/1845/95), 

Dilpasand Akhanyoon’ (By Munshi udharam Thanwardas/Karachi/1869/104),

Dewan-i-Qasim’ (poetry/By Akhund Muhammad Qasim /Karachi/1878/87),

Doday Chanesar Ji Galh’ (In verse and prose/Munshi Udharam Thanwardas/Karachi/1881/Pages 56),

Durood Hazra Ain Durood Arwahi’ (comiler’s name not known/Lahore/24),

Faraiz-ul-Islam’ (Religious Duties/Mian Abdullah/Bombay/120),

Farsi Amoz” ( Elemetary Persian Grammer/Munshi Udharam Thanwardas/Karachi/1869/55),

Gazwat’ (Wars during days of Prophet P.B.U.H/Mian Abdullah/Bombay/1872/132),

Handbook of Sindhi Proverbs’ (With English renderings and equivalent sayings/Rochiram Gajumal/Karachi/1895/128),

Hatim Tai Jo Qiso’ (Translation from Persian/Muhammad Ibrahim/Lahore/1893/244),

Hidayat-ul-Muriden’ (Religious instruction for followers, in verse/Makhdoom Ibrahim/Bombay/1873/56),

Hidayat-ul-Salheen’ (Religious instructions in verse/Translated by Wali Muhammad/Karachi/1851/580),

Hidayat-ul-Ashqeen’ (Guide for Pilgrims/Abdul Rahman Muhammad hashim/Bombay/1871/269),

Hindu Dharm Shastra’ (Principle of Hindu Law/Nawalrai Shoukiram Advani/Karachi/1869/130),

Hindi – Sindhi Veyakaran’(Sindhi Grammer/Udharam Thawanrdas/Karachi/1889/75),

Hindustan Ji Mukhtasr Jagraphi’ ( Elementary Geography of India/Utamchand Tarachan Lalwani/Karachi/1878/23),

Hindustan Ji Mukhtasr Tarekh’ (A Short History of India/Pritamdas Qismatrai tolaramani/Karachi/1873/Pages 69),

Hindustan Ji Mukhtasr Tarekh’ (From Hunter’s History of India/ Translated by Gul Muhammad/Lahore/1888/48),

Hisab Jo Kitab’ (Mathematical Tables/Writer’s name not known/Karachi/1879/14),

Husna Dildar’ (An Adaption from Skhakespear’s Merchant of Venice/Translated by Mirza Qalich Beg/Hyderabad/1897/120),

England Ji Tarekh’ (Morris’ History of England/Translated by Pribhdas Anandram Ramchandani/Karachi/1886/259),

Aesap Joon Akhanyoon’ (Aesop’s Fables/Translated by Udharam Thanwardas/Karachi/1870/162),

Aishq Ain Aqul Ji Jang Jo Qiso’ (An allegory in Verse/Qazi Noor Muhammad Qureshi/Karachi/1876/12),

Jabir Ansari Jo Qiso’ (Poet’s name is unknown/Bombay/1874/77),

Jabar Ain Muqablo’ (Elements of Algebra/By J.R. Young and translated by Vishvanath Narayn Mandlik And Nandiram Shahani – Perhaps this the First Book, translated jointly by two translators/Karachi/1859/Pages 520),

Jamama Jo Qiso’ (The Story of King Jamama/Fatih Muhammad/Bombat/1872/112),

Kafyun Jo Kitab’ (An Anthology of Sindhi Kafis/Fazil Shah Hyder Shah/Karachi/1883/127),

Kamsan Ain Kamroop Jo Qiso’ (A Tale in Verse/Lalu Bhagat/Karachi/1869/1310,

Kuzul Ibrat’ (Religious teachings in Verse/Abdullah Sindhi/Bombay/1974/248),

Khulfa-i-Rashdeen’ (An Account of four Caliphs in Verse/mian Abdullah/Bombay/18720,

Lila Majnoon’ (In Verse/Fazil Shah/Bombay/1874/72),

Lekhay Ji Par’ (Multiplication and other Tables/writer’s name not know/Karachi/1866/32).

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