George Birch:

He was born on 30 June 1880. He was one of the founders of the Y. M. C. A. in Karachi. Became Assistant to the Commissioner in Sindh. He was Controller of Prices and Rents in war time. Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax for Sindh. Worked on several committees, and was a leading member of the Domiciled European and Anglo Indian Association, Sindh Branch. Secretary Karachi Auxiliary Force Club. Birch Club named after him.He was active worker in social and philanthropic activities. (Source: D.G.Sindh College Miscellany,1935)


Ghanshyam Motiram Dudia -Alyas: Sagar:

 Born on 15th of December 1949 in Nasik (India),  Education: Art-Masters (Fine-Art) Designation: Artist,Cartoonist,Writer,Poet. Kubemagar, AHMEDABAD.He has on credit 11 books based on poetry, drama, mini stories, satire etc. Awarded Cash Award by of Rs. 50,000/- by NCPSL for his book titled as “Faarvaan” (Humour&S tire) in 2012.IInd prize for Sindhi drama –Script ' Lottery' - awarded by Rajshthan Sindhi Academy in the year 2004-05. Radio Play  Titled ' Sookhrhi' awarded by All India Radio in the year 2002. Various times Received Literary Awards from Sindhi Academy, Gujarat. 1st Prize National-award in sindhi awarded in poster design-competition on prohibition,tobacco etc held by Indian Council of Medical Research and All India Radio Date in the year 1977. He has written screen-play and dialouges for Sindhi cinema film of Udhani Production KARZ ' in . the year 2011.

Ghansham Jethanand Tahilramani:

 He was a student in D. J. Sind College from 1937 to 1939. In 1937 he joined Karachi Aero Club and got 'A' License in fling. In 1938 he took training in N. E. D. Engineering College in Wireless Telegraphy. In the same year he obtained Gold Medal. He was elected Gymkhana Secretary in 1939. He obtained 1st Prize in wrestling in 1939 and several prizes in other sports.He became Corporal in 1933 and Sergeant in 1939.In the same year he appeared before Public Service Commission at an entrance Ex. for Military Academy at Dheradun and obtained 370 marks out of 500 in Interview and Record. In March 1940 he was selected for training for King's Commission in the Indian Air Force. In November 1941 he was gazetted as Pilot Officer in the Indian Air Force. In April 1943 he was promoted as Flying Officer


Ghualm Ali Chagla:

Born in 1871 in Karachi.Did matricin 1892 from Sindh Maderssah and got enrolled in D.J.Sindh College but left the college without continuing further education.He was outstanding Social worker ,Political worker & Freedom fighter and was closely associated with RaisG.M.Bhurgri and Seth Harchadrai.He remained Municipal Councilor and Presidentof the Karachi Municipal Corporation.Joined Cogress in 1913 and participated in its Annual Sessions.Breathed his last on 26.06.1950.In D.J.Sindh College records his information is recorded that: Joined College in 1892- 1892. Landlord and Merchant. President of the Karachi Municipality 1921-1922.            Keenly interested in Hindu Muslim  unity,  and social welfare  (Source: D.G.Sindh College Miscellany,1935)

Ghulam Nabi Kazi,K.B:

He passed his B.A. examination in the second class in 1906 and took to Zamindari and Horticultural work for which he had a passion. It was in 1913 that he was induced by the late Honourable K. B. Allandino Shah to be the Principal of Nosharo Feroze Madressah which was started for the Sons of Zamindars. He was appointed as a Deputy Educational Inspector in 1919 and became the Head Master of Nasharo Feroze Government Madressah and High School in 1926. He was appointed as the Administrative officer of Larkana District Local Board in 1927. He became the Personal Assistant to Educational Inspector in 1931.

He was made Khan Bahadur in 1934. In 1935 he became the Educational Inspector in Sindh. In April 1936 when Sindh was separated he became the first Director of Public Instructions of Sindh from which post he retired in 1939.

Ghulam Nabi Shah, K.B:

 M.B.E., J.P., M.L.A., Land Lord and Zamindar of Thar Parkar is the oldest member of Sind Legislative Assembly. He was an important member of Thar Parkar District Local Board, was its President for 7 years. As the President of the District Local Board he did lot to improve the administration of the board. He had an English teaching High started and improved the roads considerably. It was by his efforts that Mirpurkhas has today Jamai Masjid. He is the Chairman of Zamindar Co-operative Bank Ltd., Mirpurkhas and is an important member of the Muslim League.

Gidumal Harjani:

Born on 14th September 1916 at Rohri and migrated to India after 1947, where he breathed his last in Mumbai. He was Poet and writer. Contributed articles on lives & achievement of Shah Latif, Sachal Sarmast and Sami. Edited ‘Diwan Bedil’ and translated into English selection from the poetry of Shah Latif also.His book ‘Rohri Ja Rahbar’ is best source of information on lumanaries of Rohri.

Gobind Malhi:

He was born on 5th August 1921 at Tharoshah and after partition migrated ti India and settled in Mumbai, where he breathed his last. He participated in Freedom Movement and was sentenced to 3 months imprisonment in 1942. He was an outstanding Novelist. Some of his Novels are: ‘Ansoon’, ‘Zindagi Ji Rah Ti’, ‘Jevan Sathi’, ‘Pakhera Valar Khan Vichhria’, ‘Man Jo Meet’, ‘Aishq Nahi Rand’, ‘Sharam Booti’ etc.

Gobindram Hassanad:

He was a Sind Work merchant having shops all over India and foreign places too. He was a great social worker of his place and was always ready to do anything for the good of his Bhaibund community. He was connected with many Clubs, Societies. He was Justice of Peace.

Gopaldas Advani

He joined D.J.Sindh College in 1923 and was the Captain of  College Cricket Team. Opened Sports Depot 1929 in Karachi. He was a Cricketer of all India Fame. He was appointed Cricket Coach, Mayo College, Ajmer, 1934.

Gopal H. Lalwani:

He was born on the 13th March 1907 and was from familiy of the Amils of Hyderabad. He was educated in the St. Patrick's High School and the D. J. Sind College He was a great sportsman, excelling at Hockey and Tennis, and was the best doubles player of his time in the College. He was the youngest Chairman of the H. L. Chablani Panchayat Dispensary, a leading member of the Amil Panchayat & Female Education Society, ex-General. Secretary of Amil Institute, Jt. Secretary of the Sindh Collegiate Old Boys' Association, a Director of the Hyderabadi Amil Co- operative Urban Bank, Ltd., Trustee of the Gur Mandar, and a member of innumerable other Institutions.He was a Share Broker, Insurance Agent and Hotel Proprietor.  He was a Sufi by religion, being a disciple of the Jhok Dargah. He was an active Congress member also.

 Girdhardas Butani:

He did Graduation in 1917 and also  passed the P.W.D. Accountants' Examination. He entered the Educational Department as a teacher. He was a prolific writer of text books Sindhi.  

 Gopalrao B. Bhonsle:

He was a Land Lord and Contractor and First Class Honorary Magistrate, Karachi, belonged to the famous Bhonsle family who had come to settle in Sindh in 1843.He was educated in Karachi as a student.He was an important member of Maratha Community of Karachi and was the President of Maratha Union for a number of years. He was the President of the Madhoo Muccadum Smashan and the Shivajee Memorial Fund. He was the Honorary Secretary of various Maratha Associations and Societies such as Libraries, Temples, Gymkhana.

He, for his services to his community, was made a Justice of Peace and First Class Honorary Magistrate. He was the Managing Partner of the most famous firm of the Dock Engineering and Welding Works of Keamari. He was a Government and Naval Contractor.

Goverdan Asrani:

 He was born in a middle class Hindu Sindhi family on 1 January 1941, popularly known simply as Asrani, is an Indian actor and director whose Bollywood career has spanned five decades. He has played in both Hindi and Gujarati films, and his roles include lead hero performances, character roles, comedic roles, as well as supporting parts.


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