Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night.(30th October) 
[Whoever will promote and project human values, love & beauty and respect & peace; will be paid hatred & discrimination in return , as I am being paid since centuries. Thanks to my sincerity, trust and commitment that I haven't lost my faith in you my dear and everybody] 
ملیا سدائين مون کي تو سپرین کان، 
ھڪ نفرت گهڻي ٻيو تان مطلق نفي،
قرب قدر سندرتا ۽ سچ جي عيوض، 
زهر-مصري چاھت سان مون چکي،‏
هوندي نولکي، بي ملها محبن اڳيان.

Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Night.(29th October)
[what a shocking state of affairs of our social & human relations is here in our society ! Every body is denied of love & respect and honor & status. As we are born to hate & humilate in return of sincerity, sacrifice & trust. As we have deleted words of 'peace', 'cooperation' and 'understanding' from Dictionary of our lives .Come on Dear! Help & guide us as we can change this situation and save our society ]
ماٹھون مون جیان هت بي حساب،
جن کی محبت عزت ناھي نصیب .
انساني احترام جا گهڻا ٿيا رقیب،
دغا دشمنئ جا ٻرن کوڙ هتي ديپ
هلي آء حبيب بدلايون سماج کي. 

Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night.(28th October) 
[ Whoever is literate in Human values and requirements of human instincts & nature, will surrender before love & beauty . Otherwise, no one can imagine about sacrifice & sincerity . Who believes in doubts & differences and abide by ego & discrimination, cannot understand response & reciprocation and cannot promote peace and cannot accept & respect vision & wisdom ] 
سودو ڪجي تان سر جو، باقي برہ نہ ڄاٹي ٻي بات،
جي ڄاڻن سارو سرت سان، فرق نہ تن لاء ڏینھن رات،‏
ساڳي ڏین ۽ وٺن سوغات، سونھن ورونھن سهپ جي.‏ 

Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night.(27th October)
[You are, what you are. You are in person and not impersonated. You are neither reflection, nor mirror. You are beauty & love, light & right. You are vision & wisdom of my life, even life. I believe you. Believe yourself]
تون سرت سچائي جو دائم قائم روپ,
آئون نسورو ٻھروپ, سندء سونهن سواء.

Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night(24th October)
‏[ھمیں جتنے سخی، انسان دوست اور رومانوی داستانوں کے کرداروں کے نام یاد ہیں، اتنی تعداد میں حکمرانوں اور دولتمند لوگوں کے نام یاد نہیں. اس لیئے کہ اناپرست خود کو پسند کرتا ہے هم لوگ نہى. خودشناس، محبت اور مدد کرنے والے بے لوث انسان کو دنیا پسند اور ياد کرتی ہے]
خوشبوء تان خود - شناسئ جي،
‏باقي انا ۽ آپي منجھ بري بدبوء.
‏جي عشق ۽ صدق جي ھلیا روء،
‏اھي دلبر سدا رهن پيا دلين اندر. — 

Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night.(23rd October)
[We human-beings are Social Animals. Whoever is deprived of love & beauty, willreact as an animal and not as social. He/She will be Egotist having belief in hatred & discrimination. He/She cannot accept and understand human instinct, values, vision & wisdom. For making people lovely & nice, sincere & trustworty, please, love & respect them without discrimination
عزت ۽ محبت ملي جي ماٹھوء کي،
سو ماٹھو ٿئي اڳ کان بهتر انسان،
پر نفرت ۽ قهر ۽ حسد ڪبو هن تي، 
پوء تہ ھوت بہ بٹجي وڃي حیوان،
ڪر آدم مٿان سدا بيلوث ٿي احسان.
پوء ڏسندين نہ ارمان ۽ نقصان تون.

Good night (16th October)
[Dear! There is no acute shortage of Golden Hearts and Pure Minds in our society. But, it is because of your sincerity & kindness and my trust, that has made you second to none and my only ideal]
جیاپو سندم هن جئ جو،
سندء آھي طلب تات تنوار .
ماٹھون هون تہ سو ھزار ،
تون وارث روح وجود جو .

Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night.(15th October)
[Egotist can not understand Self. He/She is without inner light and away from outer vision & wisdom. He/ She knows nothing about love, respect and beauty except personal interests & motives. Love cannot teach him/her to 'take' and beauty cannot guide him/her to 'give' ]
پاڻ کنیو جن پاڻ سان، سی ڪیئن سمجھن پاڻ؟
جلين نہ جوت جئ اندر، نہ ٻاھر سرت ئي ساڻ،
مشڪل محبت مانڊاڻ، تن لاء سونھن سلام جو.

Good Night.(14th October)
[To reciprocate love, is not love. When you are hated, and in spite of that you love her/ him unlimited, beyond the imagination and without discrimination, it is called love to some extent]
پیار ملي تہ ڏجي، پریت جی ریت اھا ناھي،
‏پریم -ورکا ڪجي ات، نفرت سدا جت آھي،‏ 
تون پڇین ٿو پيو, اسان کان تہ پیار ڇاھي؟
سر سرت سان جڏھن, ڏجي پرين کي لاهي.

GOOD NIGHT (13th October)
[My Dear! I want to be more near to your heart & soul, so as to share my sorrows & longings in person with them. It is said that heart is palace of The Greatest Creator. Open door of your heat and let me bow before Him as I can humbly submit that "I love His most beautiful creation".
My Dear! I want to be more and more near to your heart so as to to tell it that" I am your, but not min
e and in your search, I have lost myself, but have found you"]

آء ! تہ توکي سیني لایان،
‏رئندي کلندي سور سٹایان.
‏ڇو جو ات رب وسي ٿو،
‏ان لاء دل تي سر نمایان.
راضي رھ يار اسان سان،‏
‏نچي نچندي جان گنوایان.‏
‏معلوم سمورا رشتا توکي،‏
‏سندء آھیان سندم ناھیان.‏
‏آس پیاس آھ صدین کان،
ملین تہ اها تاس اجھایان. ‏ 

Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night.(11th October)
[It is hypocrisy that snatches eyes & ears and makes people cool-tempered. Therefore, they cannot see light, listen cries and speak a word in support or favor . They stood thrown before wolves of ego, hatred & discrimination]

ھئ ماٹھن-دشمن منافقي،
بٹائي ماٹھون گونگا ۽ ٻوڙا،
وجھي ڳچین منجه ٽوڙھا،
نفرت انا بغض ۽ متڀید جا.

Dr.Pathan wishes YOU Good Night.(9th October)
[Look at your inner world. What a beautiful & wonderful Universe it is! It is full of love & beauty, vision & wisdom and peace & peace of mind. Is it not amazing that instead of sharing it, you are begging for the same? ] 
تنھنجي دل جي جھولي پاڻ جھان،
جھلیون جھولي پوء بہ گھرین دان؟
تون مظھر محبت جو ۽ خانئ خان،‏
ڇو نہ سڃاٹین تون پنھنجو شان؟
پنھنجو ٿي قدردان نہ ڪر ارمان
تون ئي مهان تون آھين عاليشان.‏ 

Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night (8th October).
[To fight with society, world or universe is neither possible, nor any act of wisdom or bravery. Because, we are integral part of Society and Universe, and cannot win that war. We must face the war that is being fought within us and must try to defeat aggressive Ego, that has become high-risk for beauty & love, peace & progress and vision and & wisdom . If we are defeated, hatred and discrimination will rule our hearts and minds ]
جي وڙھین تان پوء تون وڙھ، جڳ نہ پر جئ اندر جا جنگ،
ایئن اجایو نہ ڪر تون تنگ، سرت سونھن سچ سنسار کي.




Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night .(7th October)
[Everybody is dancing: some for name or fame, some for ego or interest. I am also dancing. But, don't know who has set stage for me to dance? Either Love or Beloved? Either Vision or Wisdom? Who has put me on toes? I am trying to understand. Will you help me to solve this riddle? ]
جو چاھي سو ئي نچائي، نچجي پر ڪنھن لاء؟
نالي ناٹي نينهن لاء؟ سو سرت تون اھو سمجھاء،
ڇیر ڀلي پاء ڇمڪاء، پر سونھن سچ سلام لاء.

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