In accordance with the programme issued by the Sindh Provincial Muslim League, the Muslim League leaders, Office bearers and Provincial Office staff went over to Keamari harbour early moring on 7th March at 7 to receive Moulana Obaidullah Sindhi. The Sindh Muslim National Guard, Volunteer Corps or the Anjuman Mussalmans Panjab, the Khaksar Party of Sindh, Volunteer Corps Anjuman Nasrate Islam, Volunteer Corps of the Anjuman Shamali Sarnas, Volunteer Corps and Band of Haji Sir Abdullah Haroon Yatim Khana responded to the invitation of Muslim League and were at the docks to accord the Moulana a befitting Welcome.
The S.S. “El Madina”, touched the docks at 8 a.m. Moulana Obeidullah came out of his cabin and was greeted with loud “Allaho Akbar”. The Moulana came down and received “Salami” (with drawn daggers) from the Muslim National Guard. “Salami” was also offered by the other Anjumans. The Moulana addressing the leader of the Khaksar Party that his salutations be communicated to Allama Mushraki, confessing that Allama Mushraki was his old friend and that he (Moulana Obaidullah) appreciated the Khaksar Movement and the fore prayed to God that the movement may thrive and be of real service to the community and the country. In the absence of Haji Sir Abdullah Haroon Sheikh Abdul Majid, M.L.A. General Secretary garlanded Moulana Obeidulla Mallik Abdul Khalique handed over to Moulana Obeidullah a sealed letter from Haji Sir Abdullah Haroon. The letter was marked strictly private a confidential.” The other Muslim League leaders and Congress Muslim leader also profusely garlanded Moulana Sahab. The Moulana was then taken to the shed and it was only due to the energy and discipline Muslim National Guard that the thousands of enthusiastic Muslims were under control. Introductions, embraces and hand-shakes followed.

Moulana was then taken to Madressah Muzharul Allum where he is the guest of Moulana Mohammad Saddiq. At 10.30 Moulana Obeidullah in the company of Sheikh Abdul Majid M.L.A. and Mr. Abdul Khalique went to the Bungalow of Sir Haji Abdullah Haroon to personally thank Lady Haroon for their invitation to be their guest. Begum Haroon congratulated Moulana Obeidullah on his home-coming and treated the Moulana and the Company to light refreshments.
Prominent among these present at the harbour to receive Moulana Obeidullah were following:

Sheikh Abdul Majid M.L.A.
Haji Mohd. Hashim Gazdar M.L.A.
Haji Imam Bux Ghandio
Haji Naziruddin, Civil Military Press.
Mallik Abdul Khallique.
Moulana Sanaullah.
Khan Saheb Baboo Fazil Illahi.
Moulana Shah Mohammad.
Khan Sarang.
Hakim Abdul Majid Sherwani.
Moulana Hayee Hakani.
Mr. Din Muhammad, Editor “Alwahid”.
Dr. Tarachand Lulwani.
K.S. Allah Bux, Prime Minister Sindh.
Pir Illahi Bux, Revenue Minister Sindh.
Moulana Mohammad Siddiq.
Moulana Mohammad Usman.

Note: The local Congress leaders had also issued press notes and hand-bills requesting Congress members and workers to be at the docks to welcome Moulana Obeidullah Sindhi but unfortunately hardly five Congress people were present to accord welcome, to distinguished son of India as Moulana Obeidullah.

Good Wishes