Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Night. (1st December, 2017)
[Without applying principle of compromise, give & take and adjustment in life affairs; people are pushing themselves into the war of interests. Dear! It is not life-craft, but Society -ruining activity. To care about own interests ang ignore needs of others, is action of ego and act of hatred]
جو دل چاھي، سو دنیا جو ناهي منشور،
دلبر اھو ئي آھي صدین کان هت دستور
ڏسندي منھنجو مارن جو دک درد ۽ سور
ملي ٿو من-مئن ماڻھن کي سدائين سرور
تو بن سپنا سوچون بڻيون سڀ چڪناچور،
گھرجي غور مگر نہ غرور، سرت سندرتا لاء.

Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Night. (2nd December, 2017)
[ Look at the sky! Its moon in spite of being at distance, has come forward and is near to us tonight. The moon will witness our distances & differences, attitudes & behaviors closely. 
You and me live on same earth and in same society and obviously there is no distance. In spite of of that you will remain my dear, but not near to me. May this not be noticed by moon]

آسمان جو چنڊ توکي ڏسڻ آيو ٿي
تو ڇا ڪجه وڃايو ڇا ڇا پرايو ٿي؟
دور هوندي بہ هو نزديڪ ويو اچي
نزديڪ هوندي ٻيو وطن وسايو ٿي؟
نہ ڪر گهمنڊ انا جي ڏڍ تون ايڏو
سندرتا چاهت بنان سهڻا اجايو ٿي.

Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night.(3rd December,2017)
[ Life is Mission of love & beauty. It requires selfless sacrifices so as save it from ego, hatred and discrimination. Let it be Source of peace & progress. Let it be our vision & wisdom] 
گھار نہ ھئ گذارڻ جي آھ،
ھوت حیاتي پنهنجي ٺاھ،
ان لاء سر تان سانگو لاھ.
انهئ بن ڪوئي چارو ناھ،
انا نفرت ھت آگ لڳائن باه
ڪڍ اونداه سا سونهن سان

Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night.(4th December 2017)
[We cannot claim as wise and pious because of our educational qualifications or status and wealth. It is human love & respect that makes us an ideal. It gives courage and dare to curb ego, hatred and discrimination]
ڪڏهن عقل نہ اچي علم سان، 
اھا تان دئین عشق سندي آھي،
اھو عشق ئي تہ آدم ذات کي،
ادب انسانیت جو سمجھائی،
اھو تان انا نفرت ۽ متڀید کان، 
ڏاڍن ۽ ڏاھن جي جند ڇڏائي،
ھٹي ڀير تي ڏونڪو ۽ وڄائي،
ٻڌائي نینھن سڌاري نادان کي.

Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night.(5th December, 2017)
[We are different because of our approaches & attitudes. They shape our concepts. They make us traditionalists . They make us to believe or not in love & beauty and peace. They define sin and crime .It is because, we don't believe in human values and ideologies, but interpret those in our own interests] 
ھئ تان آھي فرق فڪر سوچ جو، 
جنهن مان جڙي جانب عیب ثواب،
پاڻ کي نہ قبولن جي سرت سان،
تن لاء ریتون رسمون قید عذاب،
پر آھي ماٹھو اھو ئي عاقل نواب،
جو سمجھي سچ سونھن سرت کي.

Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Night.(6th December, 2017) 
[Beauty & love, vision & wisdom and efforts & appeals have no part in inviting attention of beloved. He/She has nothing to do with sincerity & sacrifice. Because, hatred and discrimination have hijacked his/her heart under supervion of ego, doubt and fear]
سندم جا سرت ۽ سونهن
پرين پرچائڻ کان قاصر
سڻي نہ آھون اندر جون
قبولي نہ سندم هي سر
بات بره جي تي ٿئي بر
سري نہ تر, انا نفرت کان.

Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night.(7th December, 2017)
[Whoever will disown himself /herself, cannot be owned by others. It is self-dodging to believe that personal sorrows & longings can be resolved as public problems. Nobody can redress your personal & private issues except you and your own vision & wisdom, beauty & love and trust & sacrifice] 
ڪو کڻي پنھنجو ڪري نہ ڪري، 
پر پاڻ کي پنھنجو ڪجي ضرور،
دک درد جو آھي ئي فقط پنھنجو، 
سو ٻئي جو ڪڏھن ٿئي نہ سور،
اھو ئي ماٹھو ٿئي گهڻو مجبور، 
جو نہ سمجھي سرت سونھن کي.

Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night (8th December, 2017). 
[Don't be proud of your sincerity & sacrifice. You will be accepted & respected partially as desired or required by others. Though, it is the state of affairs, but do not disappoint your vision & wisdom. Be source of huma values, respect & peace and love & beauty for all and for ever]
قبولیندء ۽ قرب ڪندء، 
پر پرين فقط جزوي طور،
محبت ۽ مجبورئ منجھ، 
لھندء نہ ڪڏھن پرگھور،
پر پوء بہ سمجھي مور،
ھل سرت ۽ سونهن سان.

Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night. (9th December,2017)

[ We common people are not afraid of hatred, enmity or opposition. Because, they make us believe that we are very much in the main stream of life. Sorrows have promoted our sincerity and longings have taught us love for beauty. We have always advocated your vision & wisdom. We believe you, trust you and love you]

هي نفرتون ۽ هي جي ڪدورتون,

سي تہ آھن زندگئ جون ضرورتون,

سور آھن سرت جون سي صورتون

من ۾ پوء بہ محبت جون مورتون,

پنهنجون ايئن ئي ٿين سڀ پورتون,

پوء بہ دل ۽ زبان تي تون ئي تون.

Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night (10th December, 2017). 
[Dear! There is no need of understanding me, or my problems. You have find and know yourself. It will pave way for you to be, what you are. If you believe me, believe that you are love & beauty, vision & wisdom. You are source of peace of every heart and soul] 
هو جيڪر پرین پسن پنھنجي، 
سرت سندرتا سندو جو سنسار،
ھوند رکن اسان سان پنھنجي، 
محبت مروت قربت جو وھنوار،‏
پوء اصل نہ ٿئي ڪنهن سان آزار،
لھن سور هر ڪنهن سرير 



Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Night.(11th December, 2017) 
[ It is very difficult to please and make believe beloved and heart. Both, know nothing except to give tough time. I can't change myself and dear can't get rid of ego, hatred and discrimination. Situation created by beloved and heart is terrible: love is looking forward for beauty and mind for peace]
نہ من ۽ نہ مان ٿياسين ڪو ماڻهو
ان لاء سرت ۽ سونهن بڻيا بيڪار
مڃائڻ محبن ۽ پاڻ کي دل لاء آزار
جت انا نفرت ۽ متڀيد جو وهنوار
ات ايندو ڏکيو بهار ڪو بره سندو,

Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Day.(12th December, 2017)
[Every thing is changing except you. Are you chained to extent that you can't change? Be free dear and fly along with your beauty, vision & wisdom. Otherwise, silence will leave you behind alone in this ever changing world] 
ڪک پن ڪائنات جو، آھي متحرڪ ۽ مشغول،
مگر ماٺ صبر خاموشي، آھي تنھنجو ئي معمول.
اهو ناه حیاتئ جو، قدر نظریو يا ڪو اصول،
تون تان ملڪن ۾ مقبول، سرت سونھن سبب.

Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night. (13th December, 2017)
[Dear! Nobody is there to take care of and about your sorrows & longings. Because, everybody is encircled in terrible problems, personal interests or ego. Eyes with tears cannot see clear picture, minds full of doubts cannot understand you, and hearts without Human love & respect cannot accept you. Hence, be beauty, love and peace for yourself and others]
تنھنجي دک سک ۽ داد جي، 
ناھي دنیا کي ڪا ئي پرواھ،
نفئ ۽ نفرت انا متڀيد سواء، 
ھوء ھلی نہ ٻي ڪا ئي راھ،
تو لاء رهي فقط اھا ئي واھ،
ھل سرت سونهن سان سدا.

Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Night.(14th December,2017) 
[ Situation and cold and dark nights have made everybody busy in protecting him/herself. But, I am on my toes to tell that we need love & beauty, peace and understanding for getting rid of terrible situation prevailing upon our hearts, minds and society. Dear! You are beauty and I am love. Let us to combine it so as to shape vision and wisdom for ourselves and all others] 
ڪاري رات قهر جي مٿان وري سردي گهڻو سئ
ڪي ستا وڃي سيج تي ڪن جو جلي پيو جئ
من تون محبن بنا پيو اڪيلو جدائئ جو زهر پئ
پر گهڻو خوش ٿئ, جو رکيئي محبت محبن سان.

Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night.(15th December, 2017)
[To whom I have to find? Self or Dear? Every Ideology and Philosophy is assuring me that Dear is always very much near to me, but I am at longest distance from self. If I am going to minimize that distance, I will be near to my dear besides, able to understand love & beauty] 
منجھائيو مون کي انهئ مامري، 
تان مان پرین ڳولھیان یا پاڻ؟
دین ڌرم تہ پیا اھو ئي ٻڌائن، 
تان سهڻو ساجن آھي تو ساڻ،
پوء آئون ئي ٿيس جو اڻڄاڻ، 
نہ سمجھان سرت سونهن کي.

Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night.(16th December, 2017) Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night. 
[Human love & respect are not topics to be taught. But, they are values to be followed, abided by & shared religiously. That sharing and following is possible, when there is beauty in heart and sincerity in mind. Let us be followers, but not teachers to teach love & beauty and peace & prosperity] 
ھینئن پیو تون ماٹھون مڃائین،
پر پنھنجو من نہ ٿو سمجهائین،
پاڻ کي ڏاهو مدبر پيو چوائين،
پر عاقل عالم بدران پاڳل آھین،
تون سھڻا ڪجھ بہ پوء ناھین، 
پري سدائین سرت سونھن کان.

Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Night. (17th December,2017)
["Big No" becomes quality and colour of behavior, when we avoid to accept vision & wisdom, and beauty & love; and when we intend to make others to believe us by force. People having such type of behavior are slaves of their ego and they follow hatred & discrimination religiously. In spite of their terrible behavior, they are accepted and respected as sons of soil and daughters of land]
ھڪ جيڪو ضدي ۽ ٻیو زورآور،
ٻئي آھن انڌ جي گھوڙي جا سوار،
خود کي سي انا جو لغام وجھي،
ھلندا ۽ وٺندا نفرت سندي پيا ڍار،
صدیون لڳيون سندن سونھن کي،
پیدا نہ ٿیا تن ۾ ڪي عشق آثار،
پوء بہ برہ کٹي پيو تن سندا بار،
ڏئي سھارو سرت سونھن سندو.

Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night (20th December, 2017)
[Physical Beauty is neither everlasting, nor any qualification for idealism. The status of can only be achieved by accepting and respecting every body without discrimination, promoting and sharing beauty & love as the only vision & wisdom]
سیاٹپ ناھي صورت ۾، نہ مورت سان ڪو مھان،
اھي رھن نہ روح جیان، آھن گھڑئ سندو جھان،
عظمت وارو اھو، جو سرت ۽ سیرت-وند جوان،
پنھنجو پرائو شان، ۽ سمجھي سونھن سرت کي.

Dr. Pathan wishes you Good Night. (21st December, 2017)
[ It is impossible to fight evildoers from other side, when our own dears & nears are determined to mimize our strength & status. To get our own vision & wisdom, love & beauty accepted and respected by our people is tough task than to defeat others]
ڌاريا پنهنجو ڪک بہ بڻائن
پر پنهنجا لک کي بہ بڻائن
وڌن جهل اھڙو ڪو تن کي
جو ڏسن نہ سرت سونهن

Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night .(22nd December, 2017)
[Dear! Look at me with your inner eyes, and not with eyes of others. You will realize and believe that there is no difference, but there is distance between you & me. Peep into your heart. It is full of eternal beauty, love & peace. Believe that you, your beauty & love are every much needed by me and my society ] 
گھرجي نظر فقط تنهنجي اندر سندي،
نرمل تون فقط نیٹن سان نہ نھار،
سوچن لوچن سندء ساھ سریر اندر، 
تون هوت مٺا ڏس تہ کٹي هڪوار،‏
چاهيندڙ چريا دليئون ڪين ڌڪار، 
رحم ڌار نہ ڌڪار, سرت سونهن کي.‏ 

Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night .(23rd December, 2017)
[I got education to obtain degree so as to qualify for any employment. It was not for to change my heart & mind and groom my personality. Therefore, neither I can understand myself, nor can read heart and mind of anybody. Love & respect and beauty peace are important to me, if they serve my interests] 
پڙھیس پر نہ ڪڏهين ڪي ڪڙھیس،
پوء سمجھان دنیا جو ڪيئن درس؟
رحم نہ ڪیم پنهنجي ئي روح تي،
پوء ڪيئن اچي پاڻ ٻين تي ترس؟
تنھن لاء سور ملیا مون کي سرس، 
امن محبت سرت سونھن سچ بجاء.‏ 

Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night.(24th December, 2017) 
[When personal motives make eyes defective, and when self interest start influencing mind, in that situation it becomes impossible to see beauty, feel love and understand vision & wisdom . It becomes difficult to reach any heart and mind and find peace & tranquility anywhere. ] 
ڪو تان آھي عیب اکین ۾، 
یا من منجھ ڪو چئبو میر،
جنھن پاسي ٿا پرین وسن،
تاڏي منهنجو کڄي نہ پیر،
انا ڪري اهڙو ئي تہ انڌیر،
خير نہ چاهيان ڪنهنجو.

Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night. (26th December, 2017)
[It must not disturb you that what people are saying about you. They are distributed, because, you are not following them with blind faith. In fact you are mirror and they are seeing their own reflection in you, your behavior and attitude . In spite of that everybody is bent upon to be your ideal, leader or beloved and will not allow, accept and respect you as an ideal . But, be what you are. Let me assure you that you are beauty & love, peace & prosperity for all] 
تون تان آھین اڇو اجرو آئینو، 
ان ۾ پيو ھر ڪو پسندو پاڻ،
هو ھم - سر نہ سمجهن توکي، 
پر سندء سڀڪو بڻيو سرواڻ،
رھجان ساڻ سرت سونھن سان.

Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night. (27th December, 2017)
[Everybody is sure that he/she is the most beautiful and wisest person in the world. In spite of that he/she is not getting due love & respect. Because, most of us want to be loved and not to love. Most of us are ruled by ego & desires, but not inspired and guided by Human-values and requirements of instinct & nature]
هت حسن ۽ عقل ۽ علم سندي، 
ڪنھن وٽ ڪمي آھي ڪین،
پوء محبت ۽ عزت کان سواء، 
ماٹھون جيئن ڪي مسڪین،‏
ڇو جو برہ بنا جي بڻيا نابین، 
ڏسن نہ پسن سرت سونهن کي.‏ 

Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night.(29th December, 2017)
[Waiting for you at every night and looking forward for you at morning of every day is the only task of my heart & soul. Every Dawn has found me on toes to witness rising sun of your beauty and every rising sun has witnessed me with open arms to receive you. 
Dear! Any difference or distance, day or night cannot discourage me. I am waiting for you and will wait for centuries, till you are with me. ]
ھر رات اٿم جانب تنھنجي تات،
ھر روز تو بن سورن جي سوغات،
ھن ساہ ۽ سریر کان بالا رهندي،
سندء سرت ۽ سندرتا جي ڏات،
اڀي هر رات ڪبي پئي پرپات،
نيڻن جي برسات پوندي پرين سواء.

Dr.Pathan wishes you Good Night. (30th December, 2017)
[People having vision & wisdom of accepting & respecting, loving & serving others without discrimination are in trouble in our society. 
Dear! Play your role. Teach us how to face and discourage ego, hatred & discrimination. How to respect sincerity. Why to accept sacrifices and how to promote peace, love and beauty? 
Dear! Believe that you are beauty and love. 
Let the people accept you and understand your vision & wisdom ]
تننهنجي برہ بخشي جنهن کي نوابي،
ملي تنهن کي تو بن خوابي بي تابي،
سو تنھنجئ سونھن سبب بٹیو ثوابي،
تنهنجي نينهن ڪيس اکيون عقابي
سندن سوچن لوچن ۾ اچي نہ خرابي،
پر ڪفر جا عادي, پري سندء پيار کان.

Dr.Pathan wishes you Good last Night of 2017. (31st December)
[Last night of the year is winding up in hurry so as to give birth to New year. Dear! Let us windup our egoism, hatred & discrimination and pave way for Human love, beauty & respect, so as they can rule and influence our hearts & minds in New Year]
جیئن ٿي وڃي جانب سال جي آخري اڄ رات،
آء تہ پاڻ پڄاڻي ڪریون نفئ جي ڪري اثباب،
محبت ماٹھپي کي مات ملي نہ هن نئین سال ۾. 

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