Hafiz Khair Muhammad Odhi:

He was son of Muhammad Ibrahim Ansari and was born on 29th March 1911 at Shikarpur. He joined journalism as his professin and remained associated or editor of so many papers including ‘Al-Hanif’ [Jacobabad], ‘Islah’ [Karachi]; ‘Qurbani’ [Karachi],’Karwan’ [Hyderabad]’ ‘Inqlab’ [Sukkur]’ ‘Ekita’ [Shikarpur]; ‘Sindh Zamindar’ [Sukkur] and ‘Muslim League’ [Karachi]. He was also Activist of Pakistan Movement. He breathed his last on 28th of January 1982.

Haji Imam Bux Jatoi:

Son of K.B.Ghulam Rasool Jatoi,born on 25th July 1881 at village Malak Taluka Moro.He was a poet,political leader and outstanding landlord.In 1912,he was awarded title of“Khan Sahib” and in 1926 “Khan Bahadur”.From 1916 to 1936 he remained Special Magistrate.For ten years with effect from 1921,he remained member of the Mumbai Council and for 4 years served as the Chairman of the School Board of the Nawabshah District Council.He breathed his last on 7th of Nov.1938.

Haji Usman Musti khan:

He was a Baloch Land Lord, Zamindar and a Contractor. He was the founder and managing partner of the famous firm of Usman Mustikhan and Company of Rangoon, running stone quarry rubber plantation. He was the Managing Director of Mayan Rubber Estates Ltd., Shwemidin Stone Company of Upper Burma.

Hakim Samsuddin Ahmad:

He was son of Qazi Obedullah and was born in 1894 at Nausheroferoz. He was a Religious Scholar and Freedom Fighter. He took active part in Kilafat Tahrik. He played vital role in establishment of ‘Tibya College at Hyderabad. Qazi Fazlullah, ex-Chief Minister of Sindh was his brother. He breathed his last on 9th September 1960.

Hamadullah Halejvi:

He was also known as Moulana Hamadullah Halejvi. He was son of Moulana Mahmood Indhar and was born in 1883 at village Haleji of Taluka Pano Aqil. After completing religious education he opened his Madressah at his village and started imparting education. He was near and dear to Moulana Taj Mahmood Amroti and Moulana Obaedullah Sindhi. He took active and leading role in movements launched against British Government and remained associated with  Khiafat Tahrik and Jamiat-ul-Ulema. He breathed his last on 18th April 1962.

Harchandrai Tahilram:

He was an important member of the Karachi District Local Board, the President of Thatta Municipality and was the President of Taluka Local Board, Thatta and Ghorabari from 1920 to 1931.

Hardayal Hardy:

.Hardy passed his B.A., in first class from the Punjab University in 1930. He obtained first class first in his first LL.B. examination from S. C. Shahani Law College, Karachi in 1934. In 1935, in his final LL.B. examination he stood first. He started his practice in Karachi where he conducted some of the most sensational criminal cases such as Royal Toy Land Case, Port Trust Fraud Case, 'Zona. fraud fire case, and Om Mandli case. He was the legal advisor of Om Mandli for many years and fought many battles for it.

Hiralal Srichand Bharvani:

After matriculation he got admission in D.J.Sindh College, Karachi in 1921 and Graduated in Literature at Cambridge University.Did Bar-at-law and  practised as lawyer.He was appointed as Senior professor of English at the D. G. Sind National College, Hyderabad. (Source:D.G.Sindh College Miscellany, 1935)

Hari B. Gandhi:

He was son of Bhagwandas Khanchand who was a leading advocate, and President of Shikarpur Municipality. After completing his education he joined the British India General Insurance Co., Ltd., as the Assistant Manager of Karachi Branch.While in Shikarpur College, D. J. Sind College or the Law College he invariably represented in the Sindh Inter Collegiate Sports and enjoyed record number of posts during his College Career as Secretary of Tennis, Badminton, Ping Pong, Hockey, Dramatic Society, Literary and Debating Society ; besides being at one time General Secretary and Editor of the College Magazine. In 1938 and 1939 he captained Tennis Team of D. J. Sind College and Law College respectively which played at the Government House against His Excellency and his team. In 1934 He won Shikarpur open doubles Tennis Tournament with his brother Mr. Gianchand Bhagwandas who was a Police Officer. In the same year he became College Champion in sports organised in celebrating the Silver Jubilee of Late His Majesty King George V and was also awarded the 1st prize in the Darbar by the Collector of Sukkur District for the best essay written during the Jubilee Celebrations. In 1935 he won Shikarpur Club Tennis Doubles Championship with his brother Mr. Sadhuram Bhagwandas a leading advocate of that place. He maintained the same interest in sports after leaving the college. He was elected Joint Secretary of D. K. Aswani Sindhi Gymkhana.  He was appointed as a special Magistrate during the last Sukkur riots. (Source: ‘The Colourful Personalities of Sindh’, by M.U.Abbasi)

Hariram Rewachand:

He was a Land Lord and Zamindar and the proprietor of Imperial Talkies, Karachi. Hewas one of the most famous Distributors and Exhibitors of Sindh having connections with the best film organizations of India.In the last Civil Disobedient Movement, he flung opened his building for Gandhi Hospital.

Harold Frank Ault, The Rev:

Born on 28th of October 1902 at New Zealand. Arrived at Karachi in November 1928. He was Principal of C.M.S High School and Missionary incharge, C.M.S, Karachi, member Board of Directors Y.M.C.A and editor of ‘The Way’. (Source: ‘Who’s Who & Why’-1932, Karachi).

Hassanandas Radhakrishan Bhatija:

He was born on 11 July 1891.He did Matriculation in 1906. Got your education in D.J.Sindh College, Karachi and remained there as a prizeman and Scholar, at the College. He did B. A. (Oxon). He was appointed as a Professor of History and Economics at the Aligarh University, and Benares Hindu University.He was taken up in the Indian Educational Service, Bihar and Orissa. He served as a member of the Indian Tariff Board and as member on important Government Committees.He served as a principal of a Government College.He actively helped in the establishment of the C and S College, Shikarpur. He wrote useful pamphlets on Economic and Political questions. (Source:D.G.Sindh College Miscellany,1935)

Hassasing H. Advani:

He was born at Hyderabad in 1887. He was educated in N. H. Academy of Hyderabad. He was a keen Cricketer and a best Tennis Player. Joined Government Service in 1905 and then took to Local Bodies. He joined Messrs. Durgdas B. Advani & Co. in 1915, after completing the Municipal Navalrai Market and Cloth Tower at Hyderabad. He started his own Architect and Engineering Business in 1920. Some of the best buildings of Karachi and Hyderabad are constructed by him.He entered Municipal Corporation in 1930 and he was the President of the Hyderabad Amil Community of Karachi.

Hassanali Effendi:

He had a romantic career. He started his life as a Munshi on Rs.16/- only. He learnt English from a Christian Clerk and got a job at Kotri on Boat the Steamer. Here he perfected his knowledge of English because he came in contact with many English people. He wanted to practise as a Pleader and was preparing himself for Sind pleader's examination when the ,Judicial Commissioner in Sind of the time allowed him to practise before he qualified for the Bar. He rose to be the Public Prosecutor of Sind and was offered the judgeship of Small Causes Court of Karachi, which offer he thankfully declined.

He was elected as a member of Bombay Legislative Council in 1891, as the representative of Sind Zamindars. Late Khan Bahadur Hassanali, seeing the poor condition of Muslims of Sind did not rest till he had founded for them a High School in Karachi. He went from place to place to collect funds for Sind Madressah Tul Islam and succeeded in establishing one of the best High schools for Muslims in Sind.

The late Khan Bahadur was the pioneer of Muslim education in Sind and did a lot to spread education among the Muslims of this Province. He started the Muslim Education Association in Sind which has been doing good work for the cause of education among the Muslims.

It was entirely due to the efforts of Khan Bahadur Hassanali that Sindhi Muslims were educated, who today are rubbing shoulders with the members of their sister Communities of Sind. He was one of the most colourful personalities of Sind.

Hasanand Jadogar:

Born in 1896 vat Kandyaro. He was Political Activist, Social worker and Jugler. We also wrote some  booklets on important issues of Social, Political and religious value. Some of them are ‘Dharam Guro Keen Dharel’, ‘Chor Chela, Thakur Thag’, ‘Hindu Hosh Dhar’, and ‘Banwnjan Akhri Boodh’ etc. He breathed his last on 22nd September 1966.

Hashmatrai Khubchand Chainani

Born 1904. Educated in D. J. Sind College and the Magdalene College, Cambridge .Entered I.C.S. 1927.            Served as Assistant Collector at Sholapur, Nasik, and Dahlia Posted as Assistant Judge, Poona, 1931. District and Sessions Judge Poona and Sholapur 1934—35. Confirmed as District and Sessions judge 1935. Worked as Secretary. Bombay Legislative Council, and Assistant Remembrance of Legal Affairs. ( Source:D.G.Sindh College Miscellany,1935)

Hassanand Radhakrishan Batheja:

Born on 11th of July 1891 at Shikarpur. Educated at Shikarpur and Larkano High Schools, D.J.Sindh College; Bombay and Oxford Universities. He served as Professor of Economics [D.A.V.College, Lahore - 1916], Professor of History [M.A.O College, Aligarah - 1917]; Professor of Economics [Benares Hindu University – 1917]; Professor of Economics [Government College Patna and Cuttack Government College Bihar & Orissa – 1918-27]; deputed to Government of India as Member Secretary of the B. & O. Provincial Banking Enquiry Committee -1929 -30]; Member Sindh Conference [1932]; Commissioner, Patna Municipality [1924]; President, All Sindh Students Conference [1926]. He actively associated with the foundation of the Upper Sindh College. He was author of ‘Tricameral Legislatures in India’, ‘Development Finance in India’, ‘Financial Problems of Bihar and Orissa’ and ‘Constitutional Problems of India’, etc. (Source: ‘Who’s Who & Why’ -1932, Karachi).  

Hatim A. Alavi:

Born on 10th October 1898, he was educated at Sind Madressah Tul Islam. He joined the ancestral business in the famous firm of Vousufali Alibhoy Karimji and Co. He was the first Muslim Business who took part in Sindh Politics and was the Secretary of the Home Rule League of Dr. Annie Besant as far back as I917. He joined the Indian National Congress and was the Secretary of the Sindh Provincial Conference in 1918 and was the Secretary Sind Provincial Congress Committee in 1919.He was elected as a Municipal Councillor in 1927 and was the Vice-President of Karachi Municipality in 1931. He was the leader of Bolira Reformists Movement in India. He was the Mayor of Karachi Municipal Corporation in 1938-1939 during which period, among other activities; he organised the All India Industrial Exhibition which was a grand success. He was a Trustee of the Port of Karachi and has been its Vice-Chairman during 1939, 1941 and 1943. He was one of the founders of the Co-operative Movement in Sindh and   Vice-Chairman of the Sindh Provincial Co-operative Bank. When the question of Sindh Separation was looming large on the political horizon, Mr. Hatim Alavi, more than any other single Sindhi Muslim, did put forward herculean labours to separate Sindh from the presidency. In collaboration with important Muslim and British friends, his advocacy for Sind Separation was unrivalled. Mr. Hatirn was also one of the founders of the Sea Scout Movement and was the President of Boys Scout Association of Karachi. He was a member on various Committees appointed by the Sindh Government such as the Price Control Committee, the Beggar Nuisance Committee, the Sindh University Committee, the Local Self Government Committee. He was a fine writer, author and speaker. He had written many works in Gujrati.(Source: ‘Colourful Personalities of Sindh’, by M.U.Abasi).

Hiranand Kewalram Vaswani:

He was educated in the Navalrai Hiranand Academy Hyderabad Sind and also in the St.Patrick's High School, Karach and graduated in Arts from D. J. Sind College, Karachi where he occupied the position of the Honorary Secretary, Literary and Debating Society. He graduated in law from the S. C. Shahani Law College, joined Tolasing and Company as an advocate in 1930, and was a member of that firm for about eight years. He graduated in law from the S. C. Shahani Law College, joined Tolasing and Company as an advocate in 1930, and was a member of that firm for about eight years. He was for several years a member of the committee of management of the Young Amils Association, Karachi, the premier body of the Hyderabad Amils, and was a member of the committee of the Karachi Rabindranath Literary and Dramatic Club.


Hiranand Santokram Advani :

Born in 1872 in Hyderabad ,after doing LL.B he started law practice.He remained the President of Hyderabad Theosopical Socity.Took active part in organizing “Home Rule League”in Hyderabad.Breathed his last on 15.12.1928.

Hoshang H. R. Rabadi:

He was born on 14th October 1903 at Naysari, and was educated in the N. J. Government High School and D. J.Sind College, Karachi. After graduating in Science from the Royal Institute of Science, Bombay, he joined the Government Educational Department at Karachi. He was for some time as Science Master on the I. M. M. T. S. "Dufferin". On his return, he began taking keen interest in matters, educational and was instrumental in training a large number of teachers of the Local Secondary Schools. He proceeded to England in 1938 and joined the Institute of Education, University of London. He passed his T. D. Examination, securing First Class in teaching. On his return, he was appointed as an Ex-Officio Secretary, Advisory Board of Education (Government of Sind) with the Hon. Minister of Education as Chairman, for a period of three years.

 Hoosainbhoy Esmailjee Jamadar, K.S:, J.P., N.K.D.,

He was a Land Lord and Zaminder, and one of the oldest Corporators of Karachi Municipal Corporation representing his Saddar Ward for years. as a Municipal Corporator. He was also Deputy Mayor of Karachi. He was the first class Honorary Magistrate for over 17 years. He was the Vice-President of Bohra Commitee of Saddar and a member of Hussaini Company of Bohra Jamait,

And  Honorary General Secretary, Madressah Husaniyah.Was a great Cricketer of Karachi. He was the Captain of Bohra Team for over 23 years and was one of the founders of Bohra Gymkhana of Karachi. He had taken many a time his team to Bombay and other places to play matches.K. S. Hoosainbhoy was an expert Finger Print in Karachi and has done a lot of useful work to assist and help poors who had come in the clutches of greedy Bania money.Source: ‘The Colourful Personalities of Sindh’, by M.U.Abbasi).

Hotchand Gopaldas Advani:

He joined D.J.Sindh College in 1920 and after doing Graduation proceeded to England for the Bar He was Barrister-at-Law, Land Lord and Zamindar was a leading lawyer of Hyderabad. He was a Municipal Councillor of Hyderabad and the President, Hyderabad Bar Association and  the legal adviser of Hyderabad Municipality, Hyderabad District Local Board, and many other institutions.


Hotchand Hiranand, Rai Bahadur:

He was a Land Lord, Zamindar and Merchant and one of the biggest Land holders of his District Nawabshah. He was a member of Nawabshah District Local Board for 12 years and was the President, Hindu Panchayat Nawabshah, member Notified Area Nawabshah, member Sindh Forest Committee and was the only Hindu from Nawabshah who was presented a Sword of Honour by the Sindh Governor  Sir Lancelot Graham at Hyderabad Durbar. His donation among the Hindus for Graham Civil Hospital, Nawabshah, was the largest. He was the Proprietor of Cotton Ginning Factory, Nawabshah, Justice of Peace and a member of the Sindh Legislative Assembly. He was honoured with the title of Rai Bahadur.

Hussain Bux Khan Talpur:

Talpur of Tando Muhammad, he was one of the oldest Mirs of Sindh coming direct from the ruling class of Talpurs. He was the President of All India Baluch Conference, and President of Jagirdar of Sindh Due to his services for people and Government, he earned title of Sardar Bahadur in 1943. He was the first non-official Vice-President of the Hyderabad District Local Board. He was the President of Tando Muhammad Khan Municipality for over 18 years.He took keen interest in Muslim education and donated a block in the Aligarh College for the use of poor and deserving Muslim Boys.He rendered very good assistance to War Fund by giving a decent donation of Rs. 52,000:- to War Fund.


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