Fatehchand Menghraj Advani:

After doing Matriculation in 1889,he joined D.J.Sindh College. He was a prominent worker of  Gur Sangat, Hyderabad.

Fatihchand Mangatram Wasvani:

He was born on 22nd June 1894 at Banguldero and after partition migrated to Adipur, Gujrat, where he breathed his last. He was ‘right hand’ to his brother Milaram Wasvani and translated books on his behalf and even some in his name. He was Co-author and Co-editor of so many books. His outstanding contribution is ‘Tagore Joon Kahanyoon’.

Fazal Ellahi Jawahardin:

He was Army and Royal Air Force Contractor and Karachi, and Land Lord of Karachi District.,  In the Quetta Earth-Quake in 1935 he rendered wonderful service to the refugees who had come to Karachi. He served as an Honorary Magistrate First Class from 1930 to 1937, Justice of Peace., and First Class Magistrate, Karachi District from 1939, Head Warden A. R. P.  Road since 1940, Coronation Medal awarded (1937) for Loyal services rendered during Civil Disobedience Movement, helped the Government and Karachi Police in Riots in 1935. He was the Founder and President of Feroze Vernacular School[1927], was the founder of the grave yard of Anjumani-Mussalmanani-Punjals, Karachi, President Anjumani-Musalmanani-Punjab, Karachi. He was the President Muslim Jamait Jamia Masjid Kassaban and Idd Gah, Bunder Road,. President Muslim community, the Chairman Muslim Housing Co-operative Society, Karachi, Member of Port Haj Committee, Karachi, Life Member of Muslim Gymkhana, Karachi, Life Member of Young Men's Muslim Association, Karachi, Member of Muhammadan Committee Sindh Madressah Tul Islam, Karachi from 1927 to 1941, Elected Member of Cantonment Board, Honorary Vice-Chairman  of S.P.C.A. Karachi, Life Member of Anjamani-Taraqqi -Urdu, Karachi, Trustee of several mosques and Wakf properties in Karachi and Trustee of Karachi District, Wakf Properties. He earned title of Khan Bahadur from the Government . (Source: ‘The Colourful Personalities of Sindh’, by M.U.Abbasi).

Fazal G. Lakda:

He was a skipper of the Karachi Bohra Gymkhana and also played for the Muslim Gymkhana. He was a deadly slow left handed spin bowler and a fast left handed hat. First selected to play for the Muslim in Sindh Pentangular Cricket Tournament in 1939 and came out with flying colours,  by scoring 80 not out and taking 6 wickets. He stood first in batting and second in bowling average among all the five teams participated in Sind pentangular Cricket  in 1939. He completed l000 runs and captured 100 wickets in the first class matches, being the first Muslim to achieve such a record. He played in the Ranji Trophy matches for the Sindh Team from 1939-42 and has also played important matches at Multan, Lahore, Amritsar, Delhi, Aligarh, Rajkot, jodhpur and Bombay with great success. In one of the matches outside Karachi, he had the distinction of having a bowling average of 1-0-0-4 wickets including a hat trick.

Fakirjee Perozshah Golwalla:

He was a Landlord, Zamindar, Merchant and Justice of Peace from Hyderabad. He was a member on the Excise Advisory Committee of the Hyderabad Sindh Cantonment Board. Non Official Visitor to the Sindh Convict Gang. Vice-President, Cantonment Board, Hyderabad Sind. Chairman, Bazar Committee of the Cantonment Board, Hyderabad Sind. Director on the Hyderabad (Sind) Mercantile Co-operative Bank, Ltd., Member, Red Cross Society. Life Member, Lady Dufferin Hospitals, Sindh. Member on the Nursing Association and on the Executive Committee. President, Educational Society, Hyderabad Sind. He was the District Scout Commissioner, Nawabshah. Member, the Provincial Scout Council, Karachi. Member on the Nursing Association, Nawabshah. Director on the Nawabshah Electric Supply Co., Proprietor of the firm of Messrs. Muncherjee & Co., Hyderabad.(Source ‘The Colourful Personalities of Sindh’, by M.U.Abbasi).

Ferozali Muhammad Yoosif:

He was born at Karachi on l0th December 1907 and has received his education in Sindh Madressah-Tul-Islam. He was from family of Muslim Marwari Silayatta Jamait.He was landlord, Zamindar, an approved Government Contractor and Justice of Peace. His grand-father was a contractor in Baluchistan. He was a member of Karachi District Local Board and a member of Wakf Committee, Karachi. He was a member of Sind Madressah Board and also a member of Muslim Hostel. He was a Treasurer of Local Self Government Institute, Sindh.

Fida Husein M. Sheikha:

He was born on 22nd April I907 and received his education in Sindh Madressah-Tul-Islam. He was a Trustee of the Port of Karachi and the Vice-President  of Buyers and Shippers'Chamber, and Karachi Muslim Chamber of Commerce and Young Men Muslim Association. He was the President of the Karachi Timber Merchants Association. Fida Husein took keen interest in the female education of Muslim and was the President of Muslim Girls Academy the only leading Muslim Girls High School in Karachi teaching English. He was a member of the Karachi District Local Board and was a member on the Committee of Management of Lady Dufferin Hospital, Karachi, and is also a member of the Managing Committee of Muslim Gymkhana, Rotary Club, Karachi Club and Cricket Club of India. He was a member of various charitable trusts and societies. He was the senior partner of the well known and famous timber concern of Karachi named and styled as Essajee Ebrahimjee & Co. This firm was the first firm of timber started in Karachi.He was one of the leaders of Bohra Reformist Movement in India. (Source: ‘The Colourful Personalities of Sindh’, by M.U.Abbasi).

F.A. Archdale:

He was outstanding business man of Karachi. Was partner in Messrs Humphrey & Co and the English Dairy Farm Co. Remained Chairman of Karachi Race and Riding Club; Chairman of Karachi European Association. He was one of three who were instrumental in forming the Karachi Corps Auxiliary and was in command for six years ending 1929. (Source: ‘Who’s Who & Why’-1932, Karachi).


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