What Peoples say about Gul Hayat.


Dr Dur Mohammad Pathan,
Gul Hayat Institute,
Vill: Khair Muhammad Arija,
District: Larkana, Sindh,
Our ref.: 7 September 1998
Your ref.:
Dear Dr Pathan,
Having reported on my visit to the Gul Hayat Institute, I can confirm that the International Institute of social History (IISH) has been impressed by the considerable efforts made by the Gul Hayat Institute (GHI) over the past eight years in preserving valuable historical material on Sindh society.
IISH realizes that you and your family have sacrificed much for the realization of this archive in the village of Khair Muhammad Arija.
IISH considers it important that such work should be facilitated in the future. In this spirit, we would like to suggest that GHI and IISH be affiliated to each other. The purpose of this affiliation is to help ensure that material on the history of Sindh and other parts of Pakistan be conserved for future generations. IISH is looking forward to co-operation with GHI in the exchange of information and in other ways that may be of mutual benefit.
We trust that this affiliation will lead to a strengthening of the GHI as well as to more scholarly interest in the history of Sindh at the IISH. To this end, we invite you, Dr dur Mohammad Pathan, in your personal capacity as well as in that of Director of the Gul Hayat Institute, to initiate this new co-operation between our Institutes in Sindh.
Your Sincerely,
Pro. Willem van Schendel
Asia Department
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The Governing Board of Editors of the American Biographical Institute
takes pleasure in announcing that
Dr. Dur Muhammad Pathan
has been nominated to receive the distinct honor of
2000 Millennium Medal of Honor
The ABI is the publisher of biographical reference volumes such as the International Directory of Distinguished Leadership, Personalities of America, Five Thousand Personalities of the World, International Book of Honor, and Most Admired Men and Women of die Year. These volumes, and others are recognizedthroughout the world as leading sources of reference on outstanding individuals.
The American Biographical Institute honors those individuals who are contributing to a better society by building better communities through outstanding service on local, state, or international levels. These leaders contribute their time and talents to civic organizations, public and private schools, universities and colleges, government organizations, professional groups, religious organizations, and more. Dr. Dur Muhammad Pathan is among a select group who have been nominated because of his outstanding accomplishments to date and noble example ne has set for his peers and entire community.
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We hope you mil assist the American Biographical Institute in recognizing the accomplishments of Dr. Dur Muhammad Pathan
J. M. Evans
December 1998

ڊاڪٽر غلام علي الانا: ڪي شاگرد پنهنجي محنت، جذبي ۽ ڪوشش سان ايڏو وڏو ڪم ڪري ويندا آهن جنهن جي ڪري نه فقط سندن نالو روشن ٿيندو آهي، پر سندن اهي ڪم سندن استادن جو ڳاٽ اوچو ڪندا آهن، اهڙن ماڻهن مان هڪ ماڻهو آهي. ڊاڪٽر در محمد پٺاڻ. ڊاڪٽر در محمد پٺاڻ جو هي ڪم ڏسي مون کي نه فقط خوشي ٿي آهي پر فخر به ٿيو اٿم، ڊاڪٽر پٺاڻ منهنجو شاگرد آهي، ن Ph.d جي ڊگري منهنجي رهنمائيءَ ۾ حاصل ڪئي آهي. گل حيات انسٽيٽيوٽ جو نالو ته اخبارن ۾ پڙهندو رهيو آهيان پر اڄ هيءُ ادارو وزٽ ڪري، هت گڏ ڪيل مواد ڏسي، مواد کي جنهن ڍنگ سان رکيو ويو آهي، اهو سڀ ڪجهه ڏسي پنهنجي دل مان اها دعا نڪري ٿي ته رب ڪريم ڊاڪٽر در محمد پٺاڻ کي خوش رکي، آباد رکي ۽ سالم صحت ڏي. هن اداري جهڙو ادارو ٺاهڻ اڪيلي ماڻهوءَ جو ڪم ٿي نه آهي، يقين ئي نٿو اچي ته ڪو ڊاڪٽر پٺاڻ اڪيلي سر هي ادارو پاڻ ٺاهيو آهي. ادارو ته مون به ٺاهيا آهن، پر اُتي مون سان گڏ ماڻهن جي ٽيم هوندي هئي پر مون جڏهن هت اچي ڏٺو ته هت ٻيو ڪو به ڪارڪن ڪونهي پر در محمد اڪيلي سر هن اداري جو پنو پنو گڏ ڪيو آهي، انهن پنن کي سليقي سان موضوع مطابق سهيڙيو آهي، سڄي سنڌ هت يڪجا ڪئي اٿس، آءُ يقين سان چوان ٿو ته هن فقير تن تنها، بنا ڪنهن سرڪاري مدد ۽ سهاري جي جيڪي ڪجهه گڏ ڪيو آهي، اهو سنڌالاجيءَ ۾ گڏ ڪيل مواد کان ڪنهن به صورت ۾ گهٽ ڪونهي. جيڪڏهن سنڌ جي يونيورسٽين ۾ ڊاڪٽر در محمد پٺاڻ جهڙا پنج پنج محنتي ڪارڪن هجن، جيڪي سنڌ تي تحقيق سان شوق رکندا هجن ۽ جذبي سان ڪم ڪن ته مون کي اميد آهي ته سنڌ جي تاريخ، ثقافت، ٻولي، سياسي ۽ سماجي موضوعن تي مواد گڏ ٿي ويندو. آءُ دل جي گهراين سان ڊاڪٽر در محمد پٺاڻ کي تمام گهڻيون، گهڻيون مبارڪون ڏيان ٿو، مون کي پنهنجي هن لائق شاگرد جو هي ڪم ڏسي تمام گهڻو فخر آهي، دل چاهي ته سندس پيشاني چمان. ڌڻي خوش رکي. غلام علي الانا 16.4.1999 We human beings are historical animals; we can not function with out a sense of our history. But much of History is lost because historical evidence is not preserved. This allows myths about the past to be fabricated, often in the service of powerful groups and individuals. It is the taste of historians to expose such myths - but for this they need evidence. It is here that the Gulhayat I institute provides a unique initiative for the understanding of t he complex history 0 f Sindh as well as the greater region. It has collected, preserved and made available to researchers an unparalleled collection of historical Source. (13.8.98. Willen van Schendel, Representative 0 f the international Institute 0 f Social History, Nether Land). "Great Congratulations. May your work become the seed of many educational, cultural and historical institutions all over Sindh. Please keep the UNESCO, the SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTE and other learned bodies regularly informed of your wonderful work" (Dr. G.M.Mehkri, dt. 06.06.91). "Dr. Pathan has developed the institute into the first of its kind in Sindh, and with distinction of coming up with out any kind of government help in the institute, you have to simply name the man famous in certain field and within moments you get complete profile." (Dr. Maula Bux. "Date line Larkana".DAWN, dt. June 3, 1991). I congratulate you on the fine example you are setting for your peers and society. (lM.Evan, Editorial Director American Biographical Institute, dt. Feb. 7, 1997). "It has been most interesting to learn of the existence of the institute, and see some of the material which has been collected. It was particularly interesting to look through some of the items relating to my late father, H.T.Lambrick" (Charles lambrick 4th Jan: 1997). "This is a most impressive and clearly valuable source of material on Sindh history, culture and politics, and a great achievement as a private initiative". (George Lambrik, 4.1.1997). It was really an exciting omen to visit Gul Hayat Institute. The fascinating research activities to preserve the culture and politics of Sindh is marvelous. The founder is not only a source of inspiration, but also a sign of socio - religious philosophy and though." (Syed AnwarIqbal, Dept. of Anthropology, Quaid-e-Azam university, Islamabad. Dee: 4,1996), impression. Pakistan 25.09.1996). This institute is really impressive and leaves one with good needs to have more of such institutions. "{Nino Puljek, Croatia, dt. "It is amazing that one person could, through his own efforts and sources create such an institution. This is a great contributiol1 to the intellectual development of Sindh. Future historians and scholars will benefit a lot from this material collected here. I hop the Government wouldextend some help to this institute and make it a national Institution "(Iqbal Jafar, T.V.D. Islamabad. dt. 05.02.1996). "I am deeply impressed b y the material available in Gul H ayat. Dr. Pathan's efforts are laudable. His endeavors will go down in history; I congratulate him on this wonderful work" (Fakhar Zaman, Chairman, National Commission on History & Culture and Pakistan Academy of Letters, dt. 5.1.1996). "The experience of being here is inexplicable. The treasurers hidden here in this remote village in them selves are commendable but the thought and efforts behind this all can not be valued in simple words". (Ms. Durdana Bhutt. T.V. Star dt. 19.11.1993). "Gul Hayat is the source of inspiration and a seat of mental development for desiring people". (Dr. Rajub AMemon. Tando Jam University)

Good Wishes