Cabral, Bernard Frank:

He was born on 7th March 1885 at Chimbel. Arrived in Sindh in 1914 as Manager ‘Reuter’s Telegraph Agency’. Had written several books  and plays in Concanim, and composed the music for his plays. Entered Karachi Municipal as its Member in 1924 and was re-elected for the second term also. Remained the Vice-President of the Goan Union, Karachi. (Source: ‘Who’s Who & Why’-1932, Karachi).


Capt. Hoosainbhoy A. Bandukwalla:

 He was the proprietor of the ancient and most reputed firm of Messrs. Abdoolally Moosabhoy & Sons, dealing in Arms & Ammunition, Soda Water requisites Chemical Drugs, Perfumes, started in 1872 by his late revered father. This notable firm has been appointed as the Sporting Ammunition Suppliers to H. E. The Viceroy & Governor-General of India by appointment, having a Branch in Lahore styled and named as Messrs. Buksh Elahie & Co.He was a member of the Karachi Municipal Corporation where he served the City  for over 25 years continuously. He was an important member of the Karachi District Local Board and Vice-Chairman of Tatta (Sindh) Electric Supply Company Ltd. He was a non-official visitor of the Karachi District Prison and a member of the Sindh Madressah Board. He was a Trustee of the Faiz Hussaini Trust of Karachi and Iraq and a member of the Haji Port Committee. He was a leading Landlord and Zamindar of Karachi.

Capt. Hoosainbhoy was the first Sindhi who built the famous Steamer S. S. `Hyderi' along with late Seth Tayabali. He was an important Director of the Karachi Daily and Indus Printing Press Ltd. He was also a Director of Sindh National Bank Ltd., Karachi. (Source: ‘The Colourful Personalities of Sindh’, by M.U.Abbasi)

Castellio, Joseph :

Born on 30th September 1891, at Goa and came to Karachi in December 1899. Educated at St. Patrick’s High School and D.J.Sindh College. Took the LL.B degree in 1924. He was elected Municipal Councillor in 1927 for the Christians and Jewish Wards. Remained Acting Vice-President of the Karachi Municipality also. He was associated with many Social and Educational organizations. (Source: ‘Who’s Who & Why-1932, Karachi & :D.G.Sindh College Miscellany, 1935)

Chandolal Jaisinghani:

He was born on 13th April 1919 at Radodero and after partition migrated to India, where he settled in Mumbai. He was Fiction writer of his own right. His short stories have been translated into Gujrati also. Some of his books are: ‘Pahari Chotyoon’, ‘Sadhna Jo Khoon’, Zindah Dil’ etc.

Chainrai  Bulchand Advaui:

Passed Matriculation in 1890 and joined D.J.Sindh College in 1690-1891. After graduating B. A. joined the Revenue Department where he rose to the Assistant to the Commissioner-in-Sindh. He translated Bhagvad Gita in a fine verse inSindhi Government honoured him with the title of Rao Bahadur. (Source:D.G.Sindh College Miscellany, 1935)

Choharmal Hinuja:

  He was born on 2nd March 1902 at village Phaka of Dadu District and after 1947 he migrated to India, where he breathed his last on 7th July 1973. In 1934 in association with Paromal Kewalramani, founded ‘Ratan Sahitya Mandal’ and published handsom quantity of fiction. He was outstanding translator of his times and translated Novels from Hindi and Urdu. Some of his translated books are: ‘Dadi’ [1939], ‘Azadi Ja Upasik’ [1940], ‘ Jola’, ‘Toofani Rang’, Makt Dhara’ etc.


He came to Karachi as assistant editor of the "Sind Observer".Apart from the usual routine editing work, had contributed several features for the paper, under the pen name of "Koi Hai. He contributing special articles. Covered also the Quetta earth-quake, the Bombay Congress, the Joint Parliamentary Committee debate in the Central Assemby.Hailed from Malabar and was member of a family prominently associated with daily English journalism in several parts of India for many years. Started his journalistic innings at Lucknow as assistant editor of  "Independence", sponsored by Pandit Motilal Nehru and edited by Mr. C. S. Ranga Iyer, M.L.A. Subsequently migrated to his home province,functioning as sub-editor of the "Daily Express" and news editor of "Swarajya" two leading English dailies of Madras city. Had a short spell of work with Mr. Sadanand in the Free Press news agency at Bombay. His services were also requisitioned by Sachchidananda Sinha for the "Indian Nation", Patna, where he acted as sub-editor.


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