DR. Dur Muhammad Pathan





Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Night. (29th November,2017)
[Every soul, every body & every thing is unique beauty Itself and integral part of this beautiful world, and you are part of it and not whole. Dear! Don't deprive others and yourself of your beauty & love and vision & wisdom. Otherwise, It will pave way and create conditions for promotion of hatred & discrimination. It will disturb peace of mind & heart ]
ھر جاء ۽ ھر ڪنهن جئ اندر
آھي سندرتا سچ جو سنسار،
آئون نہ اڪيلو عاشق ان جو، 
ناهين تون بہ فقط دلدار یار.
پرين ڇڏي پيار سان تڪرار ،
ڪري سونهن سندو سینگار، 
ڪر اقرار ماڻھپي محبت جو.



Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night.(28th November,2017) 
[Dear! Neither you can find me, nor accept me. Because, I am lost since centuries and am in search of myself and heart in which you live. Let me find myself first. It will enable me to identify you. 
Dear! Come on and see that Sky and Earth, being at distance, are near to each other, but not you & me .Though, you are beyond the paradise, in spite of that I know, understand and see your beauty. But you don't know me and my love properly] 
آئون جو ناھیان پاڻ سان، ساجن سڃاٹي پوء ڪیئن؟
ڪنھن تان ڪارڻ گم ڪیو، جو پاڻ وڃائي ٿیا ڏینھن،
پیا جت محبت جا مینھن، ات نہ ھئس سونهن سان.



Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night.(27th November,2017)
[Any pray or request, desire or demand is not sustainable in the court of love. Surrender and to sacrifice every thing first, and than to knock the door of heart of dear, may please beauty and requirement of Love. Nothing can be achieved or earned , but can be honored and accepted, if and when desired or required by dear ] 
گھران تان گنھگار چون،
ان لاء ڏیان ۽ ڏوریان،
تن من ساہ سپرین تان، 
پيو مان ھر پل گھوریان،
پاڇي برابر نہ انهن جي،
بڻجي سون اگر توريان
بس سڳڙو پیو سوریان،
تہ رانول شال راضي رهي



Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Night. (25th November, 2017)
[Every thing is changing with time but, not me. My sincerity with you and trust in you is same. My Sorrows & longings are same. In a same way I have been preaching your beauty, vision & wisdom since ages. I can't change like you and seasons. ] 
صاحب هئ مند بہ تہ وئي مٽجي،
مٽجي سگھیو نہ من پر منھنجو،
ساڳيا ئي تہ آھن سور سرور جیان،
ساڳئ طرح سر ڏيڻ ٿيو سھنجو.
ساریان نہ ڪو ساھ نہ سریر کي، 
سدا خیال تن من روح کي تنھنجو،
سرت سونهن سبق سیکاریو تو جو،
اھو ورجايان سندم ساه پساه سان.



Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night .(24th November, 2017)
[Human-being is neither Angel, nor Satan; but wonderful & beautiful creation with best qualities of sincerity & trust and love & beauty. Whoever claims of being only pious & wise, is dodging himself/herself and others. Because, provision of limitations & mistakes is also part of Human nature]
هئ جو آھي آدمي ۽ ان جو مقام شان، 
سو نہ ڪي فرشتو نہ ڪي آھ شیطان
اهو ماٹھو اتم عظيم امر ٿئي عاليشان، 
جڏھن بٹجي ٿو ھو مثالي هڪ انسان،
قبولج تون هن کي نہ ڪر وهم ۽ گمان
ڪر زندگي آسان نہ ڪر اجايو ارمان،‏ 




Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night.(22nd November, 2017) 
[Dear! Life is not tough and never makes us to cry. Life is a craft of great compromise to adjust self and others according to ground realities. Life requires to accept & respect others without imposing any terms & conditions. It makes us to believe in love, beauty & peace as essential requirements of human values. It is an art of Give & Take. Understand it, accept and respect it]

جي دانھین تان چئبو پوء ناھین،
چاھین تان پوء ڪر چپ چپات،
سرت ۽ سونھن جي ذات نہ پات، 
فقط آھي محبت من جي اثبات،
سمجھن سورن کي جي سوغات،
تن لاء ھر پل پرڀات پيار سندي.‏



Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night. (21st November, 2017)
[Believing on listening is putting self on toes to dance as desired by others. One should be ear, but not without vision & wisdom. Listening without verification is the worst kind of blind faith. But, listening, and not understanding is hobby of my dear ] 
من-ڪچو سو دل جو ڀلو ماٹھو سچو،
پر ڪن-ڪچو سو سڀ لاء آھي ڏچو،
هن کي نچائي ڪيو ٻيو هن کان بچو،
دل جي در اچو, جت هلي ٿي سرت جي.



Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night.(20th November, 2017)
[Problems, sorrows & longings are not imposed by any outer force. They are created by our own attitudes, approaches and responses. If they are not as per human values and requirements of instincts, they pave way for creating distances and differences. If they are negative, we follow ego instead of soul, and believe in hatred & discrimination . Because of our ugly attitude and behavior, we ignore sincerity & sacrifice, peace & progress and can't understand beauty & love]
اچن نہ آفتون ڪي تان وجهڻ اڀ مان ونگ،
اھي آھن پنهنجن روین جا ڪارا روپ ۽ رنگ،
جڏھن چاھت بدران نفرت جا چوریون چنگ،
چڙھن دلین ذھنن تي زهر قهر ڏمر جا زنگ,
پر انا-دشمن اڙٻنگ, پري انهئ صورتحال کان.



Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night. (19th November, 2017)
[ For putting me at arm's distance, you are justifying it that: "Mountains are beautiful because they are at distance. Sound of drums is enjoy able, if listened from distance. Whoever is more near, cannot remain more dear. Distance is blessing. If it is not maintained, will create differences". But, where is distance between you & me? You are in my heart. You are in my eyes and you are my soul. When there is no distance, why is difference t
here? ]
بيشڪ دھل جبل صاحب سونهارا ،
اهي سڀ لڳن ٻڌجن پري کان پیارا،
ویجھو وڃین تان گهٽ وڻندا سارا،
جيئن گھٹا پئجي وڃن دل ۾ گھارا،
پر جي دل نيڻن ۽ روح ۾ رهڻ وارا,
سي جي بدلائن پنهنجا ماڳ ۽ چارا,
مون پارا ويچارا, مري ويندا مفت ۾


Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night. (18th November, 2017)
[Dear! You are absolute reality and neither any shadow, nor an imagination . Do not follow shadows, hypothesis or imagination during search of any ideal, leader or beloved. No one is second to none in beauty & love, vision & wisdom other than you. You are role model and play your role as my ideal] 
ھي پاڇا ھلن پاڻ سان،
يا خود پاڇن سان ھلجي؟
بي خبرا جيڪي برہ کان، 
تن سان سونهن نہ سلجي،
پاڻ کٹي پوء تن کان پلجي، 
جي پري سرت سرهاڻ کان.


Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night. (17th November, 2017)
[You will not be accepted & respected as what you are. But, will be termed and treated as desired & required by others. Dear! Try to be, what you are. Do not destroy self & soul for want of pleasing others. You can't please others at any cost. Believe me or not, but you are Beauty & love and source of vision & wisdom] 
مڃیندء پنھنجئ مرضئ مطلب سان سائين، 
پوء ڇو نہ کڻي سو تون آھین یا جي ناھین،
تن لاء ڪجه ناھین ڀل متقي يا محبتي آھين ،‏
چنڊ تارا کٹي تون اڀ مان تنين لاء لالڻ لاھین
سونهن سندرتا پيار پريم جي تون ناد وڄائين
تان درد لاهين هزار درد-وندن دلين ۽ اسانجا.


Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night.(16th November, 2017)
[If he or she is not honourale, is trouble maker and will not accept, respect & honour love, beauty and peace. Will never solve or resolve, but will always raise problems. Education and culture cannot change his/her mentality or end wildness.
Dear! We are in dire need of you and your vision & wisdom so as to face this situation] 
مورت ۾ ماٹھو پر ماٹھو ھي ڪھڙا؟
جو سدا لاھن وٹن تان ڳولھي جھیڙا،
قبولن نہ مارون کي جھڙا جي تھڙا،
انا ڪارڻ ٻوڙن پيا پنھنجا پراوا ٻیڙا،
پسن نہ وحدت ۽ محبت ٽیڏا ۽ ٽیڙا
وساء ويڙھا, تون سرت سونهن سان,



Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night. (15th November, 2017)
[Selflessness and undue hope equally damage dignity, honour & respect of soul. Both help others to chain heart and soul. To make them free, one has to get rid of compromises and has to follow with dare, sincerity and Selflessness, the path of peace & beauty with love without ego & discrimination ] 
ماري مطلب لالچ ۽ لوڀ وارو ئي تہ ٿو واهپو،
نہ تہ مري ایئن نہ ڪڏھن ڪنهن جو ماٹھپو،
چاهين ٿو انا نفرت متڀيد کان جي تون آجپو

پرين اچ تون پو, بي لوثئ سان بره جي باغ ۾.


Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night .(14th November, 2017)
[I am dodged and betrayed by my own eyes. They are neither able, nor capable to see me, my beauty or faults. But, they are always busy to look at others in search of Beauty & love. Hence, they are not my helping hand in knowing about myself. Therefore, my claim that I know every thing is not truth and reality-based]
نہ ڪي پسن مون کي يا منهنجا غيب،
نہ ڪي ڏسن اکيون ڳڻ منھنجا عیب،
پنهنجي اکین ڏنا مون کي گهڻا فریب،
پائي نفرت جي پازيب نچان نينهن بنا.



GOOD NIGHT (13th November)

Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night.
[ If you are not, what you are. It is ego, but not self. You will act and react on your own, but not as desired and required by Human Values, even as demanded by your instincts & nature. Dear! Be, what you are. You are Beauty & Love, Vision & Wisdom. Share it and promote your self]
پرین اچن جي پنھنجئ تي،
تہ ڏسن باھ نہ ڪو پاٹي.
چاهن, نہ ٻڌن درد-ڪهاڻي
چاهن, اڻ-سڏیو ٿين ساٹي.
سندن محبت جن بہ ماٹي
تن ئي ڄاڻي ريت پريت جا.





Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night.(12th November, 2017)
[My Dear! Here every thing is in excess: darkness of night, anxiety to receive you and my sorrows & longings. What an excess !! without any access? Love without beauty and mind without love peace. It is because, I am deprived of your kindness] 
ھي زیادتون بہ ٿيون عنایتون، 
تنھنجي قرب جو ڪمال سڀ،
رات ۾ دل تات ۽ من - بات ۾، 
سندء ئي تہ آهي جمال سڀ
سرت گهرجي سونهن گهرجي
سڻ سوال سڀ ۽ احوال سڀ.



Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night.(11th November)
[ Human being without love & beauty is dangerous than any wild animal. Cannot understand, promote and abide by peace and respect. Avoiding love & respect and beauty & peace will strengthen and encourage ego & selfishness and hatred & discrimination. Dear! You are only hope. You and your vision and wisdom can chage this terrible situation and state of affairs]
محبت ۽ خدمت جت ناهي دلين جو دستور
هلي راڄ انا جو ات ۽ نفرت جو ٿئي ناسور،
خودغرضي بٹجي منطق فڪر ات شعور،
انساني احترام سواء روح گهڻو ات معذور
ساجن ڏج سرور پنهنجئ سرت سونهن سان.



Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night (10th November, 2017)
‏[مفھوم : فکری اور نظریاتی ناپختگی کے باعث، مفاد پرست لوگ نفرت کو اپنا 'نظریہ' اور استحصال کو اپنی 'اقدار' بنا کر معاشرے کے امن و سکون، خوشحالی اور مساوات کو تباہ کردیتے ہیں. نیکی اور بدی، گناہ اور ثواب کی من-مانی تشریح کر کے خوف اور دھشت گردی کا ماحول پیدا کر دیتے ہیں، جس میں تعاون، ایثار اور خیرخواھی کی کوئی گنجائش نہیں ہوتی]

جي'“قدر“ ئي پيا سیکارن ڪدورتون، 
جي ملي نرمل “نظرين“مان ئي نفرت
پوء ڀلا ملي اسان ماڻهن کي ڪٿان؟
بره سندي بهاري ۽ ڀلي بهتر برڪت
سرت سڪون امن سندي پوء حسرت
رهجي وڃي سرت سونهن سلام سواء. ‏



Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night.(9th November, 2017) 
[Human love & respect, sincerity & trust are at high risk In my society. Most of us are Taliban & ISIS in behavior, dealing and attitude. Dear! Share your vision & wisdom as we can face the situation and bring better change. We are in dire need of peace, love & Beauty, and they are impossible without your presence & participation, cooperation guidance. ] 
عزت خدمت محبت ڪجي آدم ساڻ اٿاه، 
پر ھت ڪن نہ ماڻھون ڪو اھڙو وڏو گناھ،
جاھل سمجهي پاڻ کي علم عقل جو بادشاه،
ڪوڙا ڪن سچن سان ٺڳئ سندو پيا ٺاھ، 
جانب اچي وجه انهن زنده لاشن ۾ تون ساه
ائين نہ ٿي بيپرواه تون سڄڻ صورتحال کان.



Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Night. (8th November, 2017)
[Beauty is not because of age and face. To believe in physical Beauty of own is the biggest self-dodge. Beauty is not everlasting like health and wealth. Ego can't make anybody Beautiful and second to none in Beauty. Self-praise can only misguide to misinterpreted values. It is better to own, accept and respect human hearts without discrimination. Because, they are real places of peace & protection and Beauty & love]
ناهين ناهين سهڻو صورت مورت ڪارڻ سائين
متان سونهن جي لهندڙ سج تي تون دوکو کائين
دولت حيثت انا نفرت جي ڏڍ متان پاڻ پڏائين
عيب ثواب بري ڀلي جي پاڻ-وڻي تشريح ٻڌائين., 
ڪنهن من-مندر-مسجد ۾ تون ناهين جيسيتائين
تون دشمن آھين سونهن امن سڪون جو سدائين.



Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night.(7th November, 2017) 
[ My Dear! You and every thing related to you: either it is your past, or present and future, either it is your beauty, or love; either it is your vision, or wisdom, is my subject & subject matter. You are everlasting and important topic, worth to read and preach] 
تون امن خير اتساه ۽ تون سڪون ،
منهنجو مس قلم مون لاء مضمون .
تون سرت سچ سونهن جوش جنون
تنهجا پڌرا پيو ڪيان روپ گوناگون
تنھنجو ئي آھیان ممنون صدین کان ،



Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Night.(6th November, 2017)
[ Is it cruel and joke or real tragedy and that in spite of Living in my heart, you can not listen its cries? You are in my dreams, but do not know about my dreams. I want to get rid of my sorrows & longings under protection and with strength of beauty & love and vision & wisdom, but your ego and hatred is throwing me before wolves of discrimination, distance and differences]
ھر دم دل ۾ ھوندي دل جو ٿي همراز.
سٹین نہ ان جون آھون دانهون ۽ آواز .
تان جو ان کي هردم توتي نرمل ناز ،
سڻ سرت پنهنجئ جو تون سندر ساز
جانب ڪر آغاز هاڻي حسناڪين سان.


Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Night.(5th November, 2017)
[We are integral part of society and universe. The principle of integration is based upon 'give' & 'take'. Wherever, ego and interests have affected this integration, we have failed to create balance in 'give' & 'take', with the result that we stand thrown before wolves of hatred, discrimination and exploitation]
جي ڪي ٿين ڏين سدا سپرين سهارا،
سي چئجن سرت-وند پيارا سگھارا،
محبت ماٹھپي جي پیتن امرت-ڌارا،
انا ۽ نفرت وارا، مثل نہ تن محبن جي.




Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Day.(4th November, 2017)
[None of us can claim that only he/she is second to none in beauty, vision & wisdom. It is inferiority complex. Beauty is here & there and everywhere in every heart and in this beautiful world. Dear! Do not dodge yourself and never close doors of your heart. Let love enters in it and fragrance of your beauty is felt by all others]
بند نہ دروازو تون تان دل جو يار،
دنیا منجه اهڙا ٻيا دلبر ۽ در ھزار،
محبت جي سڻ سدائين تند تنوار،
برہ بنا ٿي سڀ ئي پنهنجا پڻ اغیار.
لھ تون سونهن سان سار اسان جي.



Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night (3rd November, 2017). 
[To beg for love & respect, beauty & peace is to deny Self. Because, each of them is already available there in your heart. Be with your heart to see, witness and avail colours of beauty & love. Be beauty & love. Be Self. ] 
تو ۾ آھن تو سان هر پل سي آھن آباد،
امن عشق ادب انساني احترام ۽ اتحاد،
تن لاء در در سئن ھٹین پاڻ نہ ڪر ناشاد
ایئن ساجن صاحب برہ نہ تون ڪر برباد،
تون ظاھر باطن ۽ حاضر غائب زندہ باد، 
ٿي شاداب سمجھ سونهن وجود کي.



Dr.Pathan wishes you Good night (2nd November, 2017) 
[Is it not tragedy that desires of dears and leaders are more important than needs of we common people. What is desired by them, is their right. But, when we need and demand same, is sin and crime. It is because , when their hearts and minds are ruled by ego, hatred and discrimination and they become non-commital to human values, love and beauty. In spite of that 
common people love to remain sincere, trustworthy and offer sacrifice of any kind and on any time ] 
ھو چاھن تان سو ٿيو حق انھن جو، 
اسان گھرئون تان اهو ٿيواصلي اگناھ،
نفرت ۽ متڀيد ۽ انا ايئن بڻائن بيپرواه
تان جو سڀني منجه ساڳيو ساھ پساه، 
پر جن جو انساني ادب الفت سان ٺاھ
تن کي ناهي پڇتاء روين يا روپن تي.

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