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Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night.
[When your act of love and respect start creating selfishness, ego and hypocrisy in other hearts, believe that you are misusing human values and also you will be misused for interests of other minds. Neither you will be accepted, nor respected accordingly. You will not be responded and reciprocated properly. Change the place and change the people. Time, place and circumstances are not supporting you to share and promote love & beauty, sincerity & sacrifice and vision & wisdom ]
محبت نسبت خدمت وجهي جي خانن کي کاري،
اھي ماڳ اھي ماٹھون ڇڏجن دل تان وساري،
قدر نہ ڪن پنھنجو سي ڇڏن در تان ڌڪاري،
متان رويا ساري، ویھین وساري سونھن سلام کي

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I am teachable. Because, I am not always right. Teach me, how to love you. Teach me, how to please you.

Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night.

عشق اڍنگو اسان جيان شل ڪا تنهنجي سونهن سرت ان کي سنواري سينگاري سڌاري،
جيئن هئ دل گهنگهر نہ گهاري، جيڪا ٿي پئي هر پل ساري گس گهٽيون سدا نهاري

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Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Night.
[Beauty in behavior is more valuable than beauty of body. Boldness is more important than to bow before out-dated values & traditions. Whoever is acting against human nature and instincts, has to face distance & difference in his/her own heart and mind. He/She is a wandering soul and divided personality without peace & love and vision & wisdom]
سرت ۽ سونهن سندء ساجن سچا سفير,
سندء فطرت ۽ رويا تنهنجا امير ۽ وزير,
تون پاڻ ئي آھين پنهنجو مقدر ۽ تقدير,
جي ريتن رسمن بڻائيا هت روح اسير,
اهي بي پير, مڃن نہ سونهن سلام کي
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Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night.
[It is better to depend upon self than to follow others, beg or snatch. It is better to have dirty dress than to be with dirty heart & mind. It is better to live like a lion than to live like jackals. We should behave, what we are. I do not know my Self, but know you . You are are beauty & love. However, I am for the beauty & love and by the beauty & love]
پنھنجي بیھجي سدا پیرن تي ،
نہ پائجي ٻئي جي جتئ ۾ پیر،
ڀلي ھجي کڻي ڪپڙن منجھ،
پر من ۾ نہ ھجي ڪڏھين میر،
رھجي گدڙ جي بدران ٿي شیر،
مڙس مٿیر, دل روح وجود اندر

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Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Night.
[ It is impossible to get rid of ego-dominated satanic attitude and behavior, untill and unless we are not falling in love. Because, fall in love will cause the fall of empire of hatred and defeat of the dominion of discrimination. It makes us humble, sincere and dedicated. It is the only direction to march forward for beauty, peace and setting new trends in human respect and selfless service. It creates unity, hope and trust. It is a wonderful carft of owning in any time place and circumstances.]
انا مري نہ عشق سواء عشق آدمئ کي اجاري جياري,
مٽيون محبت جون ملائي ماڻھپي سان پيو پياري,
اوڳڻ اسان جا نہ ڏسي پر دل کي دل منجه ويهاري,
دل جي در تان دل سان چاهيندڙ ڪڏھن نہ ڌڪاري,
سرت سونهن سان ساري, نظر ڪري نهاري اسان تي

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